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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Metaverse is designed to facilitate low-cost, convenient transfer of digitized personal data and assets with unprecedented security and privacy.
  • Metaverse is a leading public blockchain based in China.
  • Metaverse aims to revolutionize the way financial services and transactions are processed, and to improve outdated and inefficient identity verification services with a network of Digital Assets,​ Digital Identities, and Oracle​ Intermediaries.


  • Slogan: The New Reality
  • Metaverse token is called ETP.
  • Metaverse is an ambitious project of, a Chinese company focused on blockchain digital assets.
  • ICO started on 5 Aug 2016 and ended on 5 Sep 2016. The price for ETP during ICO is 6000 ETP per 1 bitcoin, around $0.30 per ETP.
  • Metaverse is based in Shanghai, China.


  • Eric Gu: Founder and CEO of Metaverse
  • Hao Chen: Co-founder and CEO
  • Janice Shi: The Head Of Global Development

Video Playlist[edit]

Eric Gu explains Metaverse

00:00 Blockchain technology actually enables two parties to transact with each other without any middle man.
00:12 You can transact peer-to-peer with your contractor, you purchase stuff directly from the seller.
00:17 No need to trust them, you only need to trust blocking technology.
00:24 Metaverse is an infrastructure layer of blockchain.
00:28 We enable the network layer and secure the layer of the blockchain technology.
00:35 So we are saying to our client, do what you do best and leave the blockchain technology part to us, we called it BaaS, blockchain as a service.
00:52 There are a lot of assets that can be digitized.
00:57 Assets like gold, stocks, bonds.
00:57 In a very near future, many of the assets will be digitalized and digital asset is the way to go, is the way to future.
01:12 But for us, a physical human being, we can use blockchain to create digital identity.
01:20 When you have digital identity and you use this digital identity to hold on to your digital assets, that is the future and future is coming.
01:32 We have a very important project called ZenGold.
01:35 ZenGold is a project that digitize gold.
01:38 And we have another project called ZenDao.
01:43 ZenDao is digitization of art and antiques.
01:47 So with these two projects, people will be able to use this as a model, digitization of standard assets like gold, silver, bond, stocks, or digitized non-standard assets like art, antiques, intellectual properties.
02:14 There are some projects created by other entrepreneurs.
02:18 For example, that one very good one we called ZenAir, it's a business travel projects and use Metaverse digital identity and digital asset to make their business blockchain ready.
02:39 Our team is currently located in the heart of financial district of Shanghai, but we are going global.
02:44 We now have to buy office and we have a Tokyo office and we are moving to Silicon Valley as well.
02:58 So Metaverse is going global, we will have projects in Tokyo.
03:03 Of course eastern European country has lots of potential as well.
03:10 So blockchain technology is everywhere and Metaverse is everywhere globally.
03:17 If you are business, you want to know what blockchain is and how we can help you, come find us.
03:26 If you are developer, come join us, find us on github.
03:35 And if your blockchain enthusiasts, enjoy our community.
03:41 Welcome to Metaverse, welcome to the new reality.

Eric Gu explains Metaverse

00:00 We are witnessing an exciting age of information.
00:09 Where people interact with each other at a scale never seen in human history.
00:14 Regardless of race, gender, cultural background or nationality.
00:19 Information, knowledge and ideas are exchange at the speed of light through the internet.
00:24 Industries and commerce have been expecting a technical breakthrough.
00:31 To transact money or value in the similar fashion.
00:36 Yet when trusting, humanity is inevitable in the equation, disappointment follows.
00:41 Blockchain, a new distributed ledger technology, redefines trust.
00:50 It makes it possible to transfer value at lightning speed through the internet.
00:58 Without third party intermediaries, between two trust less parties.
01:02 Human to human, human to machine, or machine to machine.
01:08 Transcending current limitations and revolutionizing the way we live today.
01:14 With blockchain technology, every human being, every organization, and even artificial intelligence will have their own digital identities.
01:20 All assets including art, music, and intellectual properties can be digitized and recorded into a blockchain ledger system.
01:28 We are entering exciting times.
01:43 We exchange more and more information.
01:47 Transact more and more values int he ever growing virtual internet world.
01:49 The division between physical and virtual world is getting closer day by day.
01:55 Utilizing the cutting edge of blockchain technology, Metaverse establishes the state of the art digital identity system (Avatar), Programmable digital asset (Smart Property), showcases infinite possibilities, transforms the human interaction, unlock the door between the physical and the virtual world.
02:07 Metaverse, welcome to the new reality.



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