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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Gnosis builds revolutionary market-driven forecasting technology to let you shape the future.
  • A permissionless and decentralized platform built on Ethereum, Gnosis is the easiest way to aggregate relevant information from both human and AI agents into one number.


  • Slogan: Revolutionary market-driven forecasting technology.
  • Slogan: Crowdsourced wisdom.
  • Gnosis (GNO) is based in Gibraltar / Germany.


  • The official ticker symbol for Gnosis token: GNO
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 10,000,000 GNO
  • Circulating supply: 1,104,590 GNO


  • ICO on 24 Apr 2017.
  • ICO token price: 1 GNO = $29.85 USD.

Video Playlist[edit]

An Introduction to the Gnosis Prediction Market Platform

00:00 Hi, I'm Stephan George, CTO and co-founder of Gnosis.
00:03 We started working on prediction markets around four years ago, creating a prediction market using Bitcoin.
00:11 There are many different reasons why you would like to participate in the prediction markets.
00:15 One reason could be that you're interested in a specific piece of information.
00:19 Another would be that you would like to hedge your own risk in a poorest specific event in the future.
00:25 Another one would be to incentivize specific behavior.
00:27 I'm Martin Coppelmann, founder and CEO of Gnosis.
00:30 The range of applications kind of endless, so you can forecast the weather, you can forecast the election results, you can forecast fundamentals of stuff companies.
00:39 Now the prediction market really boils down to one number and if there's anyone in the world who think they would know better than this number, they have direct financial incentives to trade this market.
00:54 And basically with every trade they make, they feed the information into this market and in the end you you have a better number.
01:00 Prediction markets improve decision making because they will tell you what will happen if you make the decision, if it will give you the counterfactual.
01:07 Around two years ago at the beginning of 2015, we started to look into Ethereum, trying to take advantages of the properties that Ethereum has to offer.
01:15 Ethereum allows us to use, if they are not only as a currency in markets, but also to implement the entire business logic required for prediction markets into the Ethereum blockchain.
01:26 Ethereum serves as that foundational layer that that everybody owns in nobody owns that's both sort of incorruptible and infallible and and something that we can reference as a source of truth and that is the foundational layer on top of which you want to build these you know critical next generation infrastructure systems like you know, like something like gnosis.
01:51 Hi, I'm Matt Liston and I'm chief startegist in Gnosis.
01:54 I became really fascinated with the blockchain space almost five years ago and I've been working on decentralized prediction markets for most of the time.
02:02 By creating prediction markets on a blockchain layer, we can ensure that the data always remains open and accessible to all parties.
02:08 Basically, it's easy to trust in decentralization because you don't have to trust anyone.
02:14 I like to think of decentralization as a phenomenon rather than a movement.
02:18 When you graph a planet in layers of instantaneous communication networks and enable actors to coordinate their decisions globally, they in the timeframe of 14 seconds in the case of Ethereum, you have the opportunity to implement a new organizing principle.
02:38 Gnosis takes that a step further, enabling us to source wisdom from a wide variety of actors and effectively on that.
02:48 By creating an information layer which aggregates sources of both machine and human information, we can bring decisions down to a micro level with accurate information.
02:57 The core smart contract of Gnosis are really simple but that's powerful.
03:01 Basically as soon as as soon as there is smart contract, that is ready to use and going to proven to be correct, it can be used by any other smart contract.
03:12 Gnosis in that sense raises a queue of smart contracts.
03:15 We've built Gnosis from the ground up to be a very modular platform we are agnostic to both Oracle's you can use whatever Oracle you like, same for the assets that are created within the Gnosis platform.
03:29 Every outcome token that it's great that predictive asset on our platform can be traded on any other exchange.
03:35 Gnosis prediction markets allow you to use any kind of token as collateral in your markets.
03:41 You can use ether but you can also use stable coins.
03:43 We have built Gnosis as a platform to make it as easy as possible for others to build on top of Gnosis.
03:49 We provide all the developer tools that are required to create new prediction market applications, this process is as simple as setting up a wordpress blog or another Facebook page.
04:00 Gnosis is a profound benefit to Ethereum because it matches a global liquidity pool with a global knowledge.
04:09 It's really interesting I think to imagine what happens to large corporates when you remove that like middle layer of process and overhead and and very often inefficiency in the decision-making process, and I think what you end up with, potentially is a hyper efficient allocation of capital, very very sort of rapid decision making capabilities and ultimately socially more responsible decisions too.
04:36 The transparent, the global nature of the system help to reduce risk associated with mathematical information.
04:42 Mutual friend, Aaron Wright introduced me to Martin and Stefan, they've had significant success with a Bitcoin focused prediction market, so it was a no-brainer for us to get together and and build something world-changing on Ethereum.

Gnosis Prediction Market Introduction

00:00 Gnosis is the engine for forecasting the future.
00:03 A prediction market enables users to leverage the unique knowledge by buying and selling shares in the outcome of an event.
00:09 If the event resolves in the direction they have predicted, they earn a profit, otherwise, a loss is incurred.
00:13 This incentivizes users to only participate in markets that they believe they possess unique insights into.
00:20 Markets can be based on any future event that is clearly resolvable, such as the outcome of an election or sports match, the outcome of an upcoming news event or the price of a stock.
00:31 Gnosis enables the creation of these markets on a decentralized financial platform.
00:36 For you, this means that there is no risk of markets being removed, funds being lost or websites being inaccessible.
00:43 Odds are not set by a centralized bookmaker, as they are with traditional bedding, but through peers participating with a market scoring role.
00:51 Markets follow a life cycle from initial creation to a participation period during which shares can be bought and sold to a resolution where Oracle's are used to close the market in the direction corresponding to the real-world outcome.
01:04 The gnosis platform makes creating a specialized skin for a topic you care about as easy as setting up a Facebook page.
01:11 For example, a company could benefit from a prediction market to guide their decision making or a school could create a custom market for their sports events.
01:19 Interested to see what Gnosis can do for you?
01:24 Sign up and trade now.


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Gnosis apps[edit]

  • Gnosis Olympia
  • Gnosis multisig wallet
  • Gnosis Dutch exchange
  • Gnosis management interface
  • Build your own

Use cases[edit]

  • Price discovery
  • Futarchy / Governance
  • Financial markets
  • Insurace

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  • Company address: Gnosis Ltd. Glacis Rd Suite 23, Portland House GX11 1AA GIBRALTAR
  • Email: