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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Revain is the first trustworthy review platform, built with blockchain technology.
  • What is Revain? It's a new generation feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesn’t allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it!


  • Slogan: Reliable reviews at your fingertips.
  • Revain (R) is based in Moscow, Russia.


  • The official ticker symbol for Revain token: R
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Max token supply: 484,450,000 R
  • Total token supply: 484,450,000 R
  • Circulating Supply: 184,450,000 R


  • ICO from 21 Aug 2017 to 4 Sep 2017.
  • ICO token price: 1 R = 0.000011 BTC

Video Playlist[edit]

Revain - First unbiased review platform

00:00 On the 21st of August, our understanding of online reviews will change forever.
00:03 Introducing Revain, the world's first unbiased feedback platform and the only Business Review platform built on blockchain technology.
00:13 Today, a company's reputation relies mostly on customer reviews.
00:19 This feedback helps others to find their bearings in the endless flow of available apps.
00:25 The industry is huge and it's filled with Giants and predators.
00:33 Companies that manage other companies reputations change and even delete reviews left by customers.
00:42 Research shows that between 20 and 60 percent of all online reviews are in fact fake.
00:50 One positive review will attract four new customers while one negative review deters 11.
00:55 You can't expect unbiased reviews to help your business when real revenue is on the line, when real money is at stake.
01:02 Revain, this is a revolutionary racing model on a blockchain where reviews cannot be altered or deleted.
01:13 Users are restricted to five reviews per day while the know your customer system protects you from mass registrations and overspending.
01:20 This way, we can ensure maximum returns for every invested dollar and filter fake users.
01:28 Real users receive benefits from every written review.
01:31 Revain reviews go through a two-step verification process, one via artificial intelligence and one manually.
01:40 Negative reviews can be opened for dispute but that dispute is then shown publicly and indefinitely.
01:46 The reviews are hashed and registered in the blockchain which guarantees continuity and authenticity.
01:52 The ICO market is one of the most promising.
01:55 In the first half of 2017, companies icos generated more than 1.3 billion dollars in revenue and more than 300 icos are expected for the second half of this year.
02:09 But the market also needs honest analysis and regulations.
02:12 Rigid competition hinders judgment of IT startups at first glance.
02:16 There needs to be a reliable mechanism to review a company's ideas and token value.
02:21 Revain potential growing flames on world e-commerce, gaming, booking and FMCG.
02:26 Join the revolutionary for fun with Revain.

The future of online reviews with Revain!

00:00 Can you imagine the world where the opinion of one person influences on the whole market?
00:07 The world where business hears everyone?
00:09 This time is now, Revain, it is a new generation feedback platform based on blockchain technology.
00:16 Users of the Revain platform get a reward for leaving their reviews on goods, services and companies.
00:24 All of the reviews on the platform get filtered with artificial intelligence system and then go into a blockchain, where they cannot be changed or deleted.
00:34 All of the reviews will be available for human or robot requests.
00:37 It has a tremendous potential for Internet of Things development, when it will be important for the machines to be able to have a choice.
00:47 Based on a large base of human opinions, your fridge will be able to choose and order products.
00:52 Each opinion has its value in the formation of the market.
00:57 Companies with good reviews get more popular and businesses with negative ones will be forced to improve their product or service or leave the market.
01:06 Rating manipulation is impossible.
01:09 Join the revolution that will change the face of the whole internet.
01:12 Crowd sale will start August 21.
01:14 Get more information at


List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell Revain (R).


  • List of supported wallets for Revain (R).


  • Artificial intelligence: Our service is developed in close collaboration with hi-tech IBM AI systems.
  • Stable token: RVN token, inner platform currency, isn’t volatile at all.
  • Review's immutability: Due to blockchain technology and Ethereum platform especially, all the reviews can't be deleted or changed.
  • Rewards: Users get a reward in our tokens for every review. The only requirement - the review should pass filtration stage.
  • Automatic filtration: We're using machine learning and neural networks for detecting all types of unwarranted texts: spam, flood, abuse, etc.
  • Unbiased system: We’re creating a system that doesn’t need a user to trust a platform to perform any actions. DAO and smart-contracts will defend it from any kinds of fake reviews.
  • Transparency: Anyone can check all the reviews or transactions. Also, we have public Github page so that you can explore our code!
  • Quality feedback: Improve your product and business processes by getting a real experience of hundreds of your users.


  • List of development timeline, roadmap, events and milestones on Revain (R).
Official list of development roadmap
Date Events and Milestones
Q1 2018
  • Adding projects to the dashboard.
  • Translating platform into multiple languages.
Q2 2018
  • Saving reviews to blockchain
  • Building AI review analysis system
  • Creating a mobile app
Q3 2018
  • Launching RVN token
  • Adding a review incentive system
Q4 2018
  • Revain Gaming reviews release
  • Cooperating with giants of gaming industry

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  • List of advisors for Revain (R).


  • List of partners, supporters and investors for Revain (R).

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