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Google Search Engine
==Google Search Engine==
*Nowadays, all people are using Google, a search engine which tries its best to guess what you are finding based on your search input, and then list out all the related websites. The most relevant site which is likely to contain what you are looking for is at the first row of the results presented.
*Google has done an excellent job in providing related sites and info to users. But it is yet to be a perfect source for people to find the exact needed info they need. Sometimes you just can't find the information you need after browsing all the top results given by Google, wasting your valuable time and leave you in frustration. The possible reasons are:
#Your input is not clear enough to Google and the search engine does not really get what you are searching for.
#There is a lack of information on the internet for what you want to find, especially for something extremely unique or new.
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