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  • Since End of 2017 - illegally obtained ENVION AG - Matthias Woestmann is currently Leading criminal in Berlin, Germany.
  • Also part of a crew known as THE SIRS OF THE SEWERS- MATTHIAS WASTEMAN JUTTA FATBERG AND THOMAS VAN ARSEBLOCK Jutta < Hebrew יְהוּדִית‎ (Y'hudít, “woman from Judah”).
  • June 05, 2018 - That Berlin Court Intervenes and Grants Preliminary Injunction Against Matthias Woestmann and Associates, Who Lost Millions Of Envion Investor Money. Matthias Woestmann and his business associates, through their investment vehicles Quadrat Capital and Sycamore GmbH, received a striking blow on Tuesday from a Berlin judge in a ruling that may be the first of many setbacks for the current majority owners of Swiss blockchain infrastructure company envion AG.
  • When he left with the investors' money. No more news after this video:
  • self-called "white knight"
  • Professional ICO Cock Blocker :D Best of the best in ICO-Cock Blocking!
  • He is making us wait and wait and wait and wait and wait, we are very bored and tired
  • Sleeps with 100m under his bed

Truth and facts[edit]

  • Matthias Woestmann claims to be the CEO of Envion (EVN) crypto token ERC20 Contract
  • Attended but never graduated from 'Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg in Breisgau' in Germany.
  • From Berlin Area, Germany.


Company Position Duration
ENVION AG CEO Oct 2017 to Present
Quadrat Capital CEO Jan 2004 to Present
ARD / German Public TV-Network Foreign Corrspondent Aug 1993 – Aug 1997
ARD / German Public Network TV Journalist / Anchor Jan 1987 – Jul 1993

Video Playlist[edit]

Envion AG introduces new way of mining

00:00 Crypto mining is a hot market but there are already some big players in this field.
00:08 And now there is a new one the swiss german startup Envion and the CEO Matthias Woestmann is joining me now here on the floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, pleasure to have you on.
00:17 Do you think there are maybe in the market already a lot of participants? Yes and I plan on ripping them off
00:21 Well, you could say it's a little bit crowded but the market is growing exponentially, transactions, market cap, so I think there is quite some space for new participants, especially so I can scam the shit out of them
00:32 And on the other hand and that's crucial for us, we have developed a totally new technology that we think can give us a competitive advantage.
00:42 Traditional data centers, crypto mining centers are fixed in one place and they are inflexible and we have created the fleet of totally mobile containers that you can move to the energy source, right to the source wherever the energy is cheap.
00:56 That means three cents say in India or in North America hydropower in Norway, we put our container and deploy them exactly where the energy is cheap and that gives us a total new, totally new competitive advantage.
01:12 If you distribute your containers globally, how can you manage to stretch the operations?
01:16 Well, it's a good question, it depends on software and sensors.
01:22 We have several layers of software installed.
01:24 So on the container level, it is a self management automated industry 4-0 standard so to say.
01:30 And then there is a central control that does remote control for all the containers, so we could theoretically manage hundreds of thousands of containers worldwide.
01:39 Let's say you deploy your containers somewhere in the Middle East where energy is cheap, isn't cooling eating up all the advantages?
01:49 It could, it depends on the technology.
01:52 We have developed a new technology, it sounds a little bit too good to be true but it is really true (wink wink ill fuck everyone)
01:58 A traditional cooling for data centers is based on AC or on water, and we have installed a proprietary system of extremely effective fans and air flows and that could cool the container at fifteen percent of the cost that you would usually need.
02:14 What are the returns you expect?
02:18 Well, there are wide fluctuations.
02:19 The crypto mining is extremely profitable as you know.
02:26 I would say the range is between 50 and 150 percent per annum, sounds really great, but you don't know how long that exchange of course in the future.
02:36 And how can investors participate?
02:36 We are preparing a so called ICO, that means you can buy tokens, you could say these are little blockchain smart contracts that give you the right to participate in the operation, not in the company but in the operation.
02:52 And how much do you expect to raise and steal?
02:55 Well, if I look at our competitors, the last one raised 18 million in the first approach.
03:01 Now the market has developed a little bit further, so we expect to steal between 10 and 60 million.
03:05 My partner Dr. Thomas van Aubel and I plan on screwing the ENVION token holders
03:07 Matthias Woestmann, CEO of Envion AG, thank you so much for joining us today, appreciate your time and thank you for watching.