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The complete list of all mobile games by ALLFUZ, including iOS games on App Store and Android games on Google Play.

List of all iOS games[edit]

Game Name Release Date Price Genres Download Size Age In-App Purchase Subtitle Official links and available languages
乃木坂46公式 乃木恋~坂道の下で、あの日僕は恋をした~ - ALLFUZ.jpg 乃木坂46公式 乃木恋~坂道の下で、あの日僕は恋をした~ 11 Apr 2016 無料 ゲーム, シミュレーション, ロールプレイング, エンターテインメント 72.59 MB 4+ No 乃木坂46公式 乃木恋~坂道の下で、あの日僕は恋をした~ by ALLFUZ iOS app download (iphone):
  • EN

List of all Android games[edit]

Game Name Price Genre Content Rating Ads In-App Purchases Official links and description
乃木坂46公式 乃木恋~坂道の下で、あの日僕は恋をした~ - ALLFUZ.jpg 乃木坂46公式 乃木恋~坂道の下で、あの日僕は恋をした~ Free Simulation 3+ No Yes Android app download: Official site (website): Support email address:
  • ⊿ Nogizaka love at 46 and seriously Sumahogemu ⊿

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  • Seller name on App Store: ALLFUZ, K.K.
  • Seller name on Google Play: ALLFUZ.K.K/10ANTZ Inc.


  • Address: Shibuya-ku 3-16-3 Higashi 7F Efu Nissei Ebisu Bldg. Shibuya-ku Japan Tokyo Tokyo 107-0061


  • Some of the games by ALLFUZ for iOS and Android might not be available in your country.
  • Official list of ALLFUZ mobile games on App Store and Google Play varies with your country.

Wiki notes

  • This mobile games by ALLFUZ wiki list is to include all iOS games for iPhone and iPad available on App Store, and Android mobile games by ALLFUZ.K.K/10ANTZ Inc. available on Google Play, covering all countries.
  • Each game listed above is unique with its unique app id.
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