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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Neblio is a platform for enterprise customers to build distributed applications on the net, on the blockchain network, through a set of intuitive and easy-to-use api's for all of the popular programming languages today.
  • Neblio is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain network of nodes that exchange information in the form of transactions, storing those transactions in an immutable distributed ledger.[1]
  • Neblio is the blockchain platform for a distributed API network, the internet-of-thing, secure identity management, replacing legacy database architecture, enterprise records management, and enabling next gen distributed applications.[2]
  • 100% Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network - All transactions on the Neblio blockchain network are secured by the efficient PoS distributed consensus algorithm.[3]


  • Slogan: Next generation enterprise blockchain solution.
  • Total supply: 13,393,727 NEBL
  • Circulating supply: 12,656,260 NEBL


  • NEBL is a Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrency Token.
  • Neblio Tokens power the Neblio Blockchain Network and can be sent to or received from other Neblio Users.
  • NEBL ICO starts on 6th Aug 2017 and ends on 20th Aug 2017.
  • ICO price is at $0.20 USD.


  • Eddy Smith: Co-Founder & Lead Developer - Ed has a B.S. in Computer Science and over 7 years of experience working as a senior software engineer for global enterprise companies.
  • Ann Jackson: Co-Founder & Business Ops Manager
  • Yuval Amar: Marketing Advisor
  • Riley Stockton: Developer

Video Playlist[edit]

Hello from the Founders of Neblio!

00:00 Hey guys, Eddie here and Ann, we had a meeting today to discuss a few things face to face, we haven't met in a couple days, but so we just wanted to do a real short quick two-minute video just to say hey, and just to thank you guys for all of the support that you have given us, it's really been amazing how much support we've gotten from the community, bounty participants, you know out on Twitter, reddit, you know just all over the place promoting Neblio, it's really just been awesome the things that you guys are doing.
00:33 Yeah we're five days in and we got over 500 followers on Twitter, 65 Bitcoin raised and over 110 percent, so thank you guys so very much.
00:42 And we are uploading this video to YouTube, so if you're watching this for the first time and you're not aware of Neblio, we are building a blockchain platform for enterprise customers.
00:53 I'm the lead developer, Ann here is handling all the business side of things, operations, sales, go to market all that stuff, and it is a platform for enterprise customers to build distributed applications on the net, on a blockchain network, through a set of intuitive and easy-to-use api's for all of the popular programming languages today.
01:18 So that's what we're building, we do currently have a token sale that's ongoing, we're about five days in at this point and there's about nine days left.
01:25 So if you're interested, you can find us at, yep.
01:30 Yeah follow us on Twitter, check us out on Bitcoin talk, anywhere else any other questions, let us know feel free to reach out with that, slack, telegram, all of that for reach out, we'd love to answer your questions, thanks guys, bye.

Why I Think Neblio (NEBL) Will Have A Market Cap Of $1B+ Within A Year!

00:00 Hello cryptonians, crypto trader here, today I'm gonna do another video about Neblio.
00:02 If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that I love Neblio.
00:09 Neblio is one of my favorite cryptocurrency that I own, and today I'm gonna talk about why I think it is such a great coin and why I think that within a year the market cap of Neblio is gonna be over 1 billion dollars, yes you heard it right, the title of this video is not a mistake, it's 1 billion dollars, right now the market cap is 21 million dollars, I think it's gonna be over a billion within a year and I'll explain why.
00:44 And of course this is only my opinion, so don't rush into anything and then say hey, you said it's gonna be a billion dollars and now it's not.
00:52 I personally think it will be and let me explain why.
00:57 The reason I'm actually doing this video because the other day I notice in one of the comments, one of of my older videos in Neblio, someone mentioned there that I predicted in the videos that it did it during the ico, that within a few months from the ICO, Neblio is was gonna be worth like 3 bucks, which means like a market cap of over 30 million dollars.
01:24 When in the ICO, the price was about 20 cents.
01:28 And it actually happened about a month and a half after the ICO ended, ok last week October 6th, Neblio scratched the $3.00 mark, that was a 287 was actually 290 something at some point October 6th okay.
01:47 So a month and a half after the ICO ended, Neblio was already at $3 with a market cap of 38 almost 35 million dollars, okay over 35 million dollars.
02:01 Now why do I think this is such a success, let's start out with one thing first.
02:07 Our Y since ICO one of my favorite websites, icostats.
02:12 Right now, Neblio is at $1.74 and if we check out the calculator, and you do 1.74 divided by 0.2, which was the price in the ico, you already see an eight hundred seventy percent ROI, which is unbelievable.
02:37 Let's look at the $3.00, let's say when it was $3, divided by 0.2, it was fifteen hundred percent ROI.
02:44 Now if you look over here, ROI since ico, the top over here, you see Ethereum, NXT, IOTA, Neo, spectrecoin, Startis, etc.
02:56 You scroll down a little bit, maybe number 20, 25, you see about 15 hundred percent ROI.
03:06 Now the only thing is all these ICO were conducted in their last year or a few months ago, none of them were done just less than two months ago.
03:19 Okay so Neblio should be here, it should be right around here or maybe a little less not because i went down a little bit.
03:29 But you see none of these ICOs occurred in the past two months, they all more than two months old, some of them are from last year, some of them are for two years ago, I mean there are some from 2000, 2014.
03:41 Okay so this is already unbelievable, the performance of Neblio up until now was just out of this world but as I said before, I predicted it.
03:55 Why do I think this is such a good coin?
03:57 Ok, let's start with the basics.
03:57 The basics are that you see that in core that ROI since ICO, you see that the top coins over here, that had the craziest ROI are all platforms or most of them are platforms.
04:14 Ethereum is a platform, IOTA is a platform, Neo was a platform, Stratis is a platform, Ark, Lisk, the list goes on, platforms are just performing really really really well in the crypto world for a very simple reason, platforms are the bread and butter of the crypto world.
04:36 There's a huge demand for blockchain technology, a lot of companies are converting to blockchain technology, they are launching their ICOs, they're all developing things in the blockchain, and these platforms are giving them this opportunity, so they're all flocking to these platforms and the more they use these platform, the more the value of the crypto goes up.
05:01 So Ethereum, Iota, Neo, they're all very very successful and of course strategist and list are all very successful because they allow other companies that develop on their platform, and this is exactly what Neblio is doing.
05:14 However, Neblio has a huge potential because Neblio didn't get to this ROI yet, because it was just launched, and Neblio is gonna be a lot better than most of them if not all of them because they're developing their API is to connect to the blockchain with eight different programming languages as opposed to one or two and all the other platforms.
05:41 So this is a game changer in the industry.
05:43 Like right now, there's no place for like any developer to just go and develop whatever they want in a blockchain with eight different programming languages, there's no such thing.
05:57 Right now, Neblio is that thing and it's gonna happen in near future so you better get ready for it.
06:05 Now not only that they're developing in eight different languages, the roadmap was actually, when I originally looked at the roadmap I remember and ICO, I looked at the roadmap and I thought to myself, wow this is a little too ambitious, I mean everything here he sees very very close together, not even spaced out, like you have a few things in each quarter.
06:31 For example you see first half of q3, Neblio publicly announced and second half of q3, then you see first half of q4, second half of q4, every month or month and a half there's something in the roadmap, and these are like some of the things that are not just like small things, these are like big things.
06:51 And this over here, see the first half of q4 2017, electrum light wallets along with official Android and iOS apps, well this is pretty much done already, all right.
07:05 Electrum light wallets done, Android app done, you can see it over here, was already launched about a month ago, already has 28 reviews, positive reviews, 4.8 review in the App Store and Google Play Store, between 500 and a thousand installs, this is great.
07:22 IOS app, there was just an announcement made October 5th, which is about 8 days ago, proud to announce that we have successfully made the first transaction to and from an alpha version of the Neblio iOS wallet, running on the iOS simulator, so things are moving along pretty fast for a company that just finished their ICO less than two months ago.
07:52 Alright, so this is almost done, first half of q4.
07:56 We're gonna have this at second half of q4, but here's the real deal, this is over here q1 2018, which might even happen before q1 2018, is restful api for integrate, for interacting with the Neblio network, this is gonna be when the real magic is going to happen, because then developers are going to start playing with all these api’s, they're gonna start developing things and once they start developing things, well the price of the token is going to shoot up for a few reasons.
08:30 Reason number one, the token is what makes this whole blockchain work, because as you know, Neblio is a proof of stake, which means that when you have tokens in your wallet, you actually make money.
08:46 If you allow your wallet at the stake, you're gonna make money about ten percent a year in tokens.
08:50 Now what are you making money for, you're actually allowing your wallet to be one of the core of validators of anything that happens in the blockchain.
09:01 So here you see my wallet, obviously I covered my address so it will be hidden from the public, but you can see over here, that every few hours I get a few Neblio into my account and I don't have to do anything for it at all.
09:15 All I have to do is just leave my account open, leave my wallet open, alright.
09:23 So you see over here, mined, mined, mined, mined, mined, a few levels in every few hours, sometimes in a few minutes, and this is great.
09:33 Now as things will move forward, more and more people will download the wallet, more and more people will want to have tokens in their wallet so they can stake because you make ten percent based on how many tokens you have, if you don't have tokens you don't stake, more people will want to buy the token and the supply is limited, there's a very small limited supply in Neblio, it's about 13 million tokens, total supply.
10:02 So the more people want it, the higher the rate is going to be, the higher the price is going to be, and it's gonna shoot up once this starts happening over here, the API is okay.
10:12 Now look at this very interesting, Neblio today, started out pretty much horizontal over here, then had a nice little spike in the past in the last week, went up to almost $3.00, then it went down now it's around 174, people were start freaking out, they said it’s crashing, it’s not crashing, it’s people just taking some profit, you see it's still a lot higher than what it was before.
10:41 And if you over here, this is very interesting.
10:44 Startis, this is Stratis exactly a year ago or a little more than a year ago, their chart from August 12 2016 to September 16, 2016, and you see the very very similar charts.
10:58 Do you see the similarities over here, had a little spike over here, went down, profit-taking, still a little higher than what it was before, pretty much the same.
11:10 But look what happened with Stratis since September 16, 2016.
11:16 I'm just gonna start dragging this over here in corn market cap and let's let the magic happen over here in the chart.
11:24 Do you see this is where showed you before, when the price of the token was about three cents, then it went up to, November, it went up already to 11 cents, let's keep on this, pushing this, pulling here, let's do a little more, all right now you see things are starting to happen here.
11:50 And as you can see, okay, BAM, this is when it went crazy, the market cap was over a billion dollars June 5th 2017, the price was about 10 dollars and 85 cents, so just unbelievable okay.
12:13 Of course from then it wouldn't started going down, we're not going to talk about Stratis now, I just want to show you over here that these things happen okay.
12:20 From a market cap of seven million dollars, 7.5 million dollars, 2016, and went up to a market cap of 1 over 1 billion dollars less than a year after that, ok.
12:36 Now why do I think this is gonna happen with Neblio?
12:40 Oh well I told you a few reasons, more programming languages, roadmap is being developed like that, the roadmap is being executed really really fast and soon it's gonna explode.
12:48 Now not only that, but the crypto world in general is growing and that will help, that will contribute to the market cap of Neblio as well.
13:00 Because a year ago, Bitcoin was very low, the crypto world was a lot smaller than it is today.
13:06 Today the crypto world as you can see over here is, as a market cap of 163 billion dollars, which is insane all right.
13:18 This is gonna continue to grow, all these ICOs that come in and that's something we need to understand, all the ICOs that come in are making this market cap grow dramatically, and the market cap of the entire crypto world could easily, easily be closed two trillion dollars within a year.
13:40 It's not gonna be a big surprise if that happens, and if not even if not it's gonna at least be a few hundred billion dollars and that contribute to pretty much all the other crypto is out there.
13:54 So I'm not saying that Neblio is gonna be over a billion and everybody else is gonna crash, I mean it Stratis could be three billion, what I'm saying Neblio are right now because it is is just the beginning and it has a pretty low market cap at the moment of 21 million.
14:08 The return on your investment would be huge if it becomes over a million, over a billion dollars, and it could easily happen in a next year, within this year, okay.
14:23 So let me know what you think about Neblio?
14:29 You know Neville has a very active slack community, I'm gonna put a link below if you want to join there so have a very nice telegram, I mean I'm in there and I that's where I get all my updates from right, now very good community.
14:44 If you have any questions, you can ask over there, that people will help you, will answer you.
14:48 And let me know what you think in the comments below, where do you think Neblio is gonna be in terms of market cap in a year from now.
14:55 Okay if you like this video give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel if you're not already subscribe and I will see you in the next video till next time, this was a crypto trader, bye-bye.


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