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Info List[edit]

  • Gatecoin official website:
  • Gatecoin is a bitcoin and ethereum token exchange.
  • Languages available: english, chinese, french, japanese, korean


Operated by Gatecoin Limited, operation country is Hong Kong

  • Gatecoin Limited is regulated as a Money Service Operator (MSO) by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department under license 14-05-01423.
  • The MSO license governs our fiat currency foreign exchange activities.

Competitive Edge:

  • Professional trading engine designed by seasoned financial old_markets experts
  • Highly secured platform audited by third party specialists
  • Cryptocurrency and token deposits stored in multisig cold storage
  • Fiat currency deposits secured in segregated client accounts at reputable global banks
  • Strategic partnerships with international financial institutions and payment service providers
  • Comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML), know-your customer (KYC) due diligence and transaction monitoring procedures on par with those used by renowned financial institutions
  • Dedicated market making programs, offering deep and consistent liquidity for traders

Sign Up:

Video List[edit]

Official Gatecoin YouTube channel:

How to get started with Gatecoin

00:00 Welcome to the tutorial about how to create an accounting gate coin.
00:01 Creating an account on gate coin is simple and straightforward.
00:06 Start by accessing gate coin com.
00:08 Register with your email account, and input a strong password, then click on create an account.
00:14 The next step is to carefully fill out the form with your personal details.
00:19 Gate coin carries out careful due diligence and kyc practices.
00:24 So make sure this information matches your identification and proof of address documents.
00:29 Remember once registered you will not be able to change them manually.
00:33 Fill out 1: name.
00:33 2: last name.
00:39 3: birthdate by month, day, and year.
00:44 4: and Nationality.
00:44 5: if someone referred you to gate coin, input their referral code here.
00:50 Otherwise click continue.
00:52 Continuing to fill out your details carefully.
00:55 6: phone number.
00:55 7: mobile number.
01:00 8: address line 1.
01:00 9: address line 2.
01:05 10: city.
01:05 11: zip code.
01:07 12: state.
01:10 13: country of residence.
01:13 Have a moment to check if your details match your proof of address, and click on continue.
01:19 Before we continue, it's time to verify your email account.
01:26 Go to your email inbox, and open the gate coin mail that has the subject, welcome to gate coin.
01:34 Click on the link to verify your account.
01:41 You will be redirected to continue creating your account.
01:46 In this section you will have to upload the ID documents and proof of address.
01:54 To ensure you create an account successfully, make sure you have a good quality scan or picture of your passport, or a government-issued ID card.
02:05 The passport will need to be issued within the past ten years.
02:09 And if you choose to upload a government-issued ID card, please note that the driver licenses are not admitted.
02:16 You will also need a good quality scanned copy of a proof of address.
02:21 It can be utility bill, bank statement, or a letter from a government authority, with your name and address clearly stated on it.
02:28 This document needs to be in high-resolution and recent.
02:32 Please make sure it is dated within the last three months.
02:37 Once you have all those documents gathered, you are ready to start the registration process.
02:44 1: select the type of document according to the documents you will upload, passport or ID card.
02:52 2: input to the document number.
02:55 3: input the issuing country.
03:00 4: upload the scan copy a photo of high resolution it can be max 5 megabytes, and it will only accept files in ping JPEG or PDF.
03:09 5: now choose the type of proof of address you will upload, a: utility bill, b: phone bill c: internet bill, d: bank statement.
03:22 6: upload the file.
03:27 Remember that it has to be in high quality and that the file has to be no bigger than five megabytes, in a PNG, JPEG or PDF file.
03:34 The last step before you finish is to fill the online source of funds questionnaire.
03:39 Gate coin is required to verify the origin of the funds you are investing.
03:44 Documentary evidence may be required in some cases.
03:47 Please fill this form in English, and provide full details of the following information.
03:54 Read carefully and tick the declaration statements.
04:00 Click continue once you've finished.
04:04 After submitting your documents, the gate coin team will take up to two working days to verify your details.
04:11 If there is any paper you should submit again due to the low quality or non matching details, the team will reject your application and ask you to resubmit the papers.
04:22 You can also check your status in the top left area of your screen, where you will be able to review what you have submitted.
04:28 You will get an email with a notification whenever your gate coin account has been verified.
04:37 Once verified, it's time to make your account secure through the two-factor authentication 2FA.
04:46 To do so, you will have to download the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone.
04:52 Follow instructions from our FAQ on how to set up the 2FA.
04:58 You will generate a QR code in gate coin on your computer screen that you will have to scan with your phone.
05:05 Enter the six digit code to confirm your device.
05:08 Click Submit.
05:08 Once two-factor authentication is enabled, please review and update your security rules.
05:15 Check out the next videos to learn more about how to trade.
05:18 If you have more questions, check our FAQ, or contact gate coin team.
05:23 The next step before starting trading is to fund your gate coin.
05:26 Account.

How to trade on Gatecoin

00:00 Hello everyone. This video is for users that have had their accounts verified by our compliance team, and successfully transferred funds to their gate coin account.
00:08 Without funds available on your gate coin account, you will not be able to trade.
00:12 To learn more about setting up your gate coin account, and how to transfer funds, please see the links to our other how-to videos in the description below.
00:21 So once you are ready to trade, login to your gate coin account.
00:24 After you've securely logged in you will see your dashboard.
00:28 In the right-hand side of the screen is the trade tab.
00:30 Click on the tab to use the trading platform.
00:35 Before you begin trading, choose your cryptocurrency, or token trading pair from the list in the top right hand corner of the screen.
00:42 In this example, we will be trading Bitcoin with US dollar.
00:46 After selecting Bitcoin US dollar from the available trading pairs, we can see all ask and bid prices in the order book, and the volumes traded in the last 24 hours.
00:57 For our first trade, we will buy Bitcoin with US dollar.
01:02 Make sure you have chosen buy and select which type of order you would like to make.
01:09 Gate coin provides two different types of orders, market orders, and limit orders.
01:15 A market order will execute based on the best market price available in the order book.
01:20 A limit order is based on a maximum price that you are willing to pay for that asset, and will be matched to an a seller of that asset sells at or below that price.
01:32 So let's start by placing a market order for Bitcoin with US dollar.
01:34 First select market order.
01:38 Then input the amount of Bitcoin that you would like to purchase.
01:46 In this example we will buy naught point naught 5 Bitcoin.
01:48 You will see that the US dollar price for these Bitcoin will be automatically based on the market price as per the order book.
01:56 Therefore the total that you will spend for this transaction will be based on the market price in u.s.
02:06 Dollar multiplied by the amount of Bitcoin you would like to buy.
02:10 You can confirm the details in check your summary.
02:14 If you are happy with the market price, the amount you will spend and the amount of Bitcoin you will get, click send buy order.
02:21 If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your trades, you will be asked to enter this here.
02:30 Once confirmed, you'll be notified that the order has been sent to the order book.
02:36 You can check the status of your order in open orders.
02:39 Once your order has been successfully filled, you can see the record of this trade in my trade history.
02:45 You will see a record of all your previous trades there.
02:50 Now let's take a look at placing a limit order.
02:54 Select buy and limit order.
02:58 Choose how many Bitcoin you would like to buy and set a price limit that you are willing to pay for them.
03:05 The total amount that you will spend on this trade will be calculated automatically.
03:09 If you don't have the funds available to send this order, the message insufficient funds will appear, and you will not be able to make this trade.
03:16 To improve your chances of having your limit order filled, we strongly suggest studying the order book and assessing the current spread.
03:22 Check your order summary, click on send buy order.
03:25 Remember that you can keep track of your open orders in the open orders tab.
03:32 After the order has been filled, this will also be recorded in my trade history.
03:37 Now that you have Bitcoin, you can trade all the cryptocurrencies, tokens, and fiat currencies available on gate coin.
03:44 So we've looked at how to make different types of buy orders.
03:49 Let's now look at sell orders.
03:51 I would like to sell some Bitcoin for ether.
03:54 First I make sure that I have selected the correct trading pair from the options in the top left hand side of the screen.
04:00 In this case I have selected Bitcoin ether.
04:03 I click on sell on the order type.
04:07 I decided I want to sell some Bitcoin for ether at the current market price.
04:11 I input the number of Bitcoin that I would like to sell.
04:17 The total of Bitcoin sold and the amount of ether I will receive in return will be shown.
04:23 Once I'm satisfied with the and the quantity, I click on send sell order.
04:32 My sell order will be sent to the market.
04:36 Once filled, your trade will be recorded in my trade history.
04:41 In this case I now have Bitcoin, and ether.
04:44 Now it's your turn to start trading on gate coin dot com.

Gatecoin Exchange[edit]

Gatecoin Fees[edit]

Volume thresholds* [BTC] Maker Fee [%] Taker Fee [%]
50 0.25 0.35
100 0.2 0.3
200 0.15 0.25
500 0.12 0.2
1,300 0.1 0.16
2,600 0.08 0.14
5,200 0.06 0.13
13,000 0.05 0.12
20,000 0.04 0.11
MAX 0.02 0.1

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List Wiki: Gatecoin Home: Register: (get $10 free bonus reward) CoinMarketCap (coin market cap): Exchange (market, price): Official Twitter account: Official Facebook account (fb): YouTube video (channel): Official LinkedIn account: Reddit: Official blog (news): Contact support (number, email): Contact number, support email: About us (page, website, company info): Team: Job (jobs, careers, work, company): News: Referral Program Bonus Reward Code (Affiliate Commission): Fees: API (key, documentation, example): Alexa website traffic ranking:

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