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==Organizing pieces together==
*There are lots of useful information out there on the internet which can help people in their lives. Unfortunately, no one can store and know all these useful information due to limited lifespan. But all these useful information are shared by people all over the internet. List.Wiki is where everyone can collaborate with each other, organizing pieces together found on the internet, and share with all the others. Help each other in finding what they need in a mutual, public, transparent and open way.
==Frequently asked questions==
*What is the difference between Wikipedia and Wiki.List?
:Wikipedia is an encycopedia focuses on information about something, which is like a dictionary while Wiki.List focuses on gathering and organizing all the information out there across the web.
*How Wiki.List gathers and organizes information across the web?
:Wiki.List provides a wiki platform where eveyone can collaborate together in an open transparent way. Browse, edit, share info together and ultimately, everyone gets the accurate info they need.
* List.Wiki is just getting start and your help in gathering and inputting information is needed. Spend a little time to gather useful information which is useful for you and others.
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