Jujube Cake

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Title Info
English name Jujube Cake
Chinese name 枣饼
Foreign name Jujube cake
Main ingredients Leaven, soda, jujube
Taste Sweet

Jujube cake[edit]

  • Jujube cake is a dish with yeast noodles, alkali and jujube as the main material, and the taste is sweet.
  • Ingredients: 500 grams of yeast noodles, the amount of food, 180 grams of dates.
  • Method: 1 leave the yeast into the alkaline water, lick the strip, and extract the agent. 2 doses of cockroaches grow round, take 4-5 jujubes, placed on one side of the oval, fold the other side over the cover, press tightly into the lotus leaf-shaped jujube cake, put a few dates on the cake to increase Beautiful. It is also possible to divide the agent into two rounds, one on the bottom, the date on the side of the cake, one cover, and the edge is sealed. 3 steam, boiling water, steaming steam for 15-20 minutes is cooked.


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