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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Nexus is a decentralized digital currency, distributed framework, and peer-to-peer network. Nexus further improves upon the blockchain protocol by focusing on the following core technological principles on its platform: Speed, Scalability, Security, Accessibility.
  • Nexus is an innovative cryptocurrency that runs off its own algorithm and has a well though through infrastructure that takes it beyond bitcoin and other 1st generation cryptocurrencies. It has a checks and balances system for sending coins, where transactions can be retrieved if sent to a wrong address.


  • Slogan: Nexus: The world's most secure crypto currency. The worlds first 3D-chain.
  • Slogan: Nexus, a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
  • Quote: Decentralized Markets are Here to Stay.
  • Quote: Freedom to spend your money as you see fit is Freedom.
  • Quote: Not everybody has money but everybody has time.
  • Nexus (NXS) is based in United States.
  • Address: 500 S. Mill Ave, Tempe, Az, USA.


  • The official ticker symbol for Nexus token: NXS
  • Started from 23 Sep 2014.
  • Total token supply: 78,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 54,817,259 NXS
  • Proof of stake of up to 2%.

Video Playlist[edit]

What is Nexus?

00:00 Blockchain technology is revolutionizing digital industries worldwide.
00:13 For the first time in history, value can be transmitted fast and securely without an intermediary bank or third party.
00:21 The Nexus framework further builds and improves upon the blockchain protocol.
00:26 The Nexus platform focuses on three core principles: efficient and scalable code, enhance security and revolutionary hardware networks.
00:39 For maximum efficiency, Nexus created the lower-level database, a specialized lightweight database built from the ground up, that drastically improves speed and processing power.
00:51 As the network and node count grows, the Nexus framework organically scales to keep up with increasing transactions.
00:59 In addition to efficiency and speed, nexuses advanced security protects against quantum computer attacks by using large, one-time use keys and 1024 bit hashes.
01:09 With trust keys, nodes further secure the network and build up trust.
01:18 In exchange, Nexus nodes earn a higher reward for their trust, giving them a larger minting rate.
01:25 Using advanced Hardware, Nexus is actively working with the aerospace industry to launch low Earth orbit cube satellites that further connects users and secures its data.
01:37 Using satellites, ground stations and mesh networks, Nexus is linking the blockchain with communications technology to provide a fully decentralized internet.
01:48 With the development of both groundbreaking software and advanced hardware, Nexus is building a more resilient alternative to centralized financial institutions.
01:58 Learn more at


  • Nexus seeks to Free humankind from centralized systems.
  • Merely being decentralized is not enough. We must decentralize the decentralization.
  • Using software and hardware, Nexus seeks to build the foundation for the most decentralized system to ever be developed: Nexus Earth.
  • This network will empower everyone from the first world to the third world.
  • Not everyone has money, but everyone has time. The time has come to decentralize everything.
  • The foundations of cryptocurrency should be built upon decentralized principles. Nexus seeks to fulfill this mission.

Multi-Dimensional Chain (MDC)[edit]

  • The Multi-Dimensional Chain (MDC) was introduced by Colin Cantrell (founder and lead developer of Nexus) at the 2017 Nexus Crypto Currency Conference in Aspen, Colorado.

Nexus Primes[edit]

  • Nexux is a currency with a scientific proof-of-work.
  • Nexus (NXS) is a cryptocurrency that does more than send money. As a byproduct of mining, it finds dense clusters of prime numbers.
  • Official Nexus Prime home page




Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in Nexus (NXS).
List of team members
Name Position Details
Colin Cantrell Founder, Lead Developer

Support email address:

  • Colin Cantrell is the founder and lead core developer of Nexus (NXS) cryptocurrency.
  • From Tempe, Arizona, United States.
Preston Smith Community Manager - Public Relations
Keith Smith GUI Developer - Web Developer - Media Production




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