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Title Info
English name Green bean cake
Chinese name 绿豆糕
Nickname Dry bean cake
Main ingreadient Mung bean powder, white sugar
Main nutrients Glucose, carbohydrate
Main consumption effect Clearing away heat and detoxification
Precautions Pregnant women, debilitating colds, etc. should not eat more

Green bean cake[edit]

  • Mung bean cake is one of the traditional specialties, which is a refreshing snack. According to legend, ancient Chinese ancestors, in order to seek peace and health, will eat medlar, realgar wine, mung bean cake, salted duck eggs and other foods during the Dragon Boat Festival.
  • According to the taste, there is a distinction between the south and the north, and the north is the Beijing-style. It is produced without any grease. Although the entrance is soft, it has no oily feeling. The south includes the Soviet-style and the Yang-style. It needs to be greased when it is made, and the taste is soft. exquisite [1][2] .
  • The main raw materials of mung bean are cooked mung bean powder, steamed hawthorn powder (or wheat flour, pea flour), vegetable oil (sesame oil), cooked lard, cotton white sugar, sugar rose, black jujube meat, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, and the like. Sexually sweet and cold, non-toxic, with heat and detoxification, quenching thirst, diminishing water, swelling, eyesight and other effects. It has the characteristics of neat shape, light yellow color, fine and compact tissue, and the taste is soft and non-sticky. [3]

Common species[edit]

Ordinary mung bean cake[edit]

  • Practice one
  • Proportion of ingredients
  • green bean cake
    13 grams of mung bean powder, 13 kilograms of white sugar powder, 2 kilograms of fried glutinous rice flour, 1 kilogram of flour, 6 kilograms of vegetable oil, 2 kilograms of lard, and appropriate amount of yellow pigment.
  • 2. Production method
  • (1) Top powder: 3 kg of mung bean powder, 1 kg of flour, 3.2 kg of white sugar powder, 2 kg of lard, and appropriate amount of yellow pigment to add cold boiled water and wet powder.
  • (2) Bottom powder: 10 kg of mung bean powder, 2 kg of fried glutinous rice flour, 9.8 kg of white sugar powder, 6 kg of vegetable oil, add appropriate amount of cold boiled water and wet powder.
  • (3) Sprinkle the sieved flour in the impression, then pour the top and bottom powder into the impression according to the basic ratio, squeeze it with force, pour it into the steamer and steam it.
  • Practice two
  • Materials:
  • Mung bean 250g maltose 45g rock sugar powder 90g corn oil 60g mint amount of water
  • Freshly picked some mint leaves. Peel the dried mung beans and soak them in water for one morning.
  • The mung bean is drained slightly, steamed in a water pot, and the mint leaves are placed on the beans. About 15 minutes, you can have a moment.
  • The mung bean is slightly smashed, add some tea with mint leaves, and use a cooking machine to make mud. Don't get too wet, just hit it, or you have to double your time.
  • Mix the mung bean puree with the corn oil and stir fry in the water, because it is easy to paste, and it can be done with a non-stick pan. The water in the pot below is close to the water. After frying, add rock sugar powder and maltose to mix and continue.
  • It is good to fry until dry, and the ball will not stick to the hand by hand, so it is easy to demould.
  • 50g moon cake mold, 35g per mung bean puree, into a ball.
  • It is good to use the mold to press it tightly. The operation on the shovel can achieve good results. After a few taps, the mold is released, and the shovel is transferred to the dish, which is not easily deformed. Ice is better because it is especially refreshing with mint.
  • Practice three
  • Materials:
  • Mung bean 80g honey 20g whipped cream 30g fine sugar 10g
  • 1. Wash the mung beans and soak them in an appropriate amount of water overnight.
    green bean cake
  • 2. The next day, you can see that the mung bean has some swelling, and some of the skin has been swelled.
  • 3. Grab a handful of mung beans and slap them with both hands.
  • 4. Under the action of friction, the mung bean skin will fall off, and the mung bean skin will be washed off by water. It can be seen that some mung beans have been peeled clean.
  • 5. Continue to mung bean, pass the water, after doing this several times, most mung beans have taken off the bean skin, and the remaining ones that have not fallen off can be removed manually.
  • 6. Put the peeled mung beans on the steamer and steam for about 15 minutes.
  • 7. Let it cool after steaming
  • 8. Take the net sieve on the small pot, put the appropriate amount of steamed mung beans, and crush the sieve with a spoon.
  • 9. The sieved mung bean is very delicate
  • 10. Add honey to mung bean
  • 11. Add whipped cream
  • 12. Add sugar
  • 13. Stir well and knead the dough
  • 14. Weigh 60 grams of mung bean into a spherical shape
  • 15. Loading the mold
  • 16. Locate the plate and press the shape to lift the mold. [4]
  • Practice four
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • Peeled Mung Bean 200g
  • Excipient
  • Butter 40g, white sugar, amount of bean paste
  • Step
  • green bean cake
    1. Peeled mung beans for more than 6 hours, better overnight, because it is easier to simmer.
  • 2. Place in a steamer for 20 minutes.
  • 3. The steamed mung beans are crushed into mud with a shovel, or they can be broken by a cooking machine.
  • 4. Play for a while and break into mung bean puree.
  • 5. Prepare the pan and simmer it in butter (the butter has a milky aroma and is more suitable for making mung bean cake than vegetable oil).
  • 6. Put green bean cake, add white sugar and stir fry, dry and wet to see personal preference.
  • 7. Stir-fried bean paste is cool and divided into small groups like this.
  • 8. Press the small group into a small cake by hand, put some bean paste in the middle, and wrap the bean paste into a group.
  • 9. Prepare the mold for setting. Because of the butter, it is very easy to demould, and the mold does not need to be brushed separately.
  • 10. It is just fine to release the mold after molding.
  • 11. If you like the taste of matcha, you can add the matcha powder during the frying process and make the green one.
  • 12. Put in a refrigerated ice town for better taste.

Beijing-style green bean cake[edit]

  • The practice of cool mung bean cake
    Proportion of ingredients
  • 13 grams of mung bean powder, 11.7 kilograms of white sugar or white sugar powder, 0.25 kilograms of sweet-scented osmanthus, proper amount of water.
  • 2. Production method
  • (1) Mixing powder: Put the powdered sugar into the dough mixer, add the sweet-scented osmanthus diluted with a little water, stir: add the mung bean powder, stir evenly, and pour out the 80 mesh sieve to form the cake powder. Subject to the group).
  • (2) Forming: Spread the paper on the steamer, spread the cake powder in the steamer, gently flatten the surface with a flat plate, about 1 cm thick; then sieve a layer of cake powder, then use a ratio The lighter paper with a slightly larger steamer is covered with cake powder, and calendered with a cake mirror (ie copper mirror, copper enamel); remove the glossy paper, gently sweep the floating powder on the edge of the drawer frame, and cut it into 4 cm with a knife × 4 cm squares.
  • (3) Steaming: Put the steamed drawers with the cake powder on the four corners, stack them in turn, put them in a special steamer and seal them tightly; boil the water (not too open, so as not to turn the cake color red), steam 15 After taking it out in minutes, in the middle of the top surface of each small piece, make a little red with the appropriately diluted dissolved red pigment solution; then, each drawer is flattened on the operation table, and then cooled. [5]

Su-style green bean cake[edit]

  • green bean cake
    Proportion of ingredients
  • (1) Bean sand mung bean cake: green bean powder 8.25 kg, cotton white sugar 8 kg, sesame oil 5.75 kg, flour 1 kg, bean paste 3 kg.
  • (2) Qingshui Mung bean cake: 9.15 kg of mung bean powder, 8.65 kg of white sugar, 6.25 kg of sesame oil, and 1 kg of flour.
  • 2. Production method
  • (1) Mixing powder: Place mung bean powder and flour on the platen, put the sugar in the middle and add half of the sesame oil and mix well, then pour the soy flour and flour, and knead evenly to form a cake powder.
  • (2) Billet: Prepare a flower or square wooden model for blanking. The clear water mung bean cake is simple, just fill the cake with a mesh of 80 mesh and fill it into the mold (the inner wall of the wooden mold should be coated with a layer of sesame oil), press it flat, turn it over and put it on the metal plate to form a cake. The sandwich is the bean curd mung bean cake blank, which is put into the filling heart when the cake powder is put into the mold less than half, and then covered with the cake powder and smoothed.
  • (3) steamed cake: the prepared cake slab together with the metal plate is placed on a multi-layer wooden frame, and then the cake slab is steamed in a cage with the wooden frame for 10 to 15 minutes, until the edge of the cake is loose and not sticky. it is good. If it is steamed for too long, the powder will be loose or ribbed.
  • (4) Finished product: After steaming and cooling, apply a layer of sesame oil to the cake surface.

Zhenyuan with green bean cake[edit]

  • Zhenyuan with green bean cake
    Since ancient times, there has been a saying that medicines and foods are homologous. Mung beans have the function of clearing heat and relieving heat. Mung bean cakes using mung bean powder as raw materials have always been traditional Chinese early summer foods. And through modern food hygiene analysis: mung bean is rich in starch, protein, fatty oil, vitamin A, B1, B2, niacin and other nutrients, food is very beneficial to the human body, and many uses. On the basis of this, Zhenyuan and Mung bean cakes have produced mung bean cakes of various tastes.
  • Zhenyuan and Mung bean cakes are not only a wide variety, such as egg yolk, floss, oatmeal, matcha, hummus, chocolate, coffee, egg yolk, sugar-free, etc., but also use white sugar, vegetable oil, mung bean powder, flour, Rice flour, rose sauce, red bean paste, salted egg yolk, fruit and other raw materials. It has a neat shape, light yellow color, fine and compact tissue, soft and non-sticky taste, sweet but not greasy, delicious and delicious. Features are essential nutritious foods for summer.

Yulin Mung Cake[edit]

  • green bean cake
    Chenghai Yulin Ancient Port is the “land of the ocean” in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the wise women of thousands of families are always fond of processing and making gourmet cakes - mung bean cakes. Its traditional techniques and processing methods are exquisite. After steaming, it is golden and crystal-clear. The entrance is sweet and sweet, and its flavor is unique. It is a delicious and delicious medicinal cake for seasonal seasons. It is also a nutritious food unique to Yulin food culture. It is the leader of Mid-Autumn Festival cakes in Chaoshan area. In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" contained: "Mung bean milled as a noodle, sifted into powder, used as a bait stewed cake, ... there are solutions to heat, replenishing qi, adjusting the five internal organs, peace of mind, and thick stomach."
  • Throughout the ages, Yulin people have a long history of using mung beans as bait stews. The method for processing mung bean cake is as follows: mung bean is soaked with water, cleaned, removed from bean coat, steamed and dried, ground into powder (commonly known as mung bean cake (Mizhi), added white sand syrup (salt and water simmered) and pig The oil is stirred well, poured on the cake cutting board, and repeatedly mixed with glutinous rice to make a cake-like shape. Then, with the family wood carving, there are “Fu”, “Lu”, “Shou” or “Shou Tao”, “Chrysanthemum”, “ Double pomegranate and other patterns of cake printing, in the middle of the imprint process often added bean paste, sesame seeds, melon silk, peanut kernels or cashew nuts (grinded) for cake filling, generally embedded in the steamer after embossing Steaming for 5-10 minutes will become a fragrant smell, the entrance is soft and smooth, with a unique flavor, refreshing, and embarrassing Yulin mung bean cake.

Vietnamese mung bean cake[edit]

  • Vietnamese mung bean cake
    Vietnamese mung bean cake is a traditional Vietnamese pastry and a delicious food worth tasting. The finest Vietnamese mung bean cake is produced in Haiyang (place name) not far from Haiphong, and well-known brands include Huanglong brand. The green mung bean cake in Vietnam is made from the finest green beans, and it is ground into a very fine powder, which is accompanied by refined sugar and oil. It tastes soft and sweet.
  • Vietnamese mung bean cake production method:
  • Proportion of ingredients
  • 13 grams of mung bean powder, 13 kilograms of white sugar powder, 2 kilograms of fried glutinous rice flour, 1 kilogram of flour, 6 kilograms of vegetable oil, 2 kilograms of lard, and appropriate amount of yellow pigment.

Cooking skills[edit]

  • 1. Mung beans should not be soaked for too long, otherwise they will emit bean sprouts. 2. Judging the degree of soaking, pinching out a mung bean with a hand, and using a little force to pry off the bean skin; 3. The process of removing the bean skin is cumbersome. Need some patience, and finally not completely remove it. The subsequent sieving process can also clean the bean husks. 4. It doesn't matter if there is no mold, just for the sake of styling. Add other materials and mix well. You can also use it as a The stuffing is wrapped in the dough and made into other snacks. 5. This time, the amount of the filling is relatively small. With this 63-gram moon cake mold, only four can be pressed out, and a small mold of 20 grams is used. It looks a lot better.

Edible instructions[edit]


Nutrition Information
Nutrient Content (per 100 grams)
Heat (large card) 349.00
Carbohydrate (g) 73.40
Fat (g) 1.00
Protein (g) 12.80
Cellulose (g) 1.20

Nutritional value[edit]

  • Mung bean cake is made of mung bean, and mung bean is also called green bean. Not everyone is suitable for eating mung bean cake, pregnant women, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, orthopedic diseases, neurological diseases, devoid of cold body, etc. should not eat more or eat for a long time, spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea should be carefully eaten.

Selection method[edit]

Production Date[edit]

  • Because the shelf life of mung bean cake is not long. When purchasing, depending on the date of manufacture and shelf life, due to the high temperature in summer, the shelf life of mung bean cake without preservative is usually between 2-3 days. [2]


  • The high-quality mung bean cake is made of natural mung bean powder. The color is not too green, but it is slightly yellowish. It looks like the color of the cooked green bean soup. If the mung bean cake looks green and oily.
  • It must have added artificial colors. [2]


  • The high-quality mung bean cake is finely selected, the taste is fine and compact, the fragrance is soft and non-sticky, and the inferior green bean cake
  • Most of them are too sweet and sticky, and they are easy to stick. [2]


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