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Truth and facts[edit]

  • GIFTO is a decentralized universal gifting protocol.[1]
  • GIFTO is built on smart contracts and blockchain technology.
  • Tokens for GIFTO is also called GIFTOs. The ticker symbol for GIFTO is GTO.


  • Implement Uplive's awesome virtual gifts to all platforms.[1]
  • Group CEO: Andy Tian


  • GIFTO initial coin offering was on 14 Dec 2017. A total supply of 30 millions GIFTO was offered in the ICO and was completed within few minutes.

Video Playlist[edit]


00:00 Hi, I'm in Andy Tian, CEO of Asia innovations group, the leading mobile antenna platform in Asia.
00:06 Today, I'm here to introduce you our new project gift GIFTO, the virtual gifting protocol.
00:13 GIFTO, came from experience running uplive, the fastest growing live video platform in Asia.
00:21 Since launching in June 2016, in this short 14 months, uplive now has 20 million users, 60,000 broadcaster from Morocco to Japan and apply or generate 100 million dollars worth of revenue in 2017.
00:38 That makes it one of the fastest growing revenue the video products in the world.
00:44 95 percent of the revenue come from our awesome virtual gifts that our fans sent our broadcasters.
00:52 From virtual unicorns to virtual lipsticks to virtual lamborghini that just as fun as you want, but cost a lot less.
01:01 In September alone, 25 million virtual gifts were sent in one month.
01:08 Virtual gifts is a great way to help our curricula to monetize.
01:13 They get a shrub you share of every single gift that the fans sent to them, at a token appreciation.
01:20 Some of our broadcasts are earn up to $50,000 a month, just broadcasting one hour a day.
01:25 If you come, there's still money left on table for you.
01:32 Why blockchain though?
01:32 Well our broad kind of broadcasts are all always asking us, can we have these awesome virtual gifts, not just on uplive but also on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
01:46 Because currently advertising is the majority and as we often the only revenue source for these kind of creators.
01:53 Which unless I have millions of millions of fans, it's very hard to monetize through ads.
02:01 Virtual gifts allow them to receive gifts and value directly from user base, whether I'll have 1,000 or 50,000 fans.
02:10 Furthermore our kind of creation also want the customers unique gifts just for them.
02:16 For example, virtual lipsticks for a cosmetics Kol or virtualized Michelin 3-star meals for a foodie.
02:26 By putting virtual gifts on blockchain as a virtual asset, we enable creators everywhere to create own gifts, set their own pricing and offer for the fans.
02:39 Finally, as we have 25 million gifts and 6 thousand broadcasters, is a huge task to calculate the revenue share across all these gifts for the broadcasters.
02:53 They had to wait more than 30 days, too far to finish our calculation and verify.
02:58 Of course, smart contracts on blockchain enables us to write that rabbit ear directly into each and every single virtual gift.
03:07 So that, when a content creator receives a gift from the fans, redeem in a gift of tokens, he or she received the revenue directly without having to wait.
03:19 In some way by using GIFTO universal gifting protocol, we can decentralized our successful centralized experience, monetizing all kinds of creation on uplive, to create value for you.
03:34 GIFTO, the virtual gifting protocol.

Frequently asked questions[edit]

  • When was the ICO for GIFTO?
14 Dec 2017.