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Title Info
English name Plain boiled water
Chinese name 白开水
Foreign name Plain boiled water
Nickname Cool white open frozen water
Chemical formula H2O
Molecular weight 18
Melting point 0 degrees Celsius
Boiling point 100 degrees Celsius
Density 1g/cm3
Exterior Colorless transparent liquid
Pinyin Baíkaīshuǐ

Plain boiled water[edit]

  • Boiled water, also known as cool white, frozen water, is the most consumed water in people's daily life. It is light and tasteless, extremely ordinary, but has a very important conditioning effect on the physiological mechanism of the human body. Drinking a cup of warm boiled water on an empty stomach in the morning is good for the body. For middle-aged and elderly people, it can not only dilute the blood, reduce blood viscosity, promote blood circulation, but also reduce the risk of blood clots and prevent heart disease. The peak period of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. For young people, it can reduce the thirst and diuresis of the body's water due to physiological discharge after sleep at night, and it can make the skin smooth and delicate.

Origin of the name[edit]

  • The boiling water is hot. If it is cool, it means that it has to be re-boiled, so it is called boiled water or cool white.

Principle of action[edit]

  • Boiling water
    The boiled water transports oxygen to the blood; the waste that is metabolized in the body is excreted in the urine or feces. Lubricates tissues and joints; moistens eyes, nose, and mouth; makes skin soft and elastic. Regulating body temperature regulates body temperature by evaporation or sweating. Water is very important to the human body, whether it is the digestion, absorption, transportation and metabolism of nutrients, or the discharge of waste, or the regulation of physiological functions and body temperature, etc., are inseparable from water. If the water in the body is regarded as a river, various metabolic activities of life will sail in it. If there is no water, metabolic activity cannot be carried out, and various nutrients are like sand scattered on the dry river bed.
  • According to TCM health care, boiled water is a neutral substance, which can take away the yin, cold, dampness and poison in the body, and excrete these wickings out of the body by excretion and perspiration. In Chinese medicine, it becomes the first of hundreds of medicines.


  • boiling water
    For humans, water is an important substance after oxygen. In adults, 60% of the weight is water. The proportion of water in children is even greater, reaching nearly 80%. If a person does not eat, he or she can only survive for 7 days by relying on the nutrients stored in his body or consuming autologous tissue. But if you don't drink water, it's hard to spend a week. Losing 10% of water in the body threatens health. If you lose 20% of water, there is danger to your life. It is obvious that water is important to life.
  • Water is not only a major component of the body, but also has many physiological functions. The water has a strong solvency, and many substances are soluble in water and dissociate into an ionic state, playing an important role. Water-insoluble protein and fat can be suspended in water to form a colloid or emulsion, which is convenient for digestion, absorption and utilization. Water directly participates in redox reaction in the human body to promote various physiological activities and biochemical reactions; Physical activities such as circulation, respiration, digestion, absorption, secretion, excretion, etc., the body's metabolism can not be carried out; the specific heat of water can regulate body temperature and keep constant. When the outside temperature is high or the body produces a lot of heat, evaporation and sweating of the water can help to dissipate heat. When the weather is cold, the mountain has a great potential for storing heat in the water. The human body does not cause the body temperature to decrease due to the cold outside, and the water has a large fluidity. On the one hand, it can transport oxygen, nutrients, hormones, etc., and one can excrete metabolites and toxic substances through stool, urine, and sweating. Water is also a self-contained lubricant in the body, such as skin moisturizing and tears, saliva, joint capsules and serosal fluid are lubricants for the corresponding organs.

Drinking water benefits[edit]

  • In China, people in the Tang Dynasty earlier than the beginning of the seventh century have noticed this drinking water law. The famous doctor Sun Siyi has the "Qian Jin Yi Fang". In the volume of the thirteenth, there is a volume called "Serving the Water". When boiled water enters the human body, it can immediately exert its metabolic function, regulate body temperature and transport nutrients. American scientists have found that the naturally cooled cold water after boiling is the most easy to penetrate the cell membrane, promote metabolism, improve immune function, and improve the body's disease resistance. People who are used to drinking boiled water have high activity of deoxygenase in the body, less accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, and are less prone to fatigue.

Remove headache[edit]

  • Get up in the morning, headaches, if you drink a caffeine drink such as a cup of coffee or milk tea at this time, it will definitely increase the headache. I have a headache in the morning, mostly because the body does not absorb water after one night, and a lot of sweating causes a little dehydration. Many people in the summer will sleep in the air, strong air will drain the body's water, it will also cause dehydration in the morning, causing headaches. Therefore, you should be refreshed immediately after getting up, your headache will disappear, and a glass of water is absolutely indispensable.

Fight against cancer[edit]

  • Studies have found that people who drink 4 glasses of water a day or more will have less than half the chance of developing colon cancer than those who drink 2 glasses of water a day or less. If you can drink 8 glasses of water or more a day, you will have better results. The reason why water can fight cancer is because water can accelerate the peristalsis of the intestines, so that the waste in the intestines cannot stay, reducing the chance of carcinogens staying in the intestines. By the same token, a large amount of water can also reduce the cancer of the urinary system, such as bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and so on. In addition, drinking more water also has the function of preventing breast cancer.

Overcome fatigue[edit]

  • Some people often feel tired, especially in the summer, when they are often weak or sleepy. Some people think that it is a relationship of mental stress or low blood sugar. In fact, the real reason may be dehydration. It turns out that our body is less sensitive to "thirst" than "hungry." When the body's water is gradually reduced, the body will not immediately tell us that we need to drink water, but if the situation continues and we do not replenish the water in time, the body will become more and more tired and weak, so that we often have no reason for it, but inexplicably discomfort, and drink more water. This can solve this problem and keep the body energized.


  • 3 health effects of boiled water
  • 1. Blood circulation up+ basal metabolism up+ fat burning up
  • By drinking boiled water, it stimulates the warming of internal organs such as the intestines and stomach, warming the body from the inside out, improving blood circulation, the temperature of the internal organs rises by 1 degree, the basal metabolic rate increases by about 10-12%, the fat burning speed is increased, and excess fat is burned. Let the body become lean and lean.
  • 2. Activate visceral function, relieve visceral fatigue, and discharge aging waste
  • Drink boiled water, warm the internal organs, activate the activation of internal organs, relieve visceral fatigue and improve the quality of internal organs. At the same time, assist the internal digestive system to operate, activate metabolism, and accelerate the aging waste in the body. Once the aging waste is discharged from the body, the garbage in the body is cleared, and the liver and kidney functions are stimulated again, so that the internal environment is more clean and pollution-free.
  • 3. Increased urine output, excrete excess water in the body, eliminate constipation, detoxify
  • Drinking boiled water, promoting the circulation of blood and lymph, can take away excess water left in the body to form urine, while the internal toxins of the body are excreted with urine. As the amount of urine increases, the body weight decreases, and excess water is taken away to relieve edema. The boiled water warms the intestines, lubricates the intestines, softens the excrement, and can effectively prevent and alleviate the symptoms of constipation.
  • 4. pH balance
  • Under normal circumstances, the pH of healthy human body fluids is 7.35 to 7.45. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the weak alkaline state of body fluids. The human body itself certainly has a balance function of body fluid acidity and alkalinity, but if it relies too much on its own balancing function, it is not beneficial for long-term physical health. If the tap water conforming to the national standard is the raw water, the pH value of the boiled water can usually reach 9 or more. It belongs to alkaline water and often drinks boiled water, which is beneficial to neutralize the acidic substances produced by the body's metabolism and is beneficial to maintain a healthy body fluid state.
  • The correct way to boil water
  • Drink 800ml of boiled water every day, avoid swallowing and swallowing slowly to achieve a healthy effect.
  • Do not stop heating after the water boils. Turn on the lid and continue heating for 1~2 minutes to remove the chloroform and precipitate the calcium. The taste of the boiled water will be better.
  • Inject water into the cup to stop heating, and inject boiling water into the cup. When the water temperature reaches 50 degrees, it is a cup of nutritious boiled water. Drink 800ml every day, detoxify and nourish the skin.

Drinking water taboo[edit]

Avoid excessive[edit]

  • Drinking less water can't be done, but excessive drinking can also cause poisoning. People may be unfamiliar with this view. In fact, as early as the 1930s, the United States reported cases of water poisoning caused by heavy drinking water.
  • Water accounts for about 60% to 70% of the body's body weight and is relatively stable in the body. The cell membrane of human cells is a semi-permeable membrane, and water can be freely permeated. If the drinking water is excessive, the blood and interstitial fluid will be balanced, the osmotic pressure will decrease, and the water will penetrate into the cells, causing the cells to swell and cause water poisoning. Among them, brain cells respond most quickly. Once brain cells are edematous, intracranial pressure will increase, leading to dizziness, headache, vomiting, fatigue, blurred vision, lethargy, slowing of breathing, slowing of heart rhythm, and coma in severe cases., convulsions and even life-threatening. When water poisoning occurs, there is too much water in the blood, the concentration of sodium chloride in the blood drops, and there is a balanced release of low blood sodium, and the patient may have muscle pain and paralysis.
  • Water poisoning often occurs in daily life, but the degree of lightness has not attracted people's attention. In the hot summer, after a lot of sweating, the electrolytes such as sodium salt in the body are also lost. If you drink a lot of boiled water at this time and do not make up the salt, muscle twitching or muscle spasm will occur. Muscle pain in the arms, thighs, and calves is generally a manifestation of mild water intoxication. Therefore, in the hot summer, people should drink some salt or drink salty soda when drinking water. If you are not used to drinking salty drinks, you should fry the dishes and eat them. In this way, the lost salt and water can be replenished. When the salt water enters the body, it will quickly penetrate into the cells, so that the body that continuously sweats and lacks water can be replenished in time and can effectively prevent water poisoning. Do not drink plenty of water before meals, so it is easy to dilute the gastric juice, so that the digestion and absorption function of the stomach is reduced.

Avoid raw water[edit]

  • Boiling water
    Do not drink raw water. Drinking raw water has many harmful effects, because chlorine in tap water can interact with residual organic substances in water that has not been boiled, resulting in increased chances of bladder cancer and rectal cancer. Do not drink water that has been left for too long. This water is not only free of various minerals but may also contain certain harmful substances and cause poisoning.
  • The water must be boiled for 3 minutes to drink, because it is easy to get cancer if you drink water that is not completely boiled. The fresh boiled water boiled for 3 minutes is not only sterile, but also the chlorine and some harmful substances in the water evaporate, while maintaining the essential nutrients in the water.
  • Studies have shown that the content of halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform is closely related to the change of water temperature and the duration of boiling. When the water temperature reached 90 °C, the content of halogenated hydrocarbons increased from 53 micrograms per liter to 191 micrograms, and chloroform increased from 43.8 micrograms per liter to 177 micrograms, both exceeding the national standard by two times. When the water temperature rose to 100 ° C, the content of halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform decreased to 110 micrograms and 99 micrograms, respectively, still exceeding the national standard. If it continues to boil, the content of halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform drops to 9.2 μg and 8.3 μg, respectively, after 3 minutes, at which point it becomes safe drinking water.
  • Of course, the boiling water is not burned as long as possible, because the longer the burning time, the less volatile harmful substances and nitrite in the water will be concentrated due to the evaporation of water, the content is relatively high, drink such water, the same for the body harmful.
  • Five kinds of boiling water can not drink
  • Re-boiled boiling water can cause excessive levels of nitrous acid in the water. It is well known that excessive or excessive levels of nitrous acid in water can cause burnout, fatigue, lethargy, coma, whole body bruising, blood pressure drop, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and can cause malignant diseases in a long time. The method to prevent boiling water pollution is simple: resolutely eliminate the reuse of boiling water and repeat boiling. It is important to note that the boiled water mentioned below cannot be drunk.
  • 1. Burning on the stove for a whole night or a long time, it is already hot and cold when drinking;
  • 2. Open water re-cooked in an automatic water heater overnight;
  • 3. Residual boiling water after repeated boiling;
  • 4. Installed in the thermos bottle is not the same day of boiling water;
  • 5. Steamed the remaining boiling water of food and other food.

Avoid water left[edit]

  • Plain boiled water 4 - Plain boiled water.jpg
    Everyone knows that drinking more water in daily life is good for health, how to burn water, how to drink boiled water, and a lot of attention. Many people like to drink cold water in the summer, but it is best not to drink water that has been left for more than 24 hours, because if it is left for too long, the water will produce a lot of bacteria and other substances.
  • Boiled water can kill bacteria and remove harmful substances. Because tap water is chlorinated, chlorine interacts with organic matter remaining in water to form toxic carcinogenic compounds such as halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform. When the water temperature reaches 90 °C, the content of halogenated hydrocarbons rises to 191 μg/L, and the chloroform rises to 177 μg/L, which is more than twice the national standard. When the water temperature reaches 100 °C, the content of halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform is The liters contain 110 micrograms and 99 micrograms; if they continue to boil for 1 to 2 minutes, the two substances are rapidly reduced to 9.2 micrograms and 8.3 micrograms per liter, respectively, to meet drinking standards. Therefore, it is best to boil water for about 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Some people often reheat the leftover water to save water. This is a bad habit. Because repeated boiling of water can cause loss of minerals beneficial to the human body, and also produce certain harmful substances such as nitrite. Once nitrite enters the human body in a large amount, it can make the red blood cells in the blood lose the function of carrying oxygen, causing the tissue to be deprived of oxygen. People who drink this water for a long time will have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, nails and lips, purple and palpitation. It can also cause hypoxia and may even induce cancer. (It should be noted that the content of nitrite in boiled water is lower than that of mineral water, but it is usually harmless)
  • When drinking water, people bring bacteria from the mouth and saliva into the cup and into the water. At a suitable temperature and environment, they will grow and multiply. But don't worry too much. In order to avoid the above situation, there is a small amount of bactericidal material - chloride, in qualified tap water and bottled water. Kellogg Schwab, an environmental microbiologist at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, pointed out that the bactericidal action of chloride in drinking water can last for 1-2 days (if the water is too long, don't drink it anymore). [1] If the water is stored for a long time, it may be infected with bacteria to produce nitrite. Once the nitrite enters the human body in a large amount, it can cause hypoxia, nausea, vomiting, headache, palpitation and other symptoms, and severely cause hypoxia to death. Nitrite can form nitrosamines in the human body and promote liver cancer and stomach cancer. After the boiling water in the thermos is warmed, the bacteria multiply faster and the reduced nitrite is more.

Avoid overnight[edit]

  • Boiling water
    Many people have a cold bottle of water in their homes. The cool white water inside can be used at any time. However, this convenience may pose a health hazard. If you don't finish the day, be sure to dump it.
  • This is because the nitrogen-containing organic matter in the long-term boiling water is continuously decomposed into nitrite, and at the same time, the intrusion of microorganisms inevitably accelerates the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic matter. The harm of nitrite to the body is well known. It has a strong ability to bind to hemoglobin in the body and hinders the normal oxygen transport function of the blood. Therefore, it is best to drink the water on the same day.
  • In addition, many families are now accustomed to drinking bottled water, and the seemingly well-sealed bottled water should be consumed within three or four days. Because the bottled water has been turned on for a long time, the bacteria will sneak in along the water inlet, and the water dispenser will form a negative pressure when it is out of the water, and inevitably absorb some of the air, and the bacteria and microorganisms in the air will also take advantage of it. Into." If you don't finish drinking in a short period of time, the bacteria will exceed the standard and the pure water will no longer be pure. [2] .

Suitable for the crowd[edit]

  • Boiled water is suitable for men, women and children, and is the best beverage product.
  • Children should drink more boiled water. Promote metabolism, improve immune function, and improve the body's resistance to disease. People who are used to drinking boiled water have high activity of deoxygenase in the body, less accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, and are less prone to fatigue.
  • Drinking water in the elderly can prevent myocardial ischemia, lung ischemia, cerebral vascular occlusion, myocardial infarction and other diseases are related to increased blood viscosity. This type of disease is easy to occur in summer, especially in July-August. The high season of illness. Blood viscosity is referred to as blood viscosity in clinical practice. When the blood viscosity of a person increases, the blood flow is slow, and the oxygen and nutrients obtained by the body tissue are relatively reduced. When the blood viscosity increases to a certain level, blood will clotting, that is, Blood agglomeration occurs, causing blood vessel embolism, which causes ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • Physiologists have tested the blood viscosity ratio of the elderly, and summer is the period of highest human blood viscosity. Studies have shown that the changes in blood viscosity of the elderly are clearly related to the seasonal friend disease of geriatric diseases, and ischemic diseases mainly occur in the hot summer.
  • The simplest and most effective way to prevent the increase of summer blood viscosity is to drink a cup of light tea or cool boiled water in the morning, middle and evening. For healthy elderly people, drinking water alone can prevent blood viscosity from increasing. For patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, in addition to drinking water, under the guidance of a doctor, you should choose a drug that suits your condition, insist on using it in summer, and monitor your blood viscosity changes to prevent ischemic. The purpose of cardiovascular disease.

Drinking water[edit]

  • 1. Drinking water in the morning - reducing belly
  • Drinking boiled water, light honey water or salt-added water before breakfast can speed up gastrointestinal motility, excrete garbage and metabolites from the body overnight, and reduce the chance of small intestines appearing.
  • Boiling water
    2. Drinking water before a meal - reducing appetite
  • Drinking a glass of water before a meal can reduce the feeling of starvation and reduce the intake of food. The appetite will be small after a long time. At the same time, it can also supplement the water needed by the body and accelerate metabolism.
  • 3. Drinking water in the afternoon - reducing fat and obesity
  • The most important form of expression is the meat, which is caused by sedentary, high-calorie foods. In the afternoon tea, when people feel tired and tired, they can drink a cup of herbal tea to dispel the desire to eat. The smell of flowers can also reduce appetite.


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