Rice Flour

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Title Info
English name Rice Flour
Chinese name 米粉羹

Rice flour[edit]

Introduction to rice noodles[edit]

  • Yilan's rice noodles are the first to be scented with garlic, and then the soup is stewed with big bones.
  • Then add rice, bamboo shoots, fungus, sweet and spicy, mushrooms and other rich ingredients. The slippery taste of the thick rice noodles is irreplaceable, and many delicious rice noodles are already the common memory of Yilan people's taste buds. The best season for rice noodles is from June to July, because the bamboo shoots at that time are the best, crisp and not bitter, and are best used as ingredients for making rice noodles.

Merchant recommendation[edit]

  • Amaume meal
  • Address: 110-1 St. Houjie
  • Business hours: 07:30~12:30, 14:30~18:00
  • In-store specialties: rice noodles with mushrooms, bonito, big bones boiled soup, plus bamboo shoots, fungus, sweet and spicy rice noodles, boiled into a thick pot of rice noodles, the ingredients are real, the soup is rich, especially In the early season of bamboo shoots in the early summer season, the crisp bamboo shoots have a lot of flavors for the soup. Therefore, it has enjoyed more than 40 years of reputation. Many visitors who have been away from home for many years have never forgotten to taste the hometown.


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