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Info List[edit]

  • official website:
  • The Gate of Blockchain Assets Exchange
  • Languages available: english, chinese, korean
  • Copyright © 2017 - Gate Technology Incorporated


  • Super secured SSL Link
  • Offline Bitcoin Wallet Technology
  • Instant deposit and withdrawal for Cryptocurrencies
  • Two factor authentication
  • Low Fee. No fee for deposit. Low trading fee. Low withdrawal fee with optional withdrawal service

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Video List[edit]

Official YouTube channel: - Exchange Tutorial

00:00 Okay this is where we are going to figure out how to do how to buy many mediblock with Ethereum.
00:07 Alright, so if you don't have an account again click on that link that we've got if you want to save money.
00:14 Type in your username, and password save all your stuff and then you get to this screen.
00:18 Okay we're on the home screen.
00:20 The first thing you're gonna want to do is we need to add our Ethereum from somewhere.
00:25 So what we're gonna do is go to wallets, alright, right here, we're gonna click there, BAM.
00:30 And we're gonna bring up all of our wallets.
00:33 You'll notice that we have like a couple pennies or something of Ethereum left over from our buy, but every a lot of people are so confused as to how to buy alt coins on different exchanges.
00:48 In, in, it is a little bit complex that's why we're doing this step by step video but they're all kind of set up the same way, alright.
00:58 You have something like a wallet, okay, where on every exchange this is where you're gonna put in your money.
01:04 Here are all the different wallets.
01:06 We don't care about all these different ones and there's pages and pages and pages.
01:10 We only care about Ethereum.
01:12 And if you don't see it, you can type it here.
01:14 There's always gonna be some kind of a box to type it in.
01:17 And if you want to type it in, then your options comes up.
01:21 So you have a Ethereum you have Ethereum classic and all these different things.
01:25 And, on each exchange there's going to be some kind of a deposit button, a withdraw button, you they usually don't have a trade button, this is just an added bonus, but there's always a deposit and withdrawal.
01:38 So withdrawal we we we only have a couple pennies to withdraw.
01:42 We're trying to deposit, okay we're trying to put money onto this exchange so that we can use it to buy.
01:48 So we're gonna click that, and it's gonna bring up our link.
01:51 This is our send to link.
01:53 So you're gonna copy and paste this again.
01:57 This code right here same exact thing is this bad boy, same thing.
02:02 So don't worry, either you can use this, or copy the address.
02:04 Now what we need to do is find where we have Ethereum.
02:10 Maybe you have it in your treasure wallet, maybe in your ledger nano wallet, maybe you've got a coin base, maybe it's on some of their exchange, but it's all gonna happen the same way.
02:19 You're gonna copy this address, you're gonna jump over to where you have your Ethereum, and maybe we can show you real quick.
02:31 I'll just go to coin base and show you guys what's happening.
02:41 So let's say hypothetically you have your money on coin base, I don't keep any money here on coin base.
02:48 So we probably shouldn't have any money whatsoever, but just hypothetically we'll go to accounts.
02:53 Outgoing wire delays, what a surprise.
02:55 OK we've got a couple dollars on here.
03:00 Bitcoin wallet, so we're gonna go to Ethereum wallet.
03:06 And we don't have any to send, but if we did have a Ethereum to send, this button would light up, and you would click on it.
03:14 Okay, and you're gonna type in that address.
03:16 So you get that address from right here, this is your sin to address.
03:21 And you're gonna type in how much a Ethereum you want and send it, and then you're good.
03:25 The next thing you want to do is look at where it is.
03:28 Okay this will take about 30 minutes up to an hour, don't panic.
03:34 But you're gonna go back to your wallets, and you're gonna click on Ethereum, and you're gonna be able to see, okay so you see that we sent five Ethereum before, and we we essentially bought five Ethereum worth of Mediblock.
03:51 So you're gonna see the recent transactions here, or pending transactions right over here.
04:00 You can also go to your balances and check to see what is being confirmed.
04:05 So you're just waiting for your Ethereum to be confirmed.
04:11 As soon as it's confirmed, it's gonna be up here.
04:13 You see your total funds, it's gonna be up here.
04:19 That means you can buy.
04:19 Now we're on to the next step.
04:22 We have our Ethereum, we got it from coin base, or we got it from treasure, we got it from the ledger nano, or we we put it from binance, wherever your Ethereum is we got it now on this site, now we can use it to buy medi coin.
04:35 Let show you how to do that.
04:38 What you're gonna do is come over here to markets.
04:41 Okay, you have your these are your BTC is Bitcoin that's your Bitcoin market.
04:45 We didn't send Bitcoin over, and you can't buy many mediblock with Bitcoin, so we don't need to worry about that at all.
04:53 We're gonna go here to ETH, this is Ethereum markets.
04:56 This is everything that you can buy with Ethereum.
04:59 And there are some pretty great coins over here, some pretty under-the-radar coins.
05:03 So we're gonna look for MED, and if you don't know what the letters are, if you go back to Mehdi block, we know that it's Medi block, oh there's the letters m e d, so that's what he'll have to look for.
05:17 So we go back over here to markets Ethereum markets and we're looking for m e d which is right here, we're gonna click on that bad boy, oh that's gonna bring up this page, okay.
05:29 And remember up here, you have your Ethereum balance, okay, this will be whatever you deposited, so it's just confirming and letting you guys know like hey, this is how much buying power you have.
05:42 Don't be confused with all the numbers, and all the lines, and all this crap, we don't need to worry about that.
05:49 What we need to worry about is, are we buying med, or are we selling?
05:50 We're here to buy, so we're gonna only pay attention to this little box and we're not gonna care about anything else, alright.
06:02 So price, there there's gonna be, let's see if this website has it, okay.
06:07 So buy, this is your this is the price that they're generating for you, right.
06:13 So we know that this website doesn't have a lot of volume, we're gonna pay a little bit of a premium, and if you want to save money, you use our link for the gate io, and you can type in your amount.
06:23 Again we don't have a lot of buying power, it's going to tell you your buying power right here, okay, as well as at the top, woops, at the top at the top of the screen here, it will also tell your buying power.
06:37 So the numbers will match up, we're gonna come down here.
06:41 And based on this buying power, you're gonna have some kind of an arrow, and you're gonna click max buy, if you want to buy with all of the ethereum that’s sent over, or you type in the amount you can do.
06:57 And it will tell you here how much you can actually afford, so.
07:00 Or you can just type in this number, it's up to you how you do it.
07:04 So some websites will have a max button and you just click that, boom, and that will populate your max buy.
07:10 Some websites will have the the max by here and you have to manually put it in like some of the smaller ones like gate IO is a little bit smaller, and it will tell you your total price here in Ethereum, not in US dollars, or Euros, or BTC, it's in Ethereum.
07:27 And then you're just gonna click buy.
07:29 Okay once you do that, you've got this little box down here called my orders.
07:35 That's where you're gonna see your order come up, and you're gonna know if it filled, or it's waiting to be filled.
07:41 Okay, so very important.
07:43 Once you put in, the price will already be here, alright your price is already there, you're gonna put in your amount.
07:51 It's gonna tell you how much you can afford right here, you're gonna type that in.
07:55 Let's let's essentially do that here so you guys can see what's happening.
08:00 And I don't think will let us buy because it's such a small amount.
08:05 We can try to buy it let's see if it lets us.
08:08 Okay we're gonna buy a half of money.
08:14 Let's try to buy it see if it works.
08:18 Oh we've got to put in our - I don't want it I don't want to put in all this technical stuff here.
08:25 I don't want you guys to see all these passwords and all this goodness.
08:29 But you type in your password when you set up this website, all right.
08:32 Make sure you write that on a piece of paper.
08:34 Don't let anybody see it, not even your dog, and you're gonna click confirm with that password, and then you're good.
08:41 Your orders gonna be here.
08:42 Okay sometimes it'll fill right away, sometimes it'll take a little time.
08:46 So just wait we're all good.
08:49 And then you're done, all right.
08:50 When your order is here, in your leg how do I find it it's pretty simple.
08:55 You're gonna go back to your wallets.
08:57 Your wallets is that everything that you hold money on that's officially there will be in your wallet.
09:04 So once you confirm that, up at the top you'll have your Medi block balance, okay.
09:09 And if you're searching for, if it's not at the top which should be, just come over here to the search bar and type MED, and here's your Medi block here.
09:20 Oh we have a little bit of Medi block here.
09:22 So that's where your wallet is, okay.
09:25 This is your money, okay.
09:25 You have your balance, you have your orders, and you have your total.
09:30 And it will give you your USD estimate here, as well as your USD estimate at the top, which is great.
09:35 So we're not trying to deposit, we're not trying to withdraw.
09:41 We want to take our money from the exchange, and keep it safe, that's the next.
09:46 And this is where you're going to withdraw your Medi block.
09:50 Remember we're not depositing on to, we're taking it away, so you're gonna click withdrawal.
09:58 It's gonna populate your address here, and and that's where you're gonna want to that's where you're gonna want to send your your Medi block, all right.
10:14 So that's essentially how to do it.
10:17 When you send that, it's gonna take a little bit, all right.
10:22 And the one thing that I will I will tell you guys is with this wallet, it takes a few hours to load.
10:28 And if you don't see your Medi block in there, it has to fully populate, and fully load before you see your Medi block, all right.
10:38 So if you open the address, and you're like oh my god did I do it correctly?
10:43 If you followed all those steps you did it correctly.
10:47 And it's gonna take a while to completely fill the the wallet.
10:49 And once it's ready and loaded, then it will show you your Medi block inside, all right.
10:55 So it was a little bit complicated, there's a lot of steps, but don't worry you guys can pause this video and fast-forward and rewind or... Exchange[edit] Fees[edit]

Tier Fee discount Trade Volume of BTC Equivalent
VIP 0 No < 6 BTC
VIP 1 5% Off ≥ 6 BTC
VIP 2 10% Off ≥ 12 BTC
VIP 3 5% Off ≥ 24 BTC
VIP 4 20% Off ≥ 50 BTC
VIP 5 25% Off ≥ 100 BTC
VIP 6 30% Off ≥ 300 BTC
VIP 7 35% Off ≥ 800 BTC
VIP 8 40% Off ≥ 2000 BTC
VIP 9 45% Off ≥ 5000 BTC
VIP 10 50% off ≥ 10000 BTC

Low withdrawal fee:

  • Withdrawal fee varies for each coin. Fee is low in general. Please check Fees for details: News Updates[edit] Referral Program[edit] FAQ[edit] Reviews & Discussion[edit] API & Github[edit] Support & Contact[edit]

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