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Google Search Engine
#There is a lack of information on the internet for what you want to find, especially for something extremely unique or new.
#The top results presented is not good enough, some websites which contain the information you are looking for are located at pages far behind.
*The main key vision for List.Wiki is the same as Google, which is to give people the information they are looking for, in an easy and fast way but with more direct and accurate information. Google alone will not be so valuable, as it needs websites to get to the information users are looking for. The detail information which users are looking for is located at the original websites. List.Wiki is to work together with Google to fill up this gap by organizing all the pieces together for users to find what they want. All the information will be organized and shared together by all people over the world, and these information presented will be much more accurate compared to just using Google searching for the scattered pieces across the internet. Now you can use Google to search and browse for related sites and get a much more related and accurate information you need, through List.Wiki List.
*Google provide user wanted info through scripted server based system, but List.Wiki complements Google by providing user with what they need through free open user-based system. The info presented in Google depends on its employees and scripts constructed with info found on the other sites, while the info presented in Wiki.List is through users collaborating with each other to share the info together, in an open and transparent way. The info presented will be more accurate as the info is written and shared by users with the same need.
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