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Truth and facts[edit]

  • MonaCoin is the first Japanese cryptocurrency, which is a fork from Litecoin on 1 Jan 2014, using Proof-of-work consensus mechanism and Scrypt hashing algorithm.
  • MonaCoin is the first coin to introduce segwit, before Litecoin and Bitcoin.
  • Users can use MonaCoin to buy stuffs at Monappy online marketplace.
  • Japanese Yen can be used to buy MonaCoin directly through Zaif ATM in Japan as well.


  • Slogan: The first Japanese Cryptocurrency.
  • MonaCoin (MONA) is based in Japan.


  • The official ticker symbol for MonaCoin: MONA
  • Total supply: 105,120,000 MONA
  • Circulating Supply: 57,458,400 MONA

Video Playlist[edit]

MonaCoin - Japan's Kitty Crypto

00:00 Hey guys, how's going, it's Crypto Lark here.
00:00 Today, we're gonna be talking about Mona coin.
00:04 This is a cat meme turned four hundred million dollar plus cryptocurrency, very interesting project, we're in finding out just what the heck Mona coin is after a quick shout out to everyone who has been hitting that like button.
00:18 And of course everybody who has been subscribing to the channel if you're not subscribed to the channel yet hit the button just down below to stay up to date with all the latest in the crypto space.
00:26 Furthermore this is not professional financial advice guys, this is a dude talking about crypto currencies on the Internet, let's check it out.
00:36 MonaCoin has been around since 2014, actually a fork off of Litecoin, it carries a lot of interesting features along with it.
00:45 One and a half minute block time, total number of coins, a hundred and five million, one hundred twenty thousand, they are about halfway through the mining process, difficult re-targets every block, it's not pre mined, which is of course great there are a lot of coins out there that do have that stigma attached to them.
01:08 The algorithm is Lyra2RE(v2), same stuff that Litecoin is using of course.
01:16 Very interesting fact about MonaCoin, it was the first coin to implement segwit even before bitcoin and litecoin did, very interesting they've been ahead of the game when it comes down to that.
01:30 Still has not implemented lightning network and to my knowledge, there have been no atomic swaps between Mona coin and other coins yet, although it certainly seems as though that would be capable to do between Litecoin, bitcoin and MonaCoin.
01:47 So certainly a lot of potential here.
01:51 These segwit coins have been doing very very well in the market recently and obviously Mona coin has been no exception to that.
01:58 Now, the one thing I find very interesting is the community support from MonaCoin in Japan, and that is really the most promising and at the same time potentially difficult thing for MonaCoin.
02:19 It doesn't really have a lot of support outside of Japan, it's like Japan's national cryptocurrency.
02:24 Obviously, Japan leads the market as far as crypto currencies in general, biggest Bitcoin market currently in Japan, but MonaCoin is Japanese made, Japanese used.
02:39 At the same time, if they ever lose interest in MonaCoin or MonaCoin is done because doesn't have a lot of international support yet, anyway it might get that at some point.
02:49 But currently it doesn't have that and that is perhaps a real weak point for MonaCoin is that if Japanese stopped using it you're done, you're done MonaCoin.
02:58 Now MonaCoin has been working on getting some hardware support, they have been working on trezor recently, nothing confirmed yet, so we'll have to see how that pans out in the future.
03:11 Very interesting in Japan, you can get Moana coin and Bitcoin from Zaif smart ATMs, that's pretty interesting.
03:24 You can buy it with your Visa or MasterCard at an ATM just like you buy a Bitcoin.
03:29 That of course really leads to a lot of mainstream adoption for MonaCoin inside of Japan.
03:36 Interestingly as well, you come here and check out the markets, seventy seven point seven percent of the volume is happening over on Zaif exchange, of course that Japanese exchange.
03:47 Mona to Japanese yen, massive advantage for this.
03:52 You can buy it straight up with Japanese yen, you don't have to buy Bitcoin to buy MonaCoin, you can just buy it with yen.
03:59 Real advantage here for Moana coin that they do have these yen markets open for it, that's really interesting.
04:08 Of course, there's a bit of exchange going on over on Bittrex as well, but it's very interesting.
04:14 You just grab it an ATM or grab it paying yen online.
04:17 Now Mona also has this here, Monappy, this is an online marketplace we can buy or sell things in MonaCoin.
04:29 Now I could have translated this page, I think I thought would be a little more fun actually, to come over here and uh speculate, what are they trying to sell, is this art here 0.97 mona coin for shining shrine, whatever that may be.
04:41 This parsley down here is one point two mona coin, fantastic.
04:43 Bridge attack, point four four mona coin, very interesting.
04:48 Almost thirty mona coin for whatever this is, fascinating.
04:53 That just shows you though, people are using it.
04:56 There are market places, people are buying and selling things using mona coin, that is very interesting, there's also a social network where you can tip people in MonaCoin attached to monappy, so that is really interesting it shows people are using it and that is what you have to have for a currency.
05:16 If people don't use your currency it doesn't matter.
05:18 People are using MonaCoin in Japan.
05:20 You can go and check this out as well, there is a maid cafe where the Japanese girls dress up like french maids and you can pay MonaCoin there, that is very interesting, this is their announcement saying come use your Mona coin in our cafe, very interesting.
05:34 This guy here, bought a property with Mona coin, interesting.
05:41 Now of course we've seen a lot of Bitcoin transactions for property recently, but you can buy properties in Japan using Mona coin, not a bad deal at all.
05:52 Ark electronic store, a Japanese electronic store accepts Mona coin as payment for your electronic goods.
05:58 And here is an advertisement outside the Ark shop actually, advertising Mona coin, interesting, interesting.
06:09 Again we are really seeing a lot of push to get Monaco and adopted as a digital currency inside of Japan, it's really interesting.
06:16 Will it succeed long term? as long as people keep using it, it's got a really good potential in front of it.
06:26 As mentioned, half those coins have been mined already and we've seen this real crazy run-up in price action only a few months ago, Mona coin went from about 50 cents right up to about five or six bucks and it's been chilling out ever since then and now it's having a bit of rap again.
06:47 So it's it's really proving itself to be a popular coin and it does have that staying power and so long as the world's biggest cryptocurrency market, Japan, keeps using Mona coin, it's got an interesting future out of it.
07:00 You can get in there and mine it if you want to mine, it, it is being traded over on upbit in Korea as well, so the Koreans are starting to get into Mona coin also.
07:09 Korean Won to Mona coin pairings, very interesting stuff.
07:16 These segwit coins have been doing so well recently.
07:18 I'll be really interested to see if Mona coin can maintain its position in the top 50.
07:23 Anyway, guys let me know what you think about Mona coin in the comment section down below.
07:32 Long live blockchain and peace out till next time guys.


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Technical details[edit]

  • Algorithm: Lyra2RE(v2)
  • Block time: 1.5 minutes
  • Block reward: 25 MONA
  • 105,120,000 total coins
  • Subsidy halves every 1051k blocks (~3 years)
  • Difficulty re-target: every block (Dark Gravity Wave v3)
  • not premined


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