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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Ripio Credit Network is a global peer-to-peer credit network based on co-signed smart contracts.
  • Ripio Credit Network (RCN) is a protocol based on smart contracts and blockchain technology, which brings enhanced transparency and reliability in credit and lending. The protocol enables connections between lenders and borrowers located anywhere in the world, regardless of currency.
  • By reducing the traditional banking brokerage costs and management fees, RCN aims to allow better conditions for both sides, creating a better credit alternative than anything available today.


  • Peer-to-peer network: RCN enables connections between lenders and borrowers located anywhere in the world, regardless of currency, allowing better conditions for both sides, creating a better credit alternative than anything available today.
  • Smart contract driven: The RCN smart contract connects agents with information on the borrower’s identity to agents that analyze the borrower’s credit risk impartially, thus standardizing credit lending through blockchain technology.
  • Co-signature: The cosigner acts as a reinsurer that distributes and reduces the lender’s risk and, at the same time, helps to improve the contract conditions by retaining access to the borrower’s local legal system.


  • Ripio is based in Argentina, Latin America.
  • Slogan: A global peer-to-peer credit network based on co-signed smart contracts.


  • The official ticker symbol for Ripio Credit Network token: RCN
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO token price: 1 ETH = 4,000 RCN.
  • Total token supply: 999,942,647 RCN
  • Circulating Supply: 489,033,009 RCN


  • ICO from 17 Oct 2017 to 5 Nov 2017.

Video Playlist[edit]

Ripio Credit Network

00:00 The traditional credit system has connected lenders and borrowers for decades, evaluating credit risks, limits and logistics but also having lots of bureaucracy, geographic limitations and excluding the unbanked from the financial system.
00:13 With the internet, new peer-to-peer loans accelerated the process and reduced costs, but the risk was still too big for the lender and credit lending will still asymmetric.
00:22 We've created a solution and it's called Ripio credit Network.
00:27 Ripio credit network is a protocol based on smart contracts and blockchain technology that opens the door to global credit, connecting lenders and borrowers with RCN tokens, which allow landings on any currency anywhere in the world.
00:42 The network works like this.
00:45 The borrower makes a credit request from his wallet provider.
00:49 The wallet provider generates a smart contract and broadcasts it to the network, then several agents seal that contract.
00:57 First an ID verifier identifies the borrower for security reasons.
01:01 Then, a scoring agent analyzes the probabilities of the default.
01:07 Then an Oracle informs the exchange rate between currencies.
01:10 Finally, the cosigner manages the credit conditions in the borrower's country of residence, distributing the lenders risk and adding to the terms noted on the contract.
01:20 The co-signed contract is then listed in the order book of an online exchange.
01:24 On the other side of the network, the lenders create trading orders in RCN tokens on the exchange, including their lending conditions.
01:32 When the lenders order matches the conditions on the smart contract, the loan takes place.
01:39 The RCN tokens are transferred to the corresponding wallet provider, which trains the RCM tokens to local currency, and grant credit to the borrower.
01:47 By reducing the traditional banking brokerage costs and management fees, the ripio credit protocol allows better conditions for both lenders and borrowers.
01:59 Ripio credit network sets the stage for a decentralized, trustworthy, predictable and efficient peer-to-peer global credit network, that will help many ideas and projects all over the world to become a renowned.
02:11 Ripio credit network.

ICO Review: Ripio Credit Network (RCN) - Global P2P Credit Network

00:00 Hi there this is Victoria from
00:02 In this video, I'll be covering Ripio, which aims to create a global p2p credit network based on co-signed smart contracts and blockchain technology.
00:10 A quick disclaimer before I start, we aren't paid are mandated to do any of our reviews, this is just our personal opinion and analysis and not investment advice.
00:18 Ripio main objective is to offer Digital payment alternatives within everyone's reach in Latin America, a region where 65% of the population remains unbanked.
00:28 The Ripio credit network or RCN for short, is a protocol that aims to bring enhance transparency and reliability in credit and lending.
00:35 The protocol enables peer-to-peer lending regardless of where the lenders or borrowers are located and which currency is used.
00:44 By reducing the traditional banking brokerage costs and management fees, Ripio aims to allow better conditions for both sides, creating a better credit alternative than what is available today.
00:55 Ripio differs from other p2p lending solutions in at least one key aspect.
01:00 This diagram shows a simplified example which is typical of other p2p lending platforms that connects the fund holders with the fund takers.
01:09 The business logic however, results in conflict of interest, relies on the assumption that the diversify lender exists and investors are exposed to default risk.
01:18 Ripio believes that they are the real solution for lending because they introduce an intermediary agent called the cosigner, which seeks to neutralize the lenders credit risk.
01:27 This simplified example shows how Ripio works with the inclusion of a cosigner.
01:31 The lender will assign part of the credit risk to the cosigner in return for a small fee.
01:35 Whenever a borrower defaults, the cosigner can use the fees collected from all the lenders to compensate the ones that have defaulted.
01:44 Ripio believes that the inclusion of the cosigner substantially reduces the network loss and as a result, improves credit conditions for both lenders and borrowers.
01:53 There are many different parties involved in the Ripio credit network.
01:58 The wallet provider generates a smart contract to specify the terms of the loan, receive funds and distribute funds.
02:04 They receive funds from the lenders via the credit exchanges.
02:06 Lenders can choose how much guarantee to be purchased from the cosigner.
02:10 The more guarantee the lender purchases, the higher the insurance premium will be.
02:15 The borrowser makes a credit request from his wallet provider and will receive a loan in local currency.
02:20 The scoring agent provides a credit score for each borrower while the ID verifier verifies the borrower's identity.
02:28 The cosigner acts as a guarantor for borrowers and may act as a local agent in their country of residence, for debt collection in the event of a default.
02:36 And finally, the Oracle informs the exchange rate between any given currency used at any time it is consulted.
02:43 Each network agent will have to follow a different process to join this network.
02:47 Most of them will need to sign up in a credit exchange or integrate the protocol to their software.
02:51 Ripio will be the first wallet provider and the first credit exchange.
02:56 Let me quickly go over the roadmap and future development plan.
03:01 Bit pay goes the predecessor repeal was established in 2013.
03:06 Based on Argentina, the company started as Latin America's first Bitcoin payment platform, offering Bitcoin based financial services for merchants.
03:14 A year later the company launched to reveal a digital wallet that enables consumers to send, receive, store and buy result Bitcoin in local currency and to make online payments on thousands of websites.
03:25 They were one of the finalists of the TechCrunch Disrupt, new york, 2016 battlefield competition.
03:32 In January 2017, bit pay goes was rebranded as Ripio.
03:35 According to crunch face, Ripio has so far received six point one five million dollars in DC funding in six rounds.
03:42 Ripio currently has over 100,000 users in Latin America.
03:47 In October 2017, the team will deploy the Oracle mainnet and will link the current ripple credit product to the network.
03:55 In December, the team expects full-scale completion with the implementation of advanced smart contracts, RCN agent interfaces and SDKs, and in April 2018m the Ripio credit Network is expected to go live.
04:07 Ripio will be issuing RCN tokens starting October 17th in a public crowd sale, and the tokens will be distributed immediately assuming the crowd sale is over by that.
04:18 The hard cap is set at one hundred and twenty seven thousand five hundred ether and a conversion of one ether for four thousand RCN tokens, and the total token supply is 1 billion.
04:29 So assuming the creamy the price of $295, the maximum market cap on a fully diluted basis is 74 million dollars.
04:37 This chart shows how the tokens will be allocated.
04:39 51% of the total token supply will go to crowdsale contributors, 34 percent will be held as a provision for partnerships, marketing and future expenses.
04:49 15 percent will be kept as a pool to incentivize the participation of agents and for bootstrapping the network.
04:54 This chart shows how the funds from the crown sale will be used.
04:58 Sixty point seven five percent of the resources will be allocated to the development of the Ripio credit network, which includes hiring and growing and development team, implementing business strategies and so on.
05:10 For the most up-to-date information and how to participate, please visit their official website.
05:14 So what are the use cases for their tokens?
05:17 RCN tokens will be required to facilitate transactions among the other agents in the RCN network.
05:22 The tokens are required as at ease and obligations for various agents and the distribution expenses are driven by the use of these tokens.
05:31 Here are some of the use cases for the tokens for the various agents.
05:33 As RCN tokens are required for lenders to access the platform and use to compensate agents, the more usage the Ripio credit network has, the more valuable RCN tokens will become.
05:44 Ripio has a team of 12 people with for being core developers, including the CTO.
05:49 As Ripio is a blockchain company that have been around since 2013, they have extensive experience in blockchain development.
05:58 The CEO of Ripio was previously the CEO of a web and mobile development agency.
06:02 A few members of the core team also used to work there.
06:05 Ripio advisers include the co-founder and chief scientist of RSK.
06:09 The FinTech lated consensus and the co-founder and chairman of lendo.
06:14 So what are some of the opportunities?
06:17 Ripio has received easy funding pretty consistently from 2013, which as recently as April of this year, which could be an indicator that the company is doing well and growing.
06:26 Their investors include well-known blockchain VCs such as Tim Draper, digital currency group, Pantera capital and so on.
06:32 This means that the company has passed the rigorous due diligence of these institutional investors.
06:38 Ripio was the finalists of TechCrunch Disrupt battlefield New York in 2016.
06:42 So the team and project has also been scrutinized by tech professionals and in a case that they are pretty solid.
06:49 In some other place we wanted to highlight.
06:51 We thought the white paper was quite detailed and well thought-out, which gives us confidence that the team has a good execution plan.
06:59 Ripio is focusing first on Argentina, which is where they're already established, then Latin America, and then eventually abroad.
07:05 We believe that this realistic approach is more grander than other blocking projects that promote discruptions in dollar industries, and expand into geographic areas that they're not familiar with.
07:16 We believe that p2p lending solution that uses blockchain technology has a lot of opportunities in Latin America because of the large portion of unbanked people and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency due to its high inflation rates.
07:29 It is easy for growers to use the network because they receive local currency and don't need to deal with any cryptocurrency.
07:35 RCN tokens work behind the scenes.
07:38 This would help drive adoption of ripio, which in turn provides more value for the tokens.
07:42 And finally, they have a no discount policy, even for presale participants and VC investors.
07:49 This provides a fair playing field for all participants and prevents selling pressure from only a select advantage group of participants than they exist with other icos.
07:57 And here is the move our concerns.
08:01 The project requires many different parties, including co-signers and wallet providers in order for the network to work properly.
08:08 Ripio may not be able to find enough agents in time to scale the project and might hinder adoption of the network.
08:15 For example, the cosigner agent requires a sufficient volume of credit transactions to predict their return on investment, to manage the debt and to collect the funds in case of borrower defaults.
08:25 If there are enough agents on transactions, Ripio would not work as intended.
08:29 Many banks do not like cryptocurrency at the moment and refuse to deal with it.
08:33 If co-signers cannot find a way to convert their ICN tokens back to fiat money, the business model could break down.
08:39 And finally new credit and lending alternatives have already been emerging, including those in the blockchain space.
08:45 Although Ripio is quite unique at the moment, alternative solutions may emerge that either replicate or improve on Ripio current solution.
08:53 So in conclusion, from an investment perspective, we have a positive view on flipping.
08:58 It looks like a pre-sale is sold out even without a discount, which leaves only 8.5 percent of the total token supply or just over 21,000 ether for the public crowd sale.
09:06 There is a maximum contribution of 23rd in the public crowd sale which should leave plenty of unmet demand providing basis for a short-term flip.
09:15 For long term holding, we also have a positive view.
09:19 The business plan is quite well thought-out and the team has been in the blockchain space since 2013, which is quite established compared to other ICOs that we've come across.
09:26 We like the way Ripio credit network is structured so that borrowers don't need to deal with cryptocurrencies themselves, and this can make it much easier for new users to adopt their platform.
09:35 Thank you very much for watching this video.
09:38 Please check out our website for a full report on Ripio credit network.
09:41 If you haven't already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates on the crypto space.
09:46 See you next time and hope you'll keep on crushing your crypto game.



List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell Ripio Credit Network (RCN).


Date Events and Milestones
May 2016 Ripio Credit launch at TechCrunch Disrupt
June 2016 First Ripio Credit payment on the private network
January 2017 RCN concept, design and research
September 2017 Website launch + Whitepaper release
October 2017 RCN Token sale + network release
December 2017 Advanced smart contracts + network agents + SDK implementation
April 2018 RCN goes live!

Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in Ripio Credit Network (RCN).
Name Position Details
Sebastian Serrano Founder & CEO Former DevsArCEO
David Garcia SVP & Board Member Former PayU Country Manager
Luciana Gruszeczka Compliance Officer Former DevsAr co-founder
Andres Fleischer Head of Operations & Admin Former IBM Admin Analyst
Eugenio Cocimano Actuary & Data Scientist Former Risk Data Analytics at Banco Galicia
Melody Bohn Controller Former Fin Director at Schweber Securities
Juan Mendez Head of Growth & Content Former Yum Yum Videos content manager
Bruno Acorsi Head of Support & CX Former Head of Support at Accenture
Antonio Ceraso CTO & Lead Blockchain developer Former Lead Dev at devsAr and Security Consultant at Banco Patagonia
Facundo Rodriguez Blockchain developer Former Full stack Dev at Gobierno de Neuquen (Arg)
Pablo Lefort Full stack developer Former Full stack Dev at Gobierno de Buenos Aires (Arg)
Agustin Aguilar Smart contracts developer Former Full stack Dev at Garcia Corado S.A. & Outland Logistics


  • List of advisors for Ripio Credit Network (RCN).
Name Position Details
Sergio Demian Lerner Co-founder & Chief Scientific at (RSK)
Juan Llanos Fintech & Regtech Lead at Consensys
Jeff Stewart Co-founder & Chairman at Lenddo


  • List of advisors for Ripio Credit Network (RCN).
Name Details
Tim Draper
Digital Currency Group
Pantera Capital
Medici Ventures
Funders Club
Fenbushi Capital
Boost VC
Huiyin Blockchain Ventures


  • MRM
  • FBG
  • Coral
  • Zeppelin
  • Perkins Coie LLP
  • Element Group
  • M&A
  • Bank To The Future

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