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Official site (website): https://oax.org/ Official site (website): https://www.openanx.org/ Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/OAX_Foundation Official Telegram channel (group): https://t.me/openanxteam Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenANX/ YouTube video (channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWzKmt7vtbjSprobArNzqBw Official WeChat account: https://oax.org/asset/images/wechat-public.jpg Official QQ account: https://oax.org/asset/images/qq-qrcode.png Slack channel: https://join.slack.com/openanx/shared_invite/enQtMjU2NzAxNjIzNTQwLWNiZWM4YjZhNzNiYTRiNmJmMjM2ZDUyMjJhNTI4ZGQwNDYxYjFhOTBlNTJkNTg4NzAyMDMwODRlN2JjZjNiZGY Medium (blog, article, news): https://medium.com/@OAX_Foundation Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x701c244b988a513c945973defa05de933b23fe1d Github: https://github.com/openanx Github: https://gitlab.com/groups/oax/ Discussion forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1943946 PDF document file: https://www.openanx.org/en/assets/whitepaper/openANX_White_Paper_ENU.pdf Support email address: mailto:projectstallman@oax.org CoinMarketCap (coin market cap): https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/oax/ Alexa website traffic ranking: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/oax.org

Truth and facts[edit]

  • Real World Application of DEX - OAX is a new, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange project run by the OAX Foundation.
  • OAX is an open source, transparent, decentralized platform with not only the liquidity of a centralized exchange but also the security and transparency of existing decentralized exchanges.
  • OAX foundation: The primary objective is to promote the real world application of the OAX platform and ecosystem. It also aims to initially develop the OAX platform and advocate governance and promote the core values of being open, transparent and decentralized.


  • OAX stands for openANX.
  • OAX (OAX) is based in Hong Kong.
  • Address: 19/B, CNT Tower, 338 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


  • The official ticker symbol for OAX token: OAX
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 100,000,000 OAX
  • Circulating Supply: 25,009,250 OAX


  • ICO from 22 Jun 2017 to 21 Jul 2017.
  • ICO token price: 1 OAX = $0.45 USD.

Video Playlist[edit]

Introduction to openANX

00:00 In the digital world, the use of tokens on blockchain is growing rapidly.
00:07 Tokens can represent purely digital assets such as Bitcoin or ether, real-world assets such as US dollars, ownership or control tokens in digital autonomous organizations or DAO.
00:21 There are many ways to exchange these digital issues within a blockchain.
00:26 But the market still relies on centralized exchanges to hold customer funds and issue tokens onto a blockchain.
00:34 These exchanges have failed time and time again.
00:37 There are many projects creating digital token exchanges on blockchain.
00:42 What is missing is a way to safely bridge real-world assets with these blockchain markets.
00:48 OpenANX is the solution.
00:50 Open source, decentralized platform with not only the liquidity of a centralized exchange but also the security and transparency of existing decentralized exchanges.
01:01 OpenANX solves this problem by converting pre-existing exchanges into asset gateways.
01:11 These asset gateways then post Ether as a collateral and Ethereum smart contract before they issue token.
01:16 These tokens can be used for trading against existing tokens, but also provide credit risk trading markets.
01:25 Credit risk trading markets allow trading on the credit risk of each of collateral gateway.
01:30 These order books are aggregated together, providing a liquid, credit risk adjusted platform, bridging real-world assets into the blockchain world of token change.
01:42 The openANX project is founded about ANX international.
01:46 The time for change has arrived, let's go to the future.
01:51 Join openANX, go to www.openanx.org.
01:58 The openANX project is founded by ANX international.



List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell OAX (OAX).


Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in OAX (OAX).
Name Position Details
Ken Lo Leadership Ken is a successful serial entrepreneur who co-founded ANX International, one of the world's largest blockchain service providers. As the CEO of ANX International, he has over 5 years experience in blockchain strategies, extensive knowledge in running world-class crypto-assets exchanges, and providing innovative solutions to many blockchain platform operators. Ken has 20 year's experience in business strategy and execution working for MNCs like BT, Accenture, and Verizon.
Hugh Madden Leadership
Dave Chapman Leadership
David Tee Leadership
Amanda Liu General Manager and Senior Consultant
William Barkshire Senior Advisor
Liam Bussell Marketing


  • List of advisors for OAX (OAX).
Name Details
Jehan Chu Strategy Advisory
Bok Khoo Technology Advisory
Peter Smith Strategy Advisory
Lionello Lunesu Technology Advisory
Henry Yu Legal Advisory


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