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Official site (website): https://bitflyer.jp/en/miyabi

Truth and facts[edit]

  • Miyabi is the next generation blockchain-type database.[1]
  • Miyabi is researched and developed by bitFlyer, which is the number one Bitcoin trading platform with highest trade volume in Japan.
  • Miyabi is able to process 1,500 to 2,000 and up to 4000+ transactions per second. Bitcoin can only process 2 transactions per second and Ethereum can only process 7 transactions per second. Other leading competitors can only process up to 1000 transactions per second.[1]
  • Features of miyabi: [1]
  1. Immutability
  2. Finality
  3. Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT)
  4. Single Point of Failure
  5. Smart Contract
  6. Disaster countermeasures (High Availability)
  7. Performance (Throughput)
  8. Latency
  • Miyabi solves the major problem of blockchain model, PoW (Proof of Work) or PoS (Proof of Stake) in Bitcoin. Miyabi is able to guarantee finality using a unique consensus algorithm, which can't be trusted in Bitcoin blockchain due to block divergence or so called "isolated blocks" resulting from processes like 'hard fork'.[1]


  • Miyabi is the world’s fastest blockchain technology.[1]

Video Playlist[edit]

Next-generation blockchain:miyabi

00:00 The Revolution started here.
00:02 Blockchains, the core technology of Bitcoin, are superior in their fault tolerance and tamper resistance.
00:16 They are Byzantine fault tolerant, superseding the typical distributed ledger.
00:22 In an instant, the technology spread worldwide, gaining ardent fans and continues to evolve today.
00:29 Then in 2016, we at bitFlyer developed a new blockchain technology - Miyabi, a product to surpass all that had come before it.
00:50 It's a new kind of database where each node communicates with the others in optimal form.
00:58 If the node behaves dishonestly, honest nodes make the correct determination to keep the system online, and blocks continue to be created.
01:12 This is Miyabi.
01:12 The unique high-speed consensus algorithm developed by bitFlyer, with a range of optimization, that has achieved the world's fastest speeds at over 1,500 transactions per second.
01:30 It's scalability and security allows you to flexibly create contract and transaction data.
01:40 And it's cryptographic technology prevents tampering and keeps data safe.
01:46 It ensures the integrity of digital transactions.
01:50 This database, with the proprietary consensus algorithm, will push the boundary with what is possible.
02:00 Next-generation blockchain, a new form of database is changing the future.

Frequently asked questions[edit]

  • What is miyabi?
Miyabi is the generation blockchain-type database.