Powder Sausage

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Title Info
English name Powder Sausage
Chinese name 粉肠
Main ingredients Pork, pig small intestine
Classification Cantonese cuisine
Taste Five fragrance
Pinyin Fěn cháng

Powder sausage[edit]

  • Powder intestine is a traditional dish in Guangdong and Hong Kong. The main materials are pork, pig small intestine, etc. The accessories are soybean meal, clove, cinnamon, Amomum villosum, and white peony. This dish has five flavors, is not refreshing, and is easy to preserve after smoking.
  • Some of the animals absorb and reserve nutrients within the organs, because they contain fat, eat a little powdery taste, and the shape is like the intestine, hence the name. Further explanation is the small intestine of the pig, and the small intestine of the anterior segment, which refers to the next segment of the stomach called the powder intestine, and the small intestine in the posterior segment is called the small intestine.

Word interpretation[edit]

  • Originally referred to as starch mixed with various seasonings and then poured into the casing of steamed food.
  • Powder sausage is a food in Guangdong and Hong Kong, China. To have a delicious powdered intestine, the pig must be fasted before slaughtering. This intestine will have digestive juice, etc., so it is not necessary to wash the intestines when cooking, and the intestines must be turned over and washed. Before the sale of the powder sausage, if the owner of the pork is not prepared in advance, it is likely to eat the intestines, which means that there are large aphids in the intestines, which is commonly known as "bitter intestines".
  • Generally speaking, the powder intestine refers to the powder intestine of pigs. Although cattle also have powdered intestines, they are rarely eaten because of their poor texture.
  • Later, the Cantonese called the dismissive man, generally used for young people.

Cantonese cuisine[edit]

System of law[edit]

  • (Main ingredient): 2.5 kg of pig fat and lean meat, proper amount of pig small intestine, 1 kg of dry starch.
  • (seasoning): 250 grams of sesame oil, 12 grams of salt, 120 grams of soy sauce, 75 grams of minced garlic, diced green onion, 120 grams of rice vinegar, 12 grams of peppercorns, 10 grams of meat, soybean meal, clove, cinnamon, Amomum, white peony, The amount of food red pigment.
  • (Work): (1) gram cutter to twist the pork into a fine meat, add a variety of spices and mix well to make a filling.
  • (2) After opening with 870 grams of dry starch, stir into a thick paste. Then pour all the thick paste and food red into the meat, stir well, and make the meat pink.
  • (3) Add the rice small intestine with rice vinegar and pepper, repeatedly remove the mucus from the intestines, wash it with water repeatedly, then pour the meat into the intestines with a funnel, tie the two intestines together and place them in the slightly boiled water. Cook in a pot for 30 minutes (not more than 100 ° C), take it out and let it cool.
  • (Features): Five flavors are strong, refreshing and not greasy. After smoking, it is easy to save.

Korean cuisine[edit]

  • Squid meal
  • Ingredients: squid (small) 2 fillings: 1-2 pieces of tofu, 200g of green bean sprouts, 100g of onion, 3 green peppers, 2 red peppers, 2 tablespoons of chopped green onion, 1 tablespoon of diced garlic, salt 1 Big spoon, 1/2 teaspoon of pepper noodles, 1 tablespoon sesame oil, 1 egg, 5 signatures
  • Production: (1) The squid removes the internal organs, removes the legs and peels.
  • (2) Put the green bean sprouts and squid legs in boiling water, remove the water, cut into silk, and chop the onions, green peppers, and red peppers to remove the water.
  • (3) Mix the tofu and mung bean sprouts, onions, squid legs, simmered peppers, onions, and garlic, and season with salt, pepper, and sesame oil.
  • (4) Put the prepared stuffing in the squid, put it on with a signature, steam it out in a steamer, and cut it into a 1cm thick round.

Northern cuisine[edit]

  • In northern China, the powder intestine is also referred to as a filling with starch paste mixed pig pork or pork lean meat in Beijing, Hebei and northeast Inner Mongolia, and is poured in a common casing and dried or smoked. A kind of sausage-made food, such as adding garlic and other fillings, becomes a garlic intestine. It is based on the Russian-style food brought by white Russian living in the northeast. In Heilongjiang, this kind of sausage is not the same as Harbin's red sausage. Its taste is similar to that of pine kernels, but it is softer than pine nuts. It is very popular among everyone and has become a product of Heilongjiang.


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