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Official site (website): https://nxtplatform.org Official site (website): http://nxt.org/ Android app download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nxt.org.freewallet.app&hl=en Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/nxtcommunity YouTube video (channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZUljIZUHCzZpyd1ziwlmaA Official Facebook account (fb): https://www.facebook.com/NxtBlockchain Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NXT/ Download: https://nxtplatform.org/download/ Official Vimeo video channel: https://vimeo.com/nxtorg Official Wiki (Wikipedia): https://nxtwiki.org/ Discussion forum: http://nxtforum.org/ Slack channel: https://nxtchat.herokuapp.com/ Slack channel: https://nxtplatform.org/slack/ Explorer: https://nxtportal.org/blocks/ Explorer: https://www.mynxt.info/blockexplorer/ Explorer: https://www.peerexplorer.com Website (site): https://www.nxtfoundation.io Website (site): https://www.jelurida.com Contact support (number, email): https://nxtplatform.org/helpdesk/ Support email address: mailto:travin@nxtfoundation.io Website (site): http://www.meetup.com/BitcoinWednesday/ Official blog (news): https://nxtplatform.org/news/ Official Telegram channel (group): https://t.me/NXTCommunity Discussion forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=587007.0 Website (site): https://bitbucket.org/JeanLucPicard/nxt/src

Truth and facts[edit]

  • Nxt is an advanced, decentralised, open source blockchain crypto-platform which builds on and improves the basic functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Nxt provides a powerful and modular toolset which gives users the freedom to create their own applications.
  • The Nxt platform includes many core-level features, such as a Decentralized Asset Exchange, Marketplace, and Voting system, all in additional to the NXT digital currency itself.
  • Nxt is easy-to-use, permissionless and gives its users complete freedom in many ways.


  • Slogan: The future is NXT.
  • Slogan: Next generation of cryptocurrency.
  • Slogan: Decentralizing the future.


  • Asset Exchange: Create your own project on Nxt. Nxt Asset Exchange offers secure, direct peer-to-peer trading.
  • Monetary System: Launch your own digital currency. Trade, share and exchange other currencies supported by Nxt.
  • Data Cloud: Data storage, publication and verification on the NXT blockchain. Secure, simple and effective.
  • Voting System: Create customised polls, verified via the Nxt blockchain. Personal empowerment via the blockchain.
  • Account Control: Create secure multi-signature accounts with NXT. Decentralised Autonomous Organisations made easy.


  • ICO started on 29 September 2013 and ended on 18 November 2013.


  • 500 million IGNIS will be given away as a free airdrop to all NXT owners, in a snapshot to be taken on Dec 28th, at block 1636363.

Video Playlist[edit]

What is NXT?

00:00 NXT is a second-generation cryptocurrency, a safe transparent, decentralized system for sharing data and payments with people all over the world.
00:10 And it's so lightweight that all of its functionality can be accessed through a web browser.
00:15 It's a 100% proof of stake system so you don't need high-performance computing capacity to help support the network.
00:22 Even inexpensive devices like smartphones can be used.
00:26 NXT users are rewarded in exchange for supporting the network.
00:28 All transactions in text are bundled into units known as blocks.
00:33 The more NXT you have in your account, the more often you will generate a block and be rewarded with a fee.
00:39 The system generates a block on average every 60 seconds.
00:41 Every block contains information on the transactions in the block, the total fee for those transactions, a payload hash, digital signature as well as information about the previous block.
00:55 As blocks are added, they form a chain.
00:59 Data storage is secure and completely decentralized.
01:03 In addition to basic transactions, NXT supports an alias system, as well as a system for storing small amounts of data on the blockchain.
01:15 NXT also supports a decentralized voting system and the first functioning fully decentralized asset exchange system.
01:22 Altogether, these next-generation features allow for the creation of any number of decentralized services on top of NXT.
01:34 With NXT, cryptocurrency becomes a crypto platform, a tool for the creation of a whole ecosystem of decentralized applications for users.

Nxt - Lean, Powerful, Versatile

00:00 Nxt is the digital finance and decentralised application platform.
00:00 Your business, NXT coin, direct peer-to-peer payments.
00:10 Asset exchange: ownership and revenue distribution.
00:16 Monetary system: crowdfunding and token distribution.
00:20 Messaging: secure communication and database.
00:27 Account control: smart contract system.
00:30 With plugins, marketplace and voting system.
00:49 Whatever the shape of your business, we’ve got the tools to help you succeed.


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