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Official site (website): http://www.gxn.io/en.html Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/HPB_Global Official Telegram channel (group): https://t.me/hpbglobal Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/hpbteam Official Facebook account (fb): https://www.facebook.com/HPBGlobal/ Github: https://github.com/hpb-project Explorer: https://ethplorer.io/address/0x38c6a68304cdefb9bec48bbfaaba5c5b47818bb2 Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x38c6a68304cdefb9bec48bbfaaba5c5b47818bb2 Support email address: mailto:hpb@gxn.io PDF document file: http://www.gxn.io/files/hpb_white_paper_en.pdf CoinMarketCap (coin market cap): https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/high-performance-blockchain/ Alexa website traffic ranking: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/gxn.io

Truth and facts[edit]

  • HPB (High Performance Blockchain) is a public chain based on hardware acceleration chip and original software acceleration system.


  • Slogan: World class high performance block chain platform.
  • High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is based in Shanghai, China.
  • Launched in Mar 2017.


  • The official ticker symbol for High Performance Blockchain token: HPB
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 100,000,000 HPB
  • Circulating Supply: 22,216,600 HPB

Video Playlist[edit]

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) - Undervalued Cryptocurrency - Chinese EOS

00:00 What's up guys, crypto future here.
00:00 So today I'm gonna be talking about a cryptocurrency that I stumbled upon recently, that I think has a ton of potential.
00:08 A lot of you guys have probably never heard of this cryptocurrency because it has absolutely not been marketed to the West whatsoever.
00:14 This cryptocurrency is called high performance blockchain with the tokens symbol HPB.
00:21 Now what is HPB all about?
00:21 It essentially is a new kind of blockchain hardware system that combines hardware with software architecture.
00:31 So they sort of use a chip acceleration engine and they combine that with the blockchain to realize and to take advantage of this sort of optimized performance extensions within distributed applications.
00:45 So with this implementation of software architecture along with hardware, it allows for the support of millions of transactions per second.
00:55 Now what this means is this is huge for large organizations and companies.
01:00 They need the support of being able to have a ton of transactions on their blockchain.
01:05 A lot of box chains today are very limited in this regard, it's a huge scalability issue.
01:12 What HBP has done with the software architecture and combining that with blockchain hardware, it has allowed for many more transactions to be allowed on the blockchain at a much smaller amount of time which is going to allow for major organizations and companies to be able to take advantage of blockchain technology.
01:31 So going a little further like I said the chip level acceleration engine, so this is the world's first platform to provide accelerated Hardware chips.
01:38 Along with that, they have hardware and software depth fusion, so this software system integrated with the hardware acceleration is what allows for the millions of concurrent algorithms to occur on the blockchain, which is quicker than any blockchain I've ever heard of at this time.
01:56 This is a competitor for EOS, which is another high-performance blockchain but this cryptocurrency is based off in China and is one of the only other high-performance block chains that I've ever heard of other than EOS.
02:08 Now let's take a look at the core team.
02:10 So the founder is Wang Xiao Ming, now let's look at Wang Xiao Ming a little bit and see what he is all about.
02:17 So Wang Xiao Ming, he's that he's the core chain founder of HPB.
02:22 He has 10 years of internet technology development experience.
02:27 He's participating in the founding of CUP big data Beltal and served as the Beltal CTO, in cross-border e-commerce, financial payments, Big Data blockchain, other areas, have a wealth of technical architecture and cross-border experience.
02:40 He's also been an early explorer of blockchain technology.
02:45 He has been actively promoted the dissemination in application of blockchain tech in the country of China.
02:50 He has initiated a blockchain video program and he's also wrote multiple books on blockchain tech and other technologies around crypto currencies.
03:00 So he is someone who's very well respected in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.
03:04 These other individuals on the team are also very promising and they're very active on the telegram, this Hu Jichen is very active in the telegram.
03:13 Let's look at the consulting team.
03:16 Now this is where a lot of the promising team members come about.
03:19 So Wan Zongru, he won a Nobel Prize, he's a Nobel Prize winner, and if we go and look at this individual on LinkedIn, we can see that he's a Quant leader in evolution labs but he was also a data scientist at eBay for about 2 years and he was also a senior machine learning software engineer at Union pay smart, Union Union pay in China is bigger than Visa and MasterCard combined, so that is a huge a very promising individual right there.
03:54 Another person on this consulting team is Long Kai, he's the executive president at UnionPay smart.
03:57 Now let's look at his LinkedIn profile for a little bit.
04:02 So co-founder CEO of Union pay smart, now Union pay smart is a, like I said, Union pay is huge and China bigger than MasterCard and Visa combined.
04:11 If we go to the white paper of HPB, we actually see a little bit more about this Union pay connection.
04:18 So after listening to the Dapp design of HPB, China's largest financial data company, UnionPay has joined as a partner with HPB with the common goal of technological practice, an exploration of financial big data and high performance blockchain.
04:34 UnionPay currently handles 80% of china's banking transaction data, with an annual turnover of 80 trillion watt.
04:42 HPB will join hands with China UnionPay to serve all industry partners including large banks, insurance, retail enterprises, financial companies and so.
04:49 Guys, this is a massive partnership that high-performance blockchain has already locked down and it is clear that they've locked it down through the consulting members on the team.
04:59 This is a massive opportunity for HPB to make gigantic strides in China and in all of blockchain technology.
05:07 There's other very exciting people on the consulting team as well but I want to go down to the angel investments now.
05:14 So one of the angel investors is neo and actually HPB has a direct partnership with neo, I'm going to get into that with you in a little bit but that is really promising.
05:22 Also this time stamp capital, which is a 8btc's professional investment platform.
05:27 For those of you who do not know, 8 BTC is the biggest news source for cryptocurrency related news in all of China, it's bigger than steemit, which is what we're familiar with in the West over here.
05:40 All right, so that's about all I wanted to hit on the main website but let's now take a look at the price per coin, so the price per coin is 4 dollars and 67 cents and there's a circulating supply of 28 million of them.
05:51 Now it doesn't so the circulating supply right now on coin market cap that is because it just got listed on coin market cap two days ago, I'm showing you this opportunity extremely early guys.
06:02 But 28 million circulating supply with a $4 and 67 price point puts this a little over 120 million market cap.
06:11 And with that being said, that is a really low market cap for the potential of this dual software and hardware infrastructure that allows for millions of transactions per second.
06:23 So I really like the volume at this point has too, it already has 15, over 15 million volume in the past 24 hours and it's only offered on two exchanges, all coin and bibox.
06:34 Bibox is what I would recommend to use to purchase this but like I said these are not major exchanges at all to this point yet the volume is astronomical for being on such limited exchanges.
06:46 Now what I've done some research on in the telegram, they have two active members in that telegram that addressed the community about future partnerships and new exchanges and they have just released the announcement that they are in the works of being put on kucoin exchange, so that should be happening in the coming weeks where they will be launched on kucoin, which is a really promising exchange and one that is growing rapidly, so that is really good for the accessibility of HPB tokens.
07:13 All right, let's go a little further now.
07:16 So this is an article I stumbled upon, doing a lot of research on this coin, there is not a lot of information in the West because they have not put they have not tried to market this coin to the West at all to this point but what they've said in the telegram is they are striving to grow their audience in the West a lot, a lot more now.
07:34 And with that being said, they have just made an official Twitter page, they have made a telegram page for English speakers, they're doing a lot to grow the community in the West.
07:44 And with that, when that happens, when the West starts to hear about this amazing project, I think the price of the coin is really going to blow up, it's only 467 right now, it has a lot more potential than that but I'll get into that a little bit later.
07:56 So let's go into this article.
07:57 2017 is a year of great development of the blockchain, they then say however the semiconductor plus blockchain, it is a world-class bank issue.
08:06 Aiming for this opportunity, HPB hopes to become the first platform in the world to provide hardware chip acceleration.
08:12 This not only provides a direction for the development of China's blockchain industry but also opens up entirely new areas of innovation for the development of China's semiconductor industry.
08:22 This innovative concept of the core chain from many angles is the perfect fit for purpose of summit that they just released.
08:30 Going a little bit further, HPB is the intersection of the blockchain industry and the semiconductor industry, which is the inevitable outcome under the great development of China's economy.
08:41 So here's a member from the HPB team holding one of these semiconductors, and he was at this semiconductor summit in China to demonstrate the HPB product.
08:52 So essentially this is a member of the team, it's a legit team, they're going to sum it's all over the world now and they're going to become the first in the world to provide hardware chip acceleration which allows for millions of transactions per second, a really amazing product that they already have.
09:07 Alright, so like I said before, they have a partnership with neo, here is a little logo of HPB and neo.
09:14 But recently the CEO of HPB was able to conduct and ask me anything through the neo community due to this partnership that they have, and I want to point out a couple of things that were mentioned in this article.
09:29 So in this ask me anything, what is the difference between HPB and EOS?
09:33 Like i mentioned, they're similar in the fact that they want to be in the fact that they are high-performance blockchains but essentially they are similar in the fact that they are high-performance blockchains but the difference is that HBP has a dedicated chip hardware server with high performance.
09:48 So EOS doesn't have anything along the lines of a dual infrastructure for hardware and software technologies.
09:55 Alright, now I want to point out a couple of more things in here, give me one second.
10:01 So how can HPB support neo virtual machines, what is the relationship between HPB and neo?
10:09 We all support with neo at hardware and software level.
10:12 Neo VM can run in an internal sandbox and will only be able to run an HPB in the future with only a moderate amount of adaptations, so that is a really promising thing right there, this is gonna be one of the first crypto currencies and blockchains, it will be the first one to ever utilize the neo virtual machine.
10:31 Another thing I liked from this ask me anything was the fact that they are, if I read this for you, our chip R&D team is also from Huawei and Intel's experts.
10:44 So the chip in the R&D producers for HPB are people from Huawei and Intel, those are two of the largest technology companies in the world to date.
10:56 So there is a lot of promising interviewed individuals working on this semiconductor blockchain hardware dual infrastructure.
11:03 Now I will link this article you in my description below, there's a lot of really exciting information in this ask me anything but I just want to point those things out for you really quickly.
11:13 And here's another article that I found regarding the neo and HPB partnership.
11:17 So HPB is a new blockchain architecture with the title of Chinese version EOS.
11:23 It contains the underlying hardware and software architecture designed to extend the performance of distributed applications.
11:29 That is because it allows for so many more transactions per second, millions of them to put that effect.
11:37 Position as an easy-to-use high-performance blockchain platform that is deeply integrated with industry to meet the real business needs of the real world, is achieved by creating a similar operating system architecture that can build applications.
11:49 So the way it targets meeting the real business world needs is the fact that it allows for many more transactions per second and this is going to allow for real companies that have a huge amount of transactions going on in a certain amount of time.
12:08 They need something like the HPB dual chain infrastructure which allows millions of transactions per second.
12:14 The software architecture provides account identity and authorization management, policy management, databases, a synchronous communication and program scheduling on thousands of CPUs FPGAs or clusters that can support millions of transactions per second.
12:28 Additionally, HPB also designed a dedicated blockchain Hardware server that dramatically improves the use of high frequency applications.
12:37 All right and going further like I mentioned before, the HPB team in the in the high-performance blockchain, it is something that has not been marketed all to the West at this point, but they are now going out of their way to market this to the West.
12:52 They have released the reddit page ,they have released a Twitter page, they are active on telegram and they are attending this blockchain technology evolution in US and China blockchain connect conference, and this conference is gonna be held in San Francisco.
13:06 There's gonna be a lot of speakers there along the lines from people from litecoin, from neo, from many other crypto currencies.
13:15 So this is an opportunity to spread the word in the Western community and to really grow for future, to really grow the community and maybe potentially develop future partnerships.
13:23 Alright guys, with all that being said, the current price is at four dollars and 67 cents.
13:29 I think that with the Western community beginning to garner attention for such a promising and young project, I think this coin has a ton of potential, currently sitting just above a hundred million market cap.
13:40 I think it has billion dollar potential easily in the near term as the western community begins to understand the full potential of this project.
13:48 It seems like already the eastern community understands the high potential due to the volume that it already has but this coin has a lot of potential and I think it's a great buy at its current 4.67 price point, I expect it to full-heartedly go up a lot in the near term as people understand the potential of this dual chain software hardware infrastructure.
14:10 Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this video.
14:13 It's always a pleasure to talk to you guys about really promising cryptocurrencies and other crypto cryptocurrency related insights.
14:20 If any questions, comments or concerns, please post those in the comments below, I'll try and get back to guys as quickly as possible.
14:26 If you have not already, please subscribed to my channel and I would really appreciate it as there's gonna be more videos like this in the near term.
14:33 Like always guys, it's a pleasure to talk to you guys, bye-bye.


  • List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell High Performance Blockchain (HPB).
  • Bibox
  • Kucoin
  • Allcoin


  • List of supported wallets for High Performance Blockchain (HPB).


  • List of development timeline, roadmap, events and milestones on High Performance Blockchain (HPB).
Official list of development roadmap
Date Events and Milestones
Mar 2017 HPB project is officially launched: Setting up the core research and development team and establishing the system's architecture.
Jul 2017 Angel investments: Angel investments from NEO Bixin and other partners HPB is the first third-party blockchain to support NeoVM (NEO virtual machine)
Mar 2018 HPB V1.0 will become open source: According to our research and practice on the underlying platform of blockchain, we plan to launch a testnet (HPB V1.0) for community to test and explore.
Jun 2018 HPB V1.1 will be launched: After a year of R&D and industry landing exploration, we expect to launch the mainnet, activating deeper collaborations within the industry.
Dec 2018 Launch industry implementation solution plan: The core value of HPB is its deep collaboration with enterprises. We will collaborate with industry leaders on exploring and developing the platform of blockchain technology to test the value of HPB within actual businesses.
Dec 2019 HPB V2.0 goes online: After two years of development, HPB will launch the official version. We hope to contribute to the community by sharing valuable experiences of technological development and industrial implementation. We will strive to be a leader in the high-performance blockchain platform.

Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in High Performance Blockchain (HPB).
Official list of team members
Name Position Details
Wang Xiao Ming Founder
Wang Chan Chief Architect
Chen Xi Researcher
Zhang Yiming Chief hardware architect
Hu Jichen Director of operations
Li Jinxin Blockchain researcher and expert


  • List of advisors for High Performance Blockchain (HPB).
Name Details
Wan Zongru Member of Nobel Prize-winning team
Long Kai Executive President at UnionPay Smart
Zhou Haijing Consulting
Chen Jicheng National high-performance laboratory responsible person
Chen Zhen Dongfang Fuhua Fund President
Xiao Fei Founding Partner of Jin Mudan Cultural Fund

Partners and investors[edit]

  • List of partners, supporters and investors for High Performance Blockchain (HPB).
Name Details
NEO Formerly known as Ant Blockchain
Lei Zhen Jixianyuan CEO/OKCoin co-founder
Wu Gang Bixin CEO
Liu Jialing (Juxie) Transwiser CEO

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