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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Refereum is referrals on the blockchain, for video games.
  • Refereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly rewarding influencers and gamers to promote and play video games.
  • Earn rewards for gaming. Watch, play & share games to earn points and tokens.


  • Slogan: Referrals on the blockchain.
  • Refereum (RFR) is based in San Francisco, CA, United States.


  • The official ticker symbol for Refereum token: RFR
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 5 billion RFR


  • ICO from 12 Feb 2018 to 12 Mar 2018.
  • ICO token price: 1 RFR = $0.01 USD
  • Hard cap: $25 Million for 50% of total tokens (2,500,000,000 RFR)

Video Playlist[edit]

Refereum Introduction with Dylan

00:00 Entertainment is intrinsic to the human experience.
00:10 Games connect us in a way that no other medium can, allowing us to experience what the world's greatest creative minds can offer.
00:18 But such creativity is stifled by a growing reliance on marketing platform companies.
00:22 These centralized companies under pay individuals and overcharge creatives only to offer less and less in return.
00:29 But what if we could redistribute the same marketing budgets away from corporations and towards people?
00:37 What if we can offer game developers cheaper marketing with better traffic and enabled gamers and influencers to make money playing video games?
00:48 What if we could lower the barriers of entry for eSports and gaming as a career?
00:53 Well, with the blockchain and Refereum, now we can.
00:58 Refereum cuts out the marketing middleman by directly connecting game developers and game influencers together.
01:11 Game developers buy the Refereum token, stock their games with it, they get to choose any way they want to reward it and streamers can generate a unique URL shirt out to their fans and if fans buy it, everybody makes money.
01:25 I've worked on some of the top grossing Facebook and mobile games and we were paying $15 for a single player install and that player didn't even play the game.
01:35 But with Refereum, now developers only have to pay for traffic if they beat the tutorial or the final boss or whatever they come up with.
01:42 That kind of control allows game developers to keep spending because they know that they have money coming in.
01:50 In addition that keeps their money in the games ecosystem and allows any size developer to offer eSports rewards.
01:57 To do this right, we're advised by some of the top gaming platforms in the industry, like twitch and unity, who have set some pretty encouraging things about us.
02:09 My name is Dylan Jones, I'm the founder of Refereum and our team has been working hard out of this game co-working space I also started three years ago.
02:27 Collectively, this team has done everything from indie hits, mobile top, grossing triple-a, we've even optimized analytics and giant game platforms.
02:35 The teams worked everywhere from Zynga to Google.
02:40 And our team take security very seriously, that's why we've partnered with NBC to make sure our smart contracts are secure.
02:49 In fact, they're even written by the same white hat hacker who saved and returned the millions of dollars worth of Ethereum earlier in the year in the multi-sig exploit.
02:59 Our ERC 20 utility tokens are secured and used in games today and continue to expand.
03:03 Check out our testimonials and press.
03:07 This is just a start of Refereum.
03:12 Dig into our white paper, check out our open source code that we've already published, inspect our roadmap and most of all, let us know what you think.
03:20 Ultimately, it's about reclaiming the game industry, taking it back from corporations, decentralizing it, making sure that developers can get their games out there and allowing gamers to make a living doing what they love.
03:33 As for Refereum goal, we hope you join us.

ICO Review: Refereum (RFR) - Decentralized Gaming Referral Marketplace

00:00 Hi there this, is Victoria from
00:00 In this video, I will be covering Refereum, a decentralized gaming referral marketplace.
00:07 Please know we are not paid or mandated to do any of our reviews, this is just a personal opinion and analysis and not investment advice.
00:15 So the problem Refereum trying to solve, the video game industry is a hundred and eight billion dollar industry, however, recent years have been showing that game budgets are shifting away from development and more towards marketing.
00:28 In addition, top game distribution platforms enforce up to thirty percent cuts of all products sales, taking away value from game companies and impeding developers.
00:36 And to accompany this, top game streamers and content creators are growing huge followings on the internet, yet they have limited opportunities to monetize their followings.
00:46 Refereum is a platform that aims to reduce the costs of selling and marketing games by directly reporting individuals for sharing games and embracing influencer sites.
00:55 In hopes to replace the currently inefficient process for video game marketing and expensive traditional payment methods.
01:02 The goal of referring is to build a three sided network or developers benefit from lower costs and less hassle, influencers receive effective avenues to profit and gamers can earn money from sharing and playing video games.
01:15 This diagram shows how Refereum works in a nutshell.
01:20 By cutting out the marketing middleman, Refereum directly rewards influencers and gamers for promoting and playing video games, something otherwise unattainable for most influencers in today's market.
01:30 The project has developed an open-source game that demonstrates Refereum best practices on the test net they have also completed a site where streamers and gamers on Twitch or discord are incentivized to play games for rewards including RFR tokens.
01:43 The road map which is listed on the slide, is not that specific, but does highlight their goals out to 2020.
01:49 For 2018, the team's focus will be on scalability.
01:53 They will be adding new features to Refereum that allow for the accommodation of more users as the network grows.
01:59 In 2019, they hope to provide developers with deeper integrations and rewards on the platform.
02:04 Through 2020, their goal will be to adapt to the needs of the community and to investigate additional verticals.
02:11 Refereum will be raising funds by issuing RFR tokens.
02:16 The hard cap is 25 million dollars at 1 cent per token.
02:19 This implies a maximum market cap of 50 million dollars on the ico date on a fully diluted basis.
02:25 The pre-sales ongoing but you will need to contact the team directly if you want to participate.
02:30 The minimum contribution for the pre-sell is twenty thousand dollars.
02:34 The original date of the main token sale was December 12, 2017, but the team has changed it to February 8, 2018.
02:41 Although the whitelist has closed, there is still a weightless open for registration.
02:46 This chart shows how the total supply of five billion RFR tokens will be distributed, and this chart shows the intended use of proceeds raised from the ICO.
02:55 For the most up-to-date information on the ICO, please visit Refereum website or join their discord and telegram groups.
03:02 The RFR token is designed to enable decentralized referral marketing and cash rewards in a global marketplace.
03:08 Any user who shares referral links for specific games or friends and followers can earn these tokens, which can be traded for cash or used to buy new content.
03:18 RFR tokens will have three main use cases on the Refereum network.
03:21 First, anyone can buy games using these tokens and verify these purchases on the blockchain.
03:28 This provides incentive for users to refer their friends and followers and earn RFR tokens so that they can earn you games over time.
03:34 However, games can still be purchased with fiat currency.
03:38 Second, game developers can pay in these tokens to feature their game on the marketplace and get more traffic.
03:44 They can also share profits in the form of RFR tokens with influencers who help sell their game.
03:50 For example instead of using 30 percent of a game budget to pay traditional distribution platforms, they can choose to allocate 10% to go directly to streamers who help distribute the game via referrals.
04:00 Third, sellers of digital goods can pay to list their products for distribution by paying with RFR tokens.
04:06 The more people that use Refereum network, the more demand there should be for these tokens over time, especially for influencers and game developers who are making a living in this industry.
04:17 The team behind Refereum has experience in the gaming industry as well as in digital advertising.
04:22 The biographies for the key team members are summarized on the slide.
04:26 Their advisors include a manager of the unity asset store ecosystem, an early member of the Google Play games business development team and the founder of an be safe, a smart contract development company.
04:39 Here are some of the opportunities we wanted to highlight.
04:42 First of all we believe the idea of compensating gamers is a good way to build up a community and to create traction.
04:49 Refereum uses this strategy to promote their own ICO and it is proven to be successful in driving market awareness.
04:55 Second, influencers are becoming increasingly important in the gaming industry today.
05:00 According to one survey, recommendations from friends and relatives and good reviews are key drivers in getting consumers to start playing a new mobile game.
05:08 Twitch, which is a thirty seventh most visited site globally according to Alexa, is basically built entirely from video game influencers.
05:16 With Refereum, influencers should be able to bring in a lot more earnings.
05:20 The demo which you can check out on their website is showing a lot of good potential with the referral model and ways that gamers can be compensated.
05:26 The RFR token also makes sense to us and compliments Refereum's business model.
05:31 We did have a few concerns.
05:33 First of all, the development roadmap is vague to us.
05:38 Without a detailed road map, we cannot assess how well thought-out the team strategy is or when we should expect to see meaningful progress.
05:43 The team also has not disclosed a range of bonus provided to pre-sell participants.
05:49 According to a recent blog post, they said they won't be releasing this number yet until later.
05:54 This makes it hard for others to know the cost basis of pre-cell participants.
05:57 If the pre-sale bonus is significant, it could create selling pressure for the token once it has listed.
06:03 Overall, from an investment perspective, we have a positive view on flipping.
06:07 The project has a promising demo and the team, idea and market awareness is above average compared to other ICO projects.
06:13 Despite the current crypto market environment, we believe the project can still sell out with unmet demand.
06:20 As for long-term holding, we are also positive.
06:22 We like the idea of Refereum and believe it can gain traction pretty quickly because of its referral model and compensation to gamers.
06:30 If the project is successful, the potential can be substantial because it would disrupt how the gaming industry compensates different parties and the marketing strategy employed by game development companies.
06:40 Thank you very much for taking the time to watch our video on Refereum.
06:44 Please share your questions or thoughts with us in the comments below.
06:47 For our latest reviews and market updates, please subscribe to our youtube channel or follow us on twitter and facebook if you haven't already.
06:54 See you next time and I hope you'll keep on crushing your crypto game.


List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell Refereum (RFR).


  • List of supported wallets for Refereum (RFR).


  • List of development timeline, roadmap, events and milestones on Refereum (RFR).
Date Events and Milestones
2017 Open source demo based on Refereum for public use on the testnet, allowing Refereum to be spent in games.
Preparation for token sale in coordination with legal, partners, and advisers.
Q2 2018 Completion of the core Award.Network functionality with open source technical

implementations and game developer documentation.

Q3 2018 Comprehensive Twitch API integration with Unity asset store tools (and other engines),

with detailed open source documentation for developer best practice engagement options.

Q4 2018 Additional features and marketing with top games for the Award.Network. Partnering

with connext, anyone can purchase Refereum with credit cards.

Q4 2018 To further drive token usage, we’ll partner with and incentivize top Twitch games and

streamers to maximise the Refereum ecosystem.

Q1 2019 Further partner and fund exclusive Refereum content with eSport sponsorships and

maximising Twitch API integration with our Unity plugin.

Q1 2020 Accelerate expansion into additional industries using Refereum. Starting with other

high-use referral industries (from dapps to fashion) we’ll rapidly broaden our affiliate traffic backend for any industry.

Team members[edit]

  • Refereum team is comprised of games industry veterans (from Unity, EA, IGN, Zynga, Ubisoft, Google) and world-renowned white hat cryptographers (Chronobank, Polybius).
  • List of team members in Refereum (RFR).
Name Position Details
Dylan Jones Founder Dylan is well-versed in the challenges of making successful games; after helping design some of the highest-grossing Facebook and mobile titles of all time, he spreads the knowledge by working with developers at various game platforms. He founded game co-working space Gamenest, and advocates decentralized systems at conferences globally and his wide-reaching Meetups in San Francisco.
Alistair Doulin Chief Technical
Sloane Earl Business Development
Nick Klingsmith Tools Developer
Mark Maratea Engine Developer
Katie Williams Communications
Matt Thornhill Web Design
Rob Watson Web Front-end
Calley Nye Community Growth
Lauren Biedenharn Social Media


  • Refereum advisors are leaders of Facebook’s user acquisition teams.
  • List of advisors for Refereum (RFR).
Name Details
Koh Kim Advisor
Oleksii Matiiasevych Advisor
David Park Advisor
Miko Matsumura Advisor


  • List of partners, supporters and investors for Refereum (RFR).

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