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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy, sell and margin trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH).
  • You can only deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum into your Kraken account at Tier 1. To deposit centralized currency, you need to get to Tier 2.


  • Slogan: Sail the high seas of success.
  • Kraken is based in San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • Kraken is founded in year 2011.


  • Kraken is available in English and Japanese.

Kraken Mobile App[edit]

Video Playlist[edit]

Intro to cryptocurrency trading with the Kraken exchange

00:00 Hey guys, today's tutorial is over Kraken, and getting you started with cryptocurrency trading.
00:04 This is the initial login screen after you've signed up with your email address.
00:09 And in order to begin trading, you are going to need to get verified to tier 1 verification.
00:16 And in order to do that, we're going to need to click on the get verified button, right there.
00:22 And the level of verification that you're going to want to get eventually is really going to depend on how active you plan on being with trading.
00:32 But for now we're just going to go over the tier 1.
00:35 We need to put our full name, date of birth, country, phone number.
00:41 And once we do that, we are going to be able to deposit cryptocurrency.
00:47 So if you have purchased some Bitcoin or some Ethereum off of coinbase or you know you had a buddy give it to you, you can now once you verify this information, you can begin to deposit cryptocurrency and you can trade.
01:04 You cannot yet deposit cash, you can't put money in from your bank account yet until you get verified to tier 2.
01:12 But for this, for this video we're just going to go tier 1 verification.
01:18 So once we verify our information by filling this out, fill this out get verified.
01:26 After we've done that, then we will again be able to deposit cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
01:38 And once we have done verified, we will go over to funding, fundings right here.
01:48 Ok now that we have been verified for the tier one, we verified ourselves for tier one, we can now go over here to the left and deposit some cryptocurrency.
02:06 Again, tier 1 does not allow us to deposit USD or any of these you know, centralized currencies, this country currencies, we can only do cryptocurrency.
02:17 So most of you probably have started with Bitcoin or Ethereum.
02:19 We can click over here and this will bring us to our deposit address.
02:25 The address to which we will send our money from our other wallet to get it on to Kraken so we can begin trading.
02:35 So let's click here on the bitcoin deposit and we've got this information over here.
02:42 And down here at the bottom we're going to have deposit address, this deposit address is what is going to be our receiving address for our Kraken account.
02:57 So we can send use this address right here, and use that to send our Bitcoin to that address, this is our deposit address.
03:09 Also if you'd like you can click over here on QR code and this brings up this QR code.
03:15 So if you're using your phone you can actually just scan that that QR code and send it to that, that address right there.
03:21 So again the one of these addresses, you can generate new addresses, it makes you safer.
03:29 But this is the address, this is where you would be sending, this is your own address at Kraken.
03:37 So send your money here and you can use the QR code here to send your your first bitcoins to get them on to Kraken, to begin trading for other crypto currencies or to begin trading for USD, to buy and sell very quickly.
03:56 So let's say we want to, so let's say that we want to instead of going between a Ethereum and Bitcoin or Ethereum and USD, we just want to go Bitcoin to USD.
04:15 We want to sell some of our bitcoins that we had deposited earlier.
04:18 So if we wanted to sell, new order, so trade new order, intermediate, you can go simple but I think it intermediate is good.
04:29 So let's go Bitcoin to USD, and we're going to go sell.
04:43 We want to sell it, red means sell.
04:43 So let's say we deposited one full Bitcoin.
04:49 So if I were to sell it to the highest bidder right now on Kraken, it would sell for 902 dollars USD.
04:56 So this would give me a USD into my Kraken account, if I wanted to begin to try to buy the other cryptocurrencies, if i didn't want to go through the currency pairs like trading Bitcoin for Ethereum because it can get a little confusing for some people.
05:13 We just want to get good old USD.
05:17 So we can sell you know or half our Bitcoin if we deposited a full Bitcoin, we want deposit half a Bitcoin, and we're selling for the market whatever the highest bid is right now, and we're going to get four hundred fifty one dollars.
05:32 Again let's say, we see that the high for today was nine hundred and twenty dollars for a Bitcoin and the low was eight hundred and thirty dollars for a Bitcoin.
05:45 And I'm hoping that the price is going to go up.
05:49 It see we have the high for nine twenty, we're currently at 902, but let's say, I don't think it's worth it to sell my Bitcoin, unless we make some money.
05:59 Let's say up at nine hundred and fifty dollars.
06:02 So we can go instead of market, we can click on limit, and we're going to sell it at nine hundred and fifty dollars per Bitcoin.
06:11 So if we sold the half our Bitcoin at a limit of nine hundred and fifty dollars, we will receive four hundred and seventy five dollars, for the half of the Bitcoin that we had sold.
06:27 So it will just wait, so if I click on this cell for USD, then it will wait until the value or until somebody's willing to pay nine hundred and fifty dollars per Bitcoin before we sell that half.
06:42 So it will just sit there under orders.
06:45 You can check and see if your order has been filled yet or not.
06:54 So again, trade new order, intermediate, and we're going to sell, we can click buy or sell, we're going to sell 0.5 bitcoins, so half a Bitcoin for, at when it reaches nine hundred and fifty dollars per Bitcoin.
07:15 So we're waiting until it gets higher than it currently is.
07:18 So it's saying right now the last trade was for 905, we're not going to do our trade until it hits nine hundred and fifty dollars per Bitcoin.
07:25 Limit four hundred and seventy, $475 per a Bitcoin.
07:28 But this is four hundred seventy five dollars, what we would receive for half of our Bitcoin.
07:36 We can click sell for USD and that will initiate that.
07:42 This over here, this leverage, you won't be able to get access to that until you have you know verified higher levels, but for now we can just completely ignore this.
07:54 This is the set standard is all perfectly fine, we leave that alone, we just pay attention to this until we get a little bit more advanced and we can start tinkering with that.
08:04 Thanks for watching, be sure to check back for the next video, I'll go over a little bit more advanced stuff in Kraken, and I might potentially do some videos on some of the other exchanges to give them a little bit of love too.
08:18 Let me know if you guys have any other questions, specific things you want to know about and I try to get that done in the next video.
08:25 Be sure to like, subscribe, share, let me know what your your thoughts are on the video and any other potential ways I can help you guys out, let me know, thanks, bye.

Kraken Exchange & Fees[edit]

Kraken Fees[edit]

Kraken Fee Schedule:

Maker Taker Volume
0.16% 0.26% < 50,000
0.14% 0.24% < 100,000
0.12% 0.22% < 250,000
0.10% 0.20% < 500,000
0.08% 0.18% < 1,000,000
0.06% 0.16% < 2,500,000
0.04% 0.14% < 5,000,000
0.02% 0.12% < 10,000,000
0.00% 0.10% > 10,000,000
  • (ended on January 2018) 0% for all taker fee and maker fee

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Alexa Ranking[edit]

  • 2,105 (Global)
  • 1,556 (U.S.)
  • updated on Dec 13, 2017

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List Wiki: Kraken Official site (website): iOS app download (iphone): CoinMarketCap (coin market cap): Official Twitter account: Official Twitter account: Official LinkedIn account: Official Facebook account (fb): Reddit: Contact support (number, email): Github: Github: Official blog (news): Official site (website): Fees:

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