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[[File:Tubig.png|frameless|right]]<br/> {| class="wikitable sortable floatright" <center><div style="margin-top:5px; font-size:13px; max-width:480px30px;"|-! Related >Welcome to List.Wiki List !! Type|-| [[Cryptocurrencies]] || List of All|-| [[Cryptocurrency Exchanges]] || List of All|-| [[Cryptocurrency Wallets]] || List of All|-| colspan="2" |&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<section begin=links /div>{{home|1=}} {{twitter|1=}} {{telegram|1=}} {{youtube|1=}} {{fb|1=}} {{blog|1=}} {{reddit|1=}} {{medium|1=}} {{github|1=}} {{email| }} {{pdf|1=}} {{forum|1=}} {{alexa|1=}}<section end=links /center>|} ==Truth and facts==<section begin=truth /inputbox>*Tubig Blockchain Limited aims to provide water infrastructure where people or communities can use Tubig coin to pay for clean water, water services and water technologies cheaply. Our purpose for using the Blockchain Technology is to remove any monopoly restricting water supply in any geographical location.*Tubig is going to partner with Aquamat SA Pty Ltd, Veolia Water, Thames Water Utilities Ltd, Del Oro Water Company to make clean water readily available.*Tubig is based in United Kingdom.Token*The official ticker symbol for Tubig token: TUB*Token type: ERC20*Total token supply: 100,000,000 TUBICO*ICO from 14 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018.*ICO token price: 1 TUB = $0.50 USD. (up to 50% discount for pre-sale)search*Total token supply for sale: 60,400,000 TUB*Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH*Soft cap: $2,400,000 USD*Hard cap: $47,500,000 USD<section endbreak=truth />nolabeltext==Video Playlist=={| class="wikitable"|-Welcome to List.Wiki| <youtube urlargs="list=UUXrzAFV8EUOVZ03vNHpJLiA"></youtube> || <div style="height:362px; overflow:scroll;"inputbox>{{large|Tubig Explained}}{| {{cctd | 00:08 | Introducing Tubig.}}{{cctd | 00:11 | Tubig is the first decentralized blockchain based water infrastructure services.}}{{cctd | 00:58 | Tubig Blockchain Limited aims to provide water infrastructure where people or communities can use Tubig coin to pay for clean water, water services and water technologies cheaply. Our purpose for using the Blockchain Technology is to remove any monopoly restricting water supply in any geographical location.}}{{cctd | 01:31 | Participate in the ICO now.}}|}<br/div>|} ==Token distribution==*Role of Token: Blockchain Water Infrastructure Service*Token Value: 1 TUB Token = $0.50*Total Token Issued: 100,000,000 TUB*Main Token Sales: 35,000,000 TUB*Pre-ICO Sales: 25,000,000 TUB*Bounty Token: TUB 10,000,000*Pre ICO Sales Period: February 14 2018 00:00:00 - February 28 2018 11:59:59*Token Standard: ERC-20*Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH*Blockchain: Ethereum*Soft Cap: $2,400,000*Hard Cap: $47,500,000 ==Wallets== ==Exchanges==List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell Tubig (TUB). ==Roadmap==*[ Official list of development roadmap on Tubig (TUB)]{| class="wikitable sortable"! Date !! Events and Milestones|-| June 2017 || Birth Of Project "Tubig"|-| August 2017 || Analysis Of Major Infrastructure Problem|-| December 2018|| Defrating Of WhitePaper|-| January 2018 || Company Registration Approved Successfully in UK|-| January 2018 || Kick Starting ICO and crowdfunding strategies|-| February 14th || Pre-ICO Opens|-| February 28th || Pre-ICO Ends|-| March 2018 || Main ICO / Crowd Funding Opens|-| April 2018 || Main ICO / Crowd Funding Ends|-| April 2018 || Listing Tubig coin (TUB) into public exchanges|-| JApril 2018 || Development of Tubig Block Explorer and wallet (with exchanger and miner) for major platforms.|-| May 2018 || Take Up Water Infrastructure Services around the globe.|-| July 2018 || Distribution Of Tubig Debit Mastercard|}
==Team membersAbout List.Wiki==*Just like Wikipedia, List of team members .Wiki allows everyone to find the information they are looking for, and also free to share their knowledge with everyone in Tubig the world. We uses the same software system with Wikipedia (TUBMediaWiki).{| class="wikitable sortable"|+ style="caption-side:bottom;" | [https://tubig*Unlike Wikipedia, List.coWiki focuses mainly on organizing and listing out every single piece of related information found on the web for easy Official list of Tubig team members]|-! Name !! Position !! Details|-| Aidan Wyatt || CEO / CO-FOUNDER || |-| Jonathan Myers || CTO / CO-FOUNDER |||-| Codi Mendez || MARKETING MANAGER |||-| Mary EUsers will be able to find the information they need in a faster and more efficient way. Owens || SECURITY ANALYST |||-| Jamie Dominguez || ENGAGEMENT COORDINATOR |||-|}
==AdvisorsWiki System==*List Everyone can collaborate together by editing any information presented on the wiki. Be a part of advisors for Tubig (TUB)the open world concept.{| class="wikitable sortable"|+ style="caption-side:bottom;" | [ Official list *You can start with something small by editing topics of Tubig advisors]|-! Name !! Details|-| Eleanor Hovey || CO-FOUNDER OF "SAVE THE WORLD WITH BELIZE" NGO |||-| Viswa Apavou || Iyour interest and share with everyone.T PROFESSIONAL AT TARJETA IP OPTIMIZADA |||-|}
==PartnersGoogle Search Engine==*Nowadays, all people are using Google, a search engine which tries its best to guess what you are finding based on your search input, and then list out all the related websites. The most relevant site which is likely to contain what you are looking for is at the first row of the results presented.*Google has done an excellent job in providing related sites and info to users. But it is yet to be a perfect source for people to find the exact needed info. Sometimes you just can't find the information you need after browsing all the top results given by Google, wasting your valuable time and leave you in frustration. The possible reasons are:#Your input is not clear enough to Google and the search engine does not really get what you are searching for.#There is a lack of information on the internet for what you want to find, especially for something extremely unique or new.#The top results presented is not good enough, some websites which contain the information you are looking for are located at pages far behind.*The main key vision for List.Wiki is the same as Google, which is to give people the information they are looking for, in an easy and fast way but with more direct and accurate information. Google alone will not be so valuable, as it needs websites to get to the information users are looking for. The detail information which users are looking for is located at the original websites. List.Wiki is to work together with Google to fill up this gap by organizing all the pieces together for users to find what they want. All the information will be organized and shared together by all people over the world, and these information presented will be much more accurate compared to just using Google searching for the scattered pieces across the internet. Now you can use Google to search and get a more related and accurate information you need, through List.Wiki.*Google provides needed info to people through scripted server based system, but List.Wiki complements Google by providing user with what they need through free open user-based system. The info presented in Google depends on its employees and scripts constructed with info found on the other sites, while the info presented in Wiki.List is through users collaborating with each other to share the info together, in an open and transparent way. The info presented will be more relevant and accurate as the info is written and shared by users with the same need.*Whenever a user perform a search on Google, Google will show page 1 out of millions of pages. User normally will just click on the first link or few links on the first page only, 2nd and consecutive pages are rarely explored. What user will get is only a restricted tiny fraction of information found on few websites listed on the first page. With List.Wiki, users will be able to globally and collaboratively gather useful information from anywhere including a large pool of websites and organize them together for a more related and complete information about a particular subject.
==White papersOrganizing pieces together==*[https://tubigThere are lots of useful information out there on the internet which can help people in their lives.coUnfortunately, no one can store and know all these useful information due to limited all these useful information are shared by people all over the internet.pdf Official Tubig white paper List.Wiki is where everyone can collaborate with each other, organizing pieces together found on the internet, and share with all the others. Help each other in pdf]finding what they need in a mutual, public, transparent and open way.
==Bounty programsFrequently asked questions==*[httpsWhat is the difference between Wikipedia and Wiki.List?:Wikipedia is an encycopedia focuses on information about something, which is like a dictionary while Wiki.List focuses on gathering and organizing all the information out there across the web.*How Wiki.List gathers and organizes information across the web?://bitcointalkWiki.List provides a wiki platform where eveyone can collaborate together in an open transparent, edit, share info together and ultimately, everyone gets the accurate info they need.php*What is the difference between Google and Wiki.List?topic=2812652 Official Tubig bounty program :Google is very good in knowing what users are searching for, but Google needs information found on other websites to present them to users. Wiki.List is to fill up this role by gathering all the useful scattered information across the web.*What wiki system is List.Wiki using?:List.Wiki uses the same wiki system like Wikipedia, both are powered by MediaWiki.*What can I do with List.Wiki?:You can use List.Wiki to browse and find the information you need. If there is any missing information, you can help to add the missing pieces through your expertise or based on your research and reading you found on BitcoinTalk]the web, and then organize all the information you have gathered by editing the corresponding page to share with others. Whereas others will edit and add the information they are more knowledgable of, and ultimately everyone will be able to get the right information they need from the collaboration of each other.
*[[Cryptocurrency Exchanges]]
==ReviewsNotes==*[http://wwwList.abnewswireWiki is just getting started and your help in gathering and inputting information is a little time to gather useful information which is useful for you and others.html Abnewswire: Tubig announces the commencement of its Pre ICO sale]*[ Boisenewsnow: Tubig Announces the Commencement of Its Pre ICO Sale]*[ Weny: Tubig announces the commencement of its Pre ICO sale]*[ DigitalJournal: Tubig announces the commencement of its Pre ICO sale]*[ NBC-2: Tubig announces the commencement of its Pre ICO sale]
Consult the [ User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
==ReferencesGetting started ==<references * [http:/>/ Configuration settings list]* [ MediaWiki FAQ]* [<inputbox>type=createhidden=yesdefault={{FULLPAGENAME}}buttonlabel=Help to edit this page</inputbox>announce MediaWiki release mailing list]
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