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Official site (website): https://populous.co Github: https://github.com/bitpopulous Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/bitpopulous Official LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/company/9254295/ PDF document file: https://populous.co/populous_whitepaper.pdf Contact support (number, email): https://populous.co/faq.html Slack channel: https://bitpopulous.slack.com Support email address: https://populous.co/contact.html

Truth and facts[edit]

  • Populous is a global peer-to-peer invoice discounting platform built on Blockchain technology. They combine the trust, transparency, security, and speed of Blockchain with their proprietary smart contracts to directly pair invoice sellers and lenders to transact directly and without third parties.
  • Invoice discounting for the blockchain era. Rebuilding invoice financing block by block for invoice buyers and seller.
  • For invoice buyer: Expand your business by expediting your cash flow.[1]
  • For invoice seller: Earn passive income from purchasing invoices.[2]
  • Populous is a global inverse trading platform that's built on blockchain, it's distributed ledger technology.[3]
  • It's an erc-20 token on the Ethereum platform.[3]
  • Populous connects business owners with invoice buyers on a global scale and they do that by leveraging the security, transparency and speed of blockchain technology.[3]

XBRL (extensible business reporting language)

  • Populous uses XBRL data to access and assess financial statements for invoice sellers.[3]

Altman Z-scores

  • Implementation to establish a good credit rating system. It's a formula, that's gonna be used from credit checks. [3]
  • First by checking and the possibility of the business going into bankruptcy whether the next two years. It's also gonna see whether or not a business is able to pay off the loans that is gonna get.[3]
  • As a control measure for financial distress. The financial climate overall will affect the ability for businesses to pay off any type of loans.


  • Slogan: Mixes blockchain with invoice finance.
  • Total supply: 53,252,246
  • ICO starts and ends on 24 Jul 2017.

Features [4]

  • Exceptional speed and low costs - Immediate funding without third-parties. Smart contracts autonomously perform funding - collect and release payments.
  • Global peer to peer trade finance platform - Populous enables sellers and invoice buyers to transact regardless of geographic location and without the need for any third party.
  • Unprecedented safety and security - All invoices uploaded are transparently recorded onto the Ethereum Blockchain eliminating potential for error and misuse.

Video Playlist[edit]

Quick Cryptocurrency Overview: Populous (PPT) - Should you invest?

00:00 Hello, this is crypto coins and welcome to this quick crypto currency overview of Populous PPT.
00:04 Let's have a look at what populist is and what it's trying to do.
00:09 So it's a global inverse trading platform that's built on blockchain, it's distributed ledger technology.
00:12 It's an erc-20 token on the Ethereum platform.
00:15 They did have an ICO in June 2017, and that ICO they have managed to raise almost 11 million US dollars.
00:24 What they're trying to do, they're trying to connect business owners with invoice buyers on a global scale and they do that by leveraging the security, transparency and speed of blockchain technology.
00:36 They're going to use something called XBRL data and that's used to access and assess financial statements for invoice sellers.
00:43 They're also going to implement something called Altman Z-scores, as well as the formulas and establish a good credit rating system.
00:53 Now some more about the technology, first of all, the XBRL that stands for extent, extensible business reporting language.
01:02 It's a global standard for exchanging business information and it's actually freely available to anyone.
01:09 Now populous is gonna use it to define an exchange financial information, they're gonna combine two of something called Altman Z-scores which I mentioned before.
01:19 It's a formula, that's gonna be used from credit checks.
01:21 What is doing it using free predictive measures.
01:24 First of all it's checking and the possibility of the business going into bankruptcy whether the next two years.
01:30 It's also gonna see whether or not a business is able to pay off the loans that is gonna get.
01:37 Last but not least as a control measure for financial distress.
01:39 Obviously the financial climate overall will affect the ability for businesses to pay off any type of loans.
01:45 Like I said, it's a blockchain use and so as the PPT token, which is an ERC 20 token, I will talk more about the talking in a bit.
01:53 Usage wise, populous is interesting the inverse buyer directly to the invoice seller, in a peer-to-peer platform.
02:01 So essentially it's divided into three main section.
02:07 First of all English market, so I'm basically talking about works.
02:10 So the borrower were often invoice with terms and then the investor will choose the invoice that they want to finance then it goes to the auction.
02:19 So once the invoice is chosen, then the investor does place a bid and they said interest rate on that bit as well.
02:26 The borrower, if they want to, you know go ahead with the transaction, they would confirm the bid, and then the invoice is sold, and then that goes to the ledger.
02:36 So after the borrower releases invoice and receives the funds, the investors receives returns when the invoice is settled.
02:43 So pretty simple system, pretty straightforward.
02:46 It's all described very nicely on the populist website if you want to know it more, in more detail.
02:52 Let's have a look at the availability, price of the token.
02:57 So the token is available on few exchanges, that's a bit of a big deal from an investment point of view.
03:02 EtherDelta dominates the volume with over 80% of the volume going through it.
03:07 And then there's Mercatox up to 15% of volume and hitBTC with 5% of volume.
03:12 Obviously when buying the token to use, you wanna buy it from a place that has the most volume, because this way you can kind of make sure there's enough liquidity for you to perform a good transaction so you can buy the tokens for the lowest price possible.
03:28 At the current price as a 14th of November, is around $9 87 cents and the Popular's is ranked on 23rd place in terms of market capitalization.
03:39 So overall the project is already worth quite a lot of money.
03:42 The all-time high was actually achieved today as well, so that's 14th of November and it's $9 48 49 cents.
03:50 So quite a lot of price, in terms of the actual price movement the token has been pumped very significant recently.
03:59 So the main pump did start on 7th of November, so exactly a week ago, and the price when the pump starting was under $4.
04:07 So it doubled, it more than doubled within the week.
04:11 Other aspects to consider, so first of all the populist team has 11 team members and majority of them are based in London.
04:20 I just think they have few international members as well.
04:23 They do have a main competition in form of Slovenian base hive hvn, but there are some significant differences in approach between them.
04:31 Yes and actual hive it's worth far far less than populous both in terms of popularity and in terms of actual value of the tokens as well.
04:42 They do have an alpha version and I'm talking about populist and the beta version is supposed to come within a month from the time that I'm making this video.
04:49 So I would expect the beta to be ready mid to end of December.
04:53 At the beta version were our financial data modelling for another tax of all companies on the platform and a complete it could be RL extraction talk and more details copies from the website.
05:06 The actual token will be used to ensure the flow of funds within the platform, so the more popular platform gets, the more valuable the token should be, as it usually is who have tokens that are being used by the platform.
05:17 The more people are using the platform, the more people who are going to need the tokens, so the more people are going to purchase the tokens which infest the price, pretty pretty standard market practice.
05:27 So last but not least my actual verdict.
05:30 So populous is going well in terms of the development, like I said the beta version is on the horizon, it should be ready at the end of this year.
05:38 It's certainly further in development Ehrmann popular isn't main competition, hive, I think there might be some other similar projects as well but I think they might be at the ico stage.
05:49 So in terms of actual development populous is by far the further one.
05:53 Keep in mind however, it's already worth quite a lot of money, so it's 886 millions in terms of market cap.
06:02 That's a lot of money like I said, it's almost a point top 20 in terms of all of the other tokens as well.
06:06 And also keep in mind that the actual price did double more, it actually more than doubled in the last week and as we've seen in the past ones like that do usually end in a correction.
06:18 Still, there are a few things to consider when looking at the PPT in terms of value.
06:24 Overall if you're looking at something long term, it certainly seems to be like a very solid choice.
06:28 Mostly because of the fact is it's already ahead of the competition and the actual competition isn't really that significant.
06:37 Anyway it will have some significant update on the other hand, so there will be the beta version.
06:42 They also gonna have tutorials and also just basically that they're gonna open the platform to more users.
06:50 All of that should probably increase the price long term.
06:56 And then we also need to remember that the actual token is only listed on the minor exchanges like I said ether Delta, is not that popular in terms of the volume.
07:05 So I do expect the price to go up if the PPT token is actually listed on the rights of Bittrex or binance or any of those major exchanges.
07:13 So that being said, obviously because it had a very good run recently.
07:21 Short term, you have to be careful to cannot get stuck.
07:24 Not to buy it and the all-time high and then you know kind of see the correction and you losing money this way.
07:30 However if you're looking for something long-term, like I said PPT does seem to be a very very solid option and certainly the best option in terms of invoice based blockchain.
07:41 So thank you very much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video, for me on social media and indirect question asked you know telegram, Facebook or Twitter, or in comments below.
07:48 Thank you very much for watching as always, I appreciate your doing it, Cheers and I love you, bye.

Frequently asked questions[edit]

  • Does Populous own invoices?
No invoices are owned by the invoice seller, they are temporarily sold to invoice buyers, and revert back to the owner once invoice seller has paid back agreed amount.[5]

Alexa Ranking[edit]

  • 146,237 (Global)
  • 45,458 (U.S.)
  • updated on Dec 19, 2017