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Google Search Engine
*Google provides needed info to people through scripted server based system, but List.Wiki complements Google by providing user with what they need through free open user-based system. The info presented in Google depends on its employees and scripts constructed with info found on the other sites, while the info presented in Wiki.List is through users collaborating with each other to share the info together, in an open and transparent way. The info presented will be more relevant and accurate as the info is written and shared by users with the same need.
*Whenever a user perform a search on Google, Google will show page 1 out of millions of pages. User normally will just click on the first link or few links on the first page only, 2nd and consecutive pages are rarely explored. What user will get is only a restricted tiny fraction of information found on few websites listed on the first page. With List.Wiki, users will be able to globally and collaboratively gather useful information from anywhere including a large pool of websites and organize them together for a more related and complete information about a particular subject.
*Google is mainly listing websites with information while List Wiki is listing items with related info and official links and info for easy browsing.
==Organizing pieces together==

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