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Title Info
English name Mingchi Forest Recreation Area
Chinese name 明池森林游乐区
Geographic location Yilan Datong Township
Climate type Tropical and subtropical climate
Altitude 1150~1700 meters

Mingchi Forest Recreation Area[edit]

  • The Mingchi Forest Recreation Area is located in Datong Township, Yilan. It is about 1150~1700 meters above sea level. It is the highest point of the north cross. It is also the watershed of Gaoganxi and Tunxi. There are youth activity centers, nurseries and forest trails. facility.


  • Mingchi is also known as the pool end. It is a large and quiet marsh pond. Due to the environment of the ground pool, it forms a closed space. It is cold and humid, and the clouds are foggy all the time. There is almost no sunshine, just like a dreamland.
  • The Mingchi Forest Recreation Area is an ideal country for Xianju. The famous designers design the landscape gardens; the small bridges and the pavilions. The Mingchi Lake is a mountain lake. Due to the surrounding mountains, the clouds are common. This species is dominated by artificial willows and original eucalyptus forests. There are facilities such as lake walks and pavilions.
  • The original ecology of the Mingchi Forest Recreation Area is abundant. In addition to the rich forest landscape, the frequent shuttle birds, butterflies, squirrels, lynxes, mallards and other animals in the forest, and the wilderness of the mountains in the early summer season Ming, a natural movement that fascinates visitors.
  • The poolside garden is the focus of the tour. It is divided into Ciyuan, Jingshiyuan and Tibetan Garden. Ci Garden used to be the president of Chiang Ching-kuo, and Ci Ting-ting is the highest point. It is the best place to see the beautiful pool.
  • The Water Pit Cave is a cypress cave. It is worth exploring. There are two wooden plank roads in the park. It is a fairy tale garden by the pool. It is a forest maze constructed by the story of Snow White. It is not designed to be useful.

Local cuisine[edit]

  • Eating is a way to understand Taiwan. There are 319 townships in Taiwan, and there are snacks everywhere. If you want to be full of appetite, you can taste all kinds of delicious food at each foot and smell the taste of Taiwan. Some of the more distinctive snacks are: Gao Tangyu, Jiufen Beef Noodles, Laotianlu, Keelung “Dingbian锉”, Changhua Meatball, Stinky Tofu, Coffin Plate, Flavored Meat Clams, etc. If you want to taste these foods, you can enjoy the following "Food Street".
  • Taiwan's famous food - freshwater
    The snacks at Keelung Miaokou are concentrated in Rensan Road and Aisi Road, extending into L-shape. The temple here was built in the 12th year of Tongzhi (AD 1873) and now has two or three hundred booths. Many people go to Keelung and want to taste the taste of Ding Bian, but they don't know how to call it, or where they can eat the authentic Ding Bian and stop.
  • Next to the Zhongshan Football Stadium on the National West Road, there is a Jiuquan Street that is often packed and even hard to find. Located at Yumen Street, about 100 meters from Jiuquan Street, you can see a bright and big signboard - Marlin Lu Meat Rice. Because of its low price and good quality, the business is booming. Here, Lu meat rice and chicken rice are the main ones. Lu meat rice is 15 yuan per bowl and chicken rice is 20 yuan per bowl. There are also a variety of fresh and delicious soups: sashimi soup, braised mushroom ribs soup, simmered golden needle ribs soup, bitter melon ribs soup, clam ribs soup, etc., let you have a good aftertaste.
  • There are many specialty snack bars in the countryside of Kaohsiung Meinong, which cook a variety of game. One of the famous dishes is “Mountain Meat” (the meat of the great mountain rat), which is famous for its food and drink.
  • A is a transliteration of the Japanese word "fried tofu", which is a famous freshwater product. A is to make the square tofu into a bag, fill in the previously fried fans, paste the opening with fish paste, steamed, and then topped with special sweet and spicy sauce, which is mouth-watering.
  • The snacks in Tainan City are not only varied, but also have a long history and have long enjoyed a good reputation in the province. Among them, the first to promote "duo Xiaodanzi noodles" and "Blackbridge sausages", these two snacks are deeply favored by diners in the local.
  • Taiwan is rich in various tropical and subtropical fruits. The street is full of fruit stalls, so eating fruits is also a great enjoyment for Taiwanese.

Place accommodation[edit]

  • Tourists coming to Taiwan do not have to worry about accommodation. Because there are star-rated hotels and ordinary hotels throughout Taiwan, there are also youth hostels for backpackers.
  • Far Eastern Hotel
  • Located in the eastern business district of Taipei, it is a five-star hotel overlooking Taipei. It is close to Taipei's largest shopping mall, "The Mall" and the Taipei World Convention and Exhibition Centre. First-class facilities and services are recognized as the best hotels in Taipei.
  • Evergreen Laurel Hotel Keelung
  • Located in the administrative center of Keelung City, the Evergreen Laurel Hotel is located right next to Keelung Port. The striking 19-story building is not only a new landmark in Keelung, but also a place where you can see the beauty of Keelung Port. Since its inception in 1998, it has become the most luxurious and the only international-class tourist hotel in Taiwan with an excellent sea view. In particular, the advantage of having a sea view and a harbor view makes the Keelung Evergreen Laurel Hotel have a special style that is not found elsewhere.
  • Changchun Hotel
  • Located in Zhongzheng Road, Magong City, Penghu County, it is located in the historic area. Shopping and shopping is very convenient, overlooking Penghu Bay, the Cross-sea Bridge and the Central Centennial Street. The essence of Wuhu is full of Changchun eyes. Beidu Hotel
  • Located next to the municipal government, it is a business hotel that is very popular among foreign business travelers in Keelung. The housing facilities are novel and the space is spacious and comfortable. The hotel is close to the city center and the traffic is very convenient.

Traffic Guide[edit]

  • ★ Drive by yourself:
  • 1. Walk 2 Provincial Highway (Binhai Highway) → Head City → Taiwan 9 Provincial Highway → Jiaoxi → Yilan → Taiwan 7 Provincial Highway → Yuanshan → Taiwan 7 Provincial Highway → Datong Township → Beiheng Highway → → can be reached
  • 2. Take the North Provincial Highway 9 Provincial Highway → Jiaoxi → Taiwan 9 Provincial Highway → Jiaoxi → Yilan → Taiwan 7 Provincial Highway → Yuanshan → Taiwan 7 Provincial Highway → Datong Township → Beiheng Highway → can be reached
  • 3. National Road No. 2: Under the Daxi Interchange on Taoyuan Road → Transfer to the North Cross Road → you can arrive.
  • 4. National Road No. 5: From National Highway No. 1 (Zhongshan High) to the stop system exchange road, turn to National Highway No. 5 (Beiyi Expressway) → Pass the Snow Mountain Tunnel to the Head City Interchange → Transfer to the Binhai Highway (No. 2 Provincial Road) ) → Go to Zhuangwei and turn to the 7th line → Via Yilan City, Yuanshan → Datong Township → Beiheng Road → you can reach the Mingchi Forest Recreation Area.
  • Scenic beauty
    5. National Road No. 5: From National Highway No. 3 (Second High) to Nangang System Interchange, turn to National Highway No. 5 (Beiyi Expressway) → Pass the Snow Mountain Tunnel to the Head City Interchange → Transfer to the Binhai Highway (No. 2 Provincial Road) ) → Go to Zhuangwei and turn to the 7th line → Via Yilan City, Yuanshan → Datong Township → Beiheng Road → you can reach the Mingchi Forest Recreation Area. There is no gas station on the 7th line, so it is recommended to fill up the oil and then go to the 7th line.

Local shopping[edit]


  • Taiwan is a beautiful and fertile treasure island of the motherland. It is surrounded by the sea and has abundant coral resources. It is known as the “coral kingdom”. In addition, there is a local oil paper umbrella, which inherits the characteristics of Guangdong Chaozhou Umbrella. It is not only practical, but also a good bamboo handicraft. Among them, the oil-paper umbrella of Kaohsiung's “Minong Guangrong” is the most representative.
  • Mino oil paper umbrella
    Oolong tea, marble and jade products are Taiwan's more famous specialty products. Especially oolong tea, the taste is strong, is a good customer. There are many varieties of oolong tea, and the price gap is quite large. It is best to have a local friend to accompany you.
  • Some other specialties in Taiwan include: Coral Shell Art, Taipei Shilin Famous Knife, Glassware, Yingge Town Art Pottery, Hsinchu Citrus, Pingtung Pineapple, Qishan Banana, Taitung Citronella Oil, Miaoli Great Lake Strawberry, Seafood Famous Salt crispy sea shrimp, torch chicken wings, angelica chicken, Chiayi Xingang, Taichung sun cake, Yilan Jinzao cake, Hsinchu rice noodles, etc.


  • · Hualien Stone Carving Due to the active crust plate of the city of Hualien, Taiwan, many beautiful stones have been created. All kinds of rocks are transported and honed by large and small streams, and piled up on the riverbed and on the coast, becoming a colorful stone.
  • Hualien stone carving
    After the stone is mined and processed, the large volume can be used as a building material and furniture to beautify the environment. The small size is suitable for playing in the hands; the rich stone has won the reputation of “the hometown of stone” for Hualien, and also creates a different urban landscape for Hualien.
  • The unique environment has attracted many stone carvings to settle here, and the space for various stone carvings in Hualien has become diversified. Art galleries, cultural centers, restaurants, hospitals and offices are also decorated with stone carvings. The railway station, streets and parks are also staged with large stone carvings and stone landscaping.
  • The "Hualien International Stone Carving Art Season" held every two years opens the international vision of Hualien Stone Carving. Nowadays, Hualien can be said to have been born from the "stone town" that was started in the early years by production, and it has become a "hometown of stone art" that wins with texture.
  • ·Wuhu Sibao
  • Aragonite, coral, sea tree, cat stone and called the four treasures of Penghu.
  • Aragonite is a unique ore unique to Lake Biwa, produced by chemical changes in a variety of minerals under special temperature and pressure. Longer than the basalt gap, the world's top stone is only produced in Penghu and Italy's Sicily. Although Sicily is an aragonite rich belt, its quality is not as good as that of Penghu. Wuhu Wenshi has a rich and varied beautiful pattern. Although it has been banned, it is still available in the Wenshi shop of Magong City.
  • Wuhu was once one of the four major coral producing areas in the world. The corals produced by the group are pink and have been stopped. However, there are still some earrings, necklaces, or small-scale coral tree decorations in the city. Can be purchased according to preferences. However, corals are fragile and afraid of acidity, and should avoid collision and contact with sweat.
  • The sea tree is also known as stone sail or black coral, coral, and has three colors: golden, black, and blush. Mostly, fishermen are salvaged from the sea when they are fishing. Because the hardness is worse than coral, the price is much lower. However, the sea tree is cold, has high refractoriness and long-lasting color, and is the best material for making pipes.
  • Cat shale is a kind of basalt, and the hard stone is covered with coarse holes in the sea. It is produced on the outlying islands of basalt, such as the barrel plate and Hujing, and is the best material for gardening. Like people, you can go to the island to find some.
  • Wuhu Sibao Coral
    ·Mino specialties
  • Minoan without chimneys, the craftsmanship is extremely famous, especially represented by oil-paper umbrellas. For the Hakkas, in addition to the role of rain, the umbrella is a symbol of good fortune: the umbrella is round and round, with a full meaning; and because of the "umbrella" there are four "people", symbolizing multiple children. Many grandchildren are therefore much loved by Hakka people. Mino's oil-paper umbrellas are exquisitely crafted, and Chinese paintings on the umbrellas are very beautiful. Even if people don't use oil-paper umbrellas, many people still consider them as works of art to acquire treasures. When purchasing a paper umbrella, in addition to the pattern on the umbrella surface, whether the switch is smooth or not is also an important item of choice. At present, there are many oil paper umbrella factories in Mino, among which the Guangrongxing Umbrella Factory on the bank of Zhongzheng Lake has the longest history and is also the most famous.
  • In recent years, Mino has created ceramic art creations. Among them, Mino kiln is famous for its unique ceramic wall creation, while Taozhi Town insists on the artistic creation route, giving all kinds of pottery unique features.
  • · Branch ice
  • It is a famous specialty of Qishan, which is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Huazhong Street. Founded in 1926, it is the oldest brand of ice shop in Taiwan. The branches of "Qiaozi Ice City" are smooth and slippery. The ice is fine and solid, and will not be broken by biting. There are branches in Tainan and Kaohsiung.
  • Branch ice
    The current Zhizi Ice City not only sells the branches of ice, but is also diversified. It also sells iced products such as sundae and banana boats, while common ice cream and ice cream also have red beans, taro, and peanut milk. There is also a rare cake ice, which is covered with steamed bread, peanut powder and parsley. The flavor is special and worth a try.
  • ·Okayama Sambo
  • Okayama Sambo refers to bean paste, honey and lamb snacks. Along the continuous road through the Okayama town area, the traces of the Okayama Sambo are everywhere.
  • Okayama Dou Sauce is famous for its reputation. There are also many brands on the market, especially the Mingde Company's Earth brand. Due to the selection of materials, adherence to the ancient method of brewing, and the persistence of the brewing process, the earth brand of bean paste is popular, not only from the original street vendors to food factories, but also famous overseas.
  • The Okayama honey producing area is in the mountainous area of Tianzhu Township and Xiaogangshan Mountain. Because the Dagang Mountain is rich in longan, the “longan honey” made by honey bee colony is of excellent quality. The flavor of pure honey is both sweet and sour. The color, concentration and honey taste are different in different periods, and the less the foam, the better. At present, Okayama Honey Shop is the most famous in the gold honey shop on Anzhao Road.
  • Because of the elasticity of the local lamb, the sweetness of the meat, and the craftsmanship of the store, it is famous for the goat meat. Okayama's mutton snacks are diverse, and Angelica mutton, mutton rice noodles, sesame oil mutton, and miso soup are popular. The Goat goat meat has the longest history and the best taste of Dechang lamb. The signature dish is Dagu Tang, Angelica Lamb and Mutton Rice Noodles. It is made from earth-produced fat and strong mutton mutton. It is made with 11 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines and various seasonings. It is delicious and nutritious.
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