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Truth and facts[edit]

  • The Sentinel Chain is a B2B marketplace specifically designed to provide affordable and secure financial services to the unbanked.
  • Sentinel Chain aims to empower unbanked farmers and business owners in developing countries to turn that capital into fungible assets.
  • Assets such as livestock can be tokenized using the Sentinel Chain platform and users will be able to track and verify their ownership of these assets.


  • Insurance: For insurance companies to publish livestock insurance on CrossPay Blockchain, based on verifiable livestock assets on CrossPay Blockchain.
  • Loans: For local financing companies to publish loan agreements on CrossPay Blockchain, hedged on livestock collateral.
  • Collateral: For local financing companies to use as collateral to borrow from overseas financing companies.
  • Crowdfunding: For overseas peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platforms to use the service of Sentinel Chain to provide financing for local financing companies.
  • Community projects: For overseas donors to use the service of Sentinel Chain to fund the local community projects like humanitarian aid or disaster relief.
  • E-payments: For token holders to use the service of CrossPay Blockchain to make electronic payments with local merchants.


  • Slogan: Unlocking the unbanked economy.
  • Sentinel Chain (SENC) is based in Singapore.


  • The official ticker symbol for Sentinel Chain token: SENC
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 500 million SENC


  • ICO from 15 March 2018.
  • Total tokens for sale during pre-sale and ICO: 200 million SENC (40% of total supply)
  • Pre-sale bonus: 25%
  • Hard-cap: $14.4 million USD
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Excluded countries: USA, China

Video Playlist[edit]

Sentinel Chain

00:00 The poor are richer than they think.
00:02 However, it's not about them having no capital.
00:07 Often, it's because they carried dead capital, where a farmer's livestock such as cows, sheep and ducks cannot be monetized as living assets.
00:16 Thus, the value of livestock ,the bread and butter of countless farmers across Asia is locked for two reasons.
00:24 Firstly, there is no way to verify a farmers ownership of his livestock.
00:31 Secondly, there is no verified system to translate living animals into concrete value.
00:37 As a result, farmers have no legally recognized collateral for bank loans in the face of uncertain times.
00:46 Furthermore, banks have no incentives to lend them money due to their high-risk credit profiles.
00:53 What then happens is a vicious cycle of poverty, where the more desperate they are for cheap credit, the less likely they will get it.
01:01 Thus, Sentinel aims to solve the problem of credit access for the 420 million unbanked populations across Asia, by creating a blockchain based platform called sentinel chain.
01:16 At the local market level, by creating a digital system to quantify, identify and verify livestock ownership.
01:25 InfoCorp offers a solution that enables the unbanked to unlock the value in their livestock assets, to facilitate livestock insurance and collateralizable loans.
01:36 Sentinel chain provides a scalable marketplace by pulling together the local markets and opening up access to new forms of financial services offered from offshore.
01:46 Thus, access to credit becomes cheaper and faster, as Network effects enable economies of scale and diversified risk.
01:55 As a result, the unbanked have access to comprehensive financial services, savings, e-payments, credit, investment and insurance.
02:04 Finally, they too can now also participate in a global economy as financially free agents.
02:13 Join us in unlocking the true economic potential of the unbanked.
02:20 Sentinel, a token to financial freedom.
02:23 By InfoCorp, redefining financial inclusion.

ICO Review: Sentinel Chain (SENC) - Tokenization of Livestock

00:00 Hi there, this is Victoria from
00:02 In this video, I will be talking about Sentinel Chain, which aims to provide affordable and secure financial services to the unbanked.
00:08 As always, we're not paid or mandated to do any of our reviews this is just our personal opinion and analysis and not investment advice.
00:17 Sentinel Chain aims to empower unbanked farmers and business owners in developing countries to turn that capital into fungible assets.
00:25 Assets such as livestock can be tokenized using the Sentinel Chain platform and users will be able to track and verify their ownership of these assets.
00:34 The platform's native cryptocurrency, the Sentinel Chain token or SENC for short, will be used to provide these six major features.
00:43 With the tokenization of livestock, Sentinel Chain opens up ways for users to utilize their livestock assets for insurance, loans, collateral, crowdfunding and so on.
00:53 These financial services are traditionally unavailable to farmers and others in many developing countries.
01:00 There are three core components of the Sentinel Chain platform.
01:04 The livestock identification tag is a single-use, tamper-proof rfid tag that is affixed to livestock.
01:09 This tag stores to your location and timestamp information.
01:13 It cannot be removed without both destroying the tag and the information that is stored in the tag.
01:19 The CrossPay blockchain exists as different regions will have varying native currencies and CrossPay will utilize a cryptocurrency token called a Local CrossPay Token or LCT for short.
01:30 This token will be pegged to the value of the user's native currency.
01:33 Each country will have its own LCT token and it cannot be minted on its own.
01:37 The mobile app serves as a mobile wallet that allows transactions with other users and merchants.
01:43 And Sentinel Chain is a b2b marketplace for Financial Inclusion services using livestock as collateral.
01:50 It will have its own private blockchain while being connected to multiple cross pay block chains in different countries.
01:56 This infrastructure allows users of sentinel chain to access an international network of financial providers.
02:02 To show how these core components work, let me go through an example of how sentinel chain would facilitate livestock insurance and prevent fraud.
02:11 First, the lives insurer buys SENC tokens from the market.
02:13 They then exchanged these tokens for the local cross pay token and by the livestock ID tag.
02:19 The unbanked farmer then pays for livestock insurance and receives the ID tag to a fix on to their now insured livestock asset.
02:26 The insurer pays LCT to store livestock data on the cross paid blockchain.
02:32 This whole process ensures there is a physically tamper-proof livestock ID tag for each insured asset and the digitally immutable information is stored on the blockchain.
02:41 The team has developed a mobile app on Android for asset tracking.
02:44 Here is a clip of their video demo showing how the livestock rfid tag works with cross pay.
02:51 Let me quickly go over the project's milestones and development roadmap.
03:21 The project was established in the third quarter 2017.
03:25 In that year, the team signed an important MoU with Maybank to collaborate on Financial Inclusion tech projects in the ASEAN region.
03:32 In 2018, a team will begin beta testing of sentinel chain and cross pay will go live in the first unbanked market.
03:39 In the first half of 2019, sentinel chain will officially go live.
03:44 In the second half of the year, they will fine-tune the platform and launch the second version of their platform.
03:50 Sentinel chain will be raising funds by issuing SENC tokens in an upcoming crowd sale that will be launched sometime in March, the exact date will be announced later this month.
03:59 The hard cap is 14.4 million dollars, with six point four million dollars already raised in their private presale.
04:06 The presale buyers were given a 25% bonus but have a lock-up period with tokens to be distributed monthly over a four month period.
04:13 The maximum market cap on a fully diluted basis is 36 million dollars.
04:19 Registration for their token sale whitelist opens on February 5th and will close on the 26th.
04:23 If you're interested in participating in this ICO, you will need to be registered on their whitelist.
04:29 This chart shows how the total token supply of 500 million SENC tokens will be distributed and this chart shows how the proceeds from the ICO will be used.
04:38 For the most up-to-date information on their ICO, please check out their official website and join their telegram group.
04:44 In order to access a sentinel chain platform, users will have to use SENC tokens.
04:49 These tokens are primarily used as a medium of exchange for LCT which is then used to make payments for services or to participate in various projects.
04:58 SENC will be the only currency utilize on the marketplace and it will only exist on the Ethereum blockchain.
05:05 Because no other cryptocurrencies will be utilized on the marketplace, as the platform grows in popularity, so should the demand for the SENC token and its value.
05:14 The sentinel chain team consists of 14 members.
05:17 The bios for the key team members are summarized on this slide.
05:22 The founder Roy Lai has over 20 years of experience in Investment Banking, interbank payments and blockchain technology.
05:28 He is also a research fellow at the Singapore University of social sciences.
05:32 Sentinel chain has a number of advisers as shown on this slide.
05:37 Some well-known advisors include Bo Shen, the founding partner of block asset and Fenbushi capital, dr.
05:42 David lee, the co-founder of block asset and a professor at the singapore university of Social Sciences and others.
05:48 Some opportunities we wanted to highlight.
05:53 The tokenization of livestock is a pretty unique idea.
05:55 The project could potentially open up access to credit and other financial services for unbanked farmers and business owners, which is one of the benefits of the decentralized movement.
06:04 If successful, this project has great potential because it is tapping into a new territory without a lot of competition.
06:10 And also, the project is backed by reputable VC firms including Fenbushi capital and iglobe partners, meaning that this team and project has passed the scrutiny of these institutional investors.
06:21 In addition, the team has secured partnerships with different established companies including Maybank, the largest financial services group in Malaysia and a leading Banking Group in Southeast Asia.
06:33 This diagram shows the various alliance partners for sentinel chain at the moment.
06:38 These partnerships will help increase the likelihood of success for this project.
06:42 And some of our concerns.
06:42 While the team has a strong background in finance and technology, they don't have prior experience in the agricultural industry.
06:51 Without some of the strong agricultural background, the team may not fully understand the needs of the farmers when designing the platform.
06:58 Sentinel chain is a b2b marketplace, so the primary users of SENC tokens will be businesses like insurance companies.
07:05 The adoption of the platform and the tokens may take a while because their target audience are not cryptocurrency users.
07:11 The vast majority of ICO participants will not likely be users of the platform.
07:16 It will also take time to manually afix the ID tags, set up the collateral terms and scan and record information on each livestock asset.
07:23 And finally, the development schedule is pretty far out, with sentinel chain version will not release until the first quarter of 2019, which is a full year after the end of the ico.
07:34 Overall, we like the idea of tokenizing livestock as it opens up many possibilities for utilizing asset and providing financial services to the unbanked.
07:45 This is a very good example of how blockchain technology can benefit those who don't have access to traditional financial services.
07:50 From an investment perspective, we have a positive view on this ICO for flipping.
07:54 The project has a pretty small cap with a unique idea and whale proof mechanism.
07:59 The token sold to pre-sale investors have a lock-up period of up to four months.
08:05 We believe the product should be able to fill the remaining hard cap of eight million dollars with unmet demand.
08:08 As for long term holding, we have a neutral view.
08:13 The project has very little competition at the moment.
08:15 If they succeed, it would have a first mover advantage in a large and untapped industry.
08:20 On the other hand, the team does not have much experience in the agricultural industry and we have our reservations on if and how quickly the platform will gain traction, so we're unsure at the moment that the project will be successful in the long run.
08:32 Thank you very much for watching our video on sentinel chain.
08:37 For our latest reviews and market updates, please subscribe to our youtube channel or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
08:43 See you next time and I hope you'll keep on crushing your crypto game.


List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell Sentinel Chain (SENC).


  • List of supported wallets for Sentinel Chain (SENC).

Token sale[edit]


  • The CrossPay Mobile application is a simple mobile interface built for Android. Specifically designed for the unbanked, it is ideal for use in pockets of local ecosystems.
  • Features:
    • Not Just a wallet
    • Identity for the Unbanked
    • Asset tracking for the Unbanked
    • Financial services for the Unbanked

Livestock RFID Tag With CrossPay (Demo)

00:03 Activating mechanical component. No read-write access after this.
00:13 Slot in the livestock NFC tag and the backing.
00:20 Using the applicator to punch both components and livestock's ear.
00:31 Lender offer loan amount and terms.
01:02 Creating token. Link livestock tag to loan data.
01:07 Write exchange data successful.
01:15 Farmer scans livestock NFC tag.
01:24 Farmer accepts loan offer and submit to blockchain.


Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in Sentinel Chain (SENC).


  • List of advisors for Sentinel Chain (SENC).
Name Details
DR. DAVID LEE Senior Advisor
BO SHEN Senior Advisor
ZEYA THURA MON Myanmar Advisor
DR. JOHN VONG Financial Inclusion Advisor
JUANITA WOODWARD Financial Inclusion Advisor
BERNARDO CORTI Legal Advisor (South America)
IAN MYLES Innovation Advisor


List of investors for Sentinel Chain (SENC).


List of alliance partners for Sentinel Chain (SENC).

  • MayBank
  • InfoCorp
  • MediShares
  • Crowdo
  • VeChain

White papers[edit]


  • Address: 67 Boat Quay #02-01 Singapore - 049855

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