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Truth and facts[edit]

  • What is GAS? GAS is a cryptocurrency which is distributed by holding NEO in your wallet.
  • GAS is used to fuel transactions on the NEO blockchain.
  • With each NEO Block getting generated, GAS will be distributed to all NEO holders.


  • The official ticker symbol for Gas: GAS
  • Total token supply: 15,475,408 GAS
  • Circulating Supply: 9,722,398 GAS
  • Max supply: 100,000,000 GAS

Video Playlist[edit]

HOW TO: Earn GAS From NEO! (In Under 5 Minutes)

00:00 Hey what's up everyone, today I want to do a really quick video showing you how to stake your neo to get gas.
00:08 And so I really put this off for a long long time because I had my neo on an exchange that didn't give me any gas and this was bittrex, because I was thinking I was gonna day trade neo but I ended up not doing so so I probably lost out on close to 100 dollars worth of gas.
00:26 So we all know about neo right.
00:29 If you've probably heard about it before, this is the Chinese version of Ethereum, so it's a smart contracts platform.
00:35 Now remember smart contracts you need to give them a little bit of gas so it runs.
00:39 So in Ethereum, gas is just additional ether.
00:44 But in neo, they split it up between neo and gas itself, they call it literally gas.
00:49 And this is actually worth quite a bit of money itself like more than half of the price of neo, and so you should probably be staking your Neos and I'm gonna show you how in a really really quick and easy video.
01:02 So first of all, you need a wallet to hold your neo or some exchanges lets you get gas too, but the wallet is probably the best approach.
01:12 So you go to github and i'll include this link below but you go to the city of Zion neon wallet, it's called the neon wallet, and you download it for Linux, Mac or Windows.
01:21 And let me just open it up, so create new wallets, passphrase, um just gonna do some random passphrase, no I'm not gonna have any neo here ,so you can't steal it from me, generating a coded key, okay.
01:42 And then now you see this screen, you must save this information, maybe you take a screenshot or just write these down and then name it testing for video, save key, okay now back, log in using saved wallet.
02:01 Now you type in your passcode again, decrypting and voila, here you go.
02:12 So here's your address or public address, you go to your exchange bittrex and you withdrawal to this address.
02:19 Now one very important thing is that neo is actually indivisible, that means you can't have fractions here, it's just one or two or three, there's no like one point zero zero five or something like that.
02:30 So exchanges do have fees though, so if they're fee is like point two five for example and you want to withdraw one, you need to put in the amount one point two five, so after they take out the point two five you still have one left.
02:45 Because in the exchanges they can show like decimals but that's just all like virtual in their database, that's not the real amounts you have, it's not indivisible.
02:54 So let's say you want to withdraw ten but you have like a little bit more than ten, in that case you put ten point two five and then you get ten.
03:03 After a while you go back to your wallet, refresh balance and it will show up here at first.
03:09 You're gonna have zero gas but it's gonna start generating it immediately.
03:14 It's gonna be a very small amount like this is going to show like point zero zero zero zero one or something and it's proportional to amount of neo you have.
03:21 The more neo you have, the more get gas you'll get faster.
03:23 And so after a while this will go to some bigger amount and then you can claim it and they'll show up in this balance.
03:31 Now I hope that was helpful, so you can put your neo in this wallet and start getting gas and eventually can sell gas too or use it if you want.
03:38 And I'm not gonna show you the rest of this because it's outside the scope of this video.
03:43 If there any questions though feel free to let me know down in the comments below, give me a thumbs up and I'll see you next time.


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  • List of supported wallets for Gas (GAS).

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