Lukki Operating Token (LOT)

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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Lukki Operating Token (LOT) token is designed especially for Lukki ecosystem and its related products.
  • This utility token is used to reduce transactions fees and get special bonuses. LOT allows taking part in loyalty programs.
  • Currently, part of the tokens was distributed among private investors and reserved for operational needs. The LOT tokens distributed during the whole period of the platform operation and are used inside the ecosystem.


  • Name: Lukki Operating Token
  • Ticker: LOT
  • Maximum supply: 2,000,000,000 LOT


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Token Distribution[edit]

Token distribution plan:

  • Seed investors: 40 000 000 LOT
  • Team: 150 000 000 LOT
  • Marketing x Strategic partners: 200 000 000 LOT
  • Further distribution: 1 410 000 000 LOT
  • Foundation: 200 000 000 LOT.
  • Token address: 0x6556d2ec4d96da39cf75cbe50d58fae90079800a