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Truth and facts[edit]

  • MARK.SPACE is a 3D and VR space with crypto economy inside: virtual reality, blockchain, smart contract, social networks, e-commerce.
  • MARK.SPACE is a 3D/VR open source platform for creation and integration of spaces and objects, exchange goods and services, powered by the blockchain technology.
  • MARK.SPACE is an eco-system which allows users from all over the world to communicate in a social and economic way, consume goods and services from other users on the platform, and create new contents in virtual interactive spaces.
  • MARK.SPACE provides innovational tools of communication and an opportunity to present businesses with 3D or 360 degrees camera content


  • MARK.SPACE avatars: your own virtual copy.
  • Based in Singapore.


  • Pre-ICO from 31 Oct 2017 to 28 Dec 2017.
  • ICO from 23 Jan 2018 to 28 Feb 2018.
  • Platform: Ethereum.


  • VR and AR stands for virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Headquarter address: Varshavskoe shosse, 1/2 414 Moscow, Moscow 117105 Russian Federation.

Video Playlist[edit]


00:00 MARK SPACE: Time dictates its rules, leaving the world we knew far behind.
00:03 When the internet was born, nobody imagined that it was going to achieve such scale.
00:19 When first online stores appeared, most businesses believe that e-commerce had no future.
00:24 In the beginning crypto currencies were thought of as having no future as well.
00:29 The eyes following a similar path.
00:31 Understanding this, Google oculus, Samsung, Facebook as well as others are investing billions in VR technology, which is going to become the new standard of the Internet.
00:41 Based on IDC predictions, ARVR revenue is going to jump from 11.4 billion in 2017 to 215 billion in 2021.
00:49 Introducing mark space, first complete crypto economic ecosystem with VR capabilities, limited only by your imagination.
01:03 This is not a game, this is VR used for real business, by real people.
01:07 We wanted everything to resemble real life, so we divided our space into thematic districts.
01:14 Mark space is going to have p2p architecture that is fully decentralized, where you could use a scripting language which allows to create any object with any functionality, for any purpose.
01:26 Would you like to be a part of it?
01:30 Join our ICO and create your own future.


  • List of team members in MARK.SPACE.
List of team members
Name Position Details
Yana Kontorovich CEO, Founder PhD in Economic Sciences. Businesswoman, Investor.
Evgeni Malkin Co-founder
Denis Polulyakhov Managing Partner IT-entrepreneur with 12 years of experience.
Vladislav Utushkin Advertiser, Marketer, Analyst, Consultant
Oleg Ershov Managing Partner, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Organizer of public events
Vladimir Shliapin CTO Inventor, IT-developer (25 years), MSc in Mathematics
Alexander Shtankovsky Head of Developers IT-developer (27 years), MSc in Mathematics
Kentaro Harada Ambassador in Japan
Dmitry Shamov Official representative in Japan
Melissa Yoon Pei Lin Community leader in Asian region
Dmitry Machikhin Head of Legal Dept.
Siruz Faramarz Head of VR & 3D Department
Roman Zhuravlev Head of network engineering
Pavel Tretyakov Director of eCommerce
Ekaterina Yukhtanova Head of Designers
Julia Stafford Head of digital adverstising
Victor Skrynnikov Website creator. Lead Ux/Ui Designer
Dmitry Didenko Executive Producer
Alexandra Golovina Communications Expert, Content Creator. PhD in Sociology
Andrei Kalashnikov Communications Manager, Translator
Boris Baranov Editor, Localization, Community Manager
Darya Kolessova Asian Region Community Manager
Andrey Sinyakov Asian Region Community Manager (China)
Joji Natsui Asian Region Community Manager (Japan), SMM Manager
Yaroslav Karpov Asian Region Community Manager, Translator (Japan)
Alexander Melikhov Interface designer
Daria Churilova Designer and creator of avatars
Boris Lazarev Front-end developer
Elena Andreeva Database, Content manager
Ekaterina Soloveva Senior lawyer
Maria Moscateli European region community manager - Italy
David Gutierrez Latin America region and Spain community manager
Ilya Khokhryakov Professional photographer of 3D panoramas
Maria Ermakova Designer
Olga Sorokodumova b2b Partnerships manager
Anton Bugaev CRM-manager





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