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The complete list of all mobile games by 18Light Game, including iOS games on App Store and Android games on Google Play.

List of all iOS games[edit]

Game Name Release Date Price Genres Download Size Age In-App Purchase Subtitle Official links and available languages
Behind The Screen - 18Light Game.jpg Behind The Screen 4 Apr 2018 $2.99 Games, Role Playing, Entertainment, Adventure 606.29 MB 12+ No Everyone is a Judge! iOS app download (iphone): Contact support (number, email):
  • EN, ZH, ZH

List of all Android games[edit]

  • Not available. You can help by adding Android games by 18Light Game found on Google Play to this list.

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  • Seller name on App Store: 18Light Game Ltd.


  • Some of the games by 18Light Game for iOS and Android might not be available in your country.
  • Official list of 18Light Game mobile games on App Store and Google Play varies with your country.

Wiki notes

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  • Each game listed above is unique with its unique app id.
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