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Truth & Facts[edit]

  • Bitcoin wallet.[1]
  • Semi-open source.[1]
  • Slogan: ad-hoc economy.
  • Code is open to everyone for review but no modification and redistribution.[1]
  • Does not support multisig accounts.[1]
  • Feature: can also be used as a local trading platform for exchanging and trading Bitcoins locally.[1]
  • Only available on iOS and Android for now.[1]
  • Send and receive Bitcoins with your mobile phone.[2]
  • Full control over your private keys. (Unelss you export them)[2]
  • No block chain download is required.[2]
  • Using own super nodes for super fast connection to the Bitcoin network.[2]
  • Compatible with other bitcoin services through "bitcoin:" uri handling[2]
  • Mycelium API is coming soon.[3]
  • More DAPPs. New initiatives such as colored coins and new PoS blockchains will open new opportunities. [3]

Video Playlist[edit]


  • Top 10 Bitcoin Wallets 2017.[1]


  • What is Mycelium?
Mycelium is a cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) wallet.