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Truth and facts[edit]


  • The Most Trusted Digital Asset Exchange.
  • GDAX offers institutions and professionals the ability to trade a variety of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more on a regulated U.S. based exchange.

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Video Playlist[edit]

How to Trade Cryptocurrency on GDAX

00:00 Hi everybody my name is Colin, and today I'm going to be showing you how to get started trading crypto currencies like Bitcoin out there and litecoin.
00:06 We're going to be using a company called coin base, and an exchange called GDAX.
00:12 Now before I get started I just want to say there will be a link in the description below, that link is my referral to coin base if you sign up using my referral, when you spend your first 100 dollars, not only do you get ten dollars, but I'll get ten dollars in Bitcoin as well, so I would just appreciate it if you find this video useful, all I ask is that you sign up with my referral code.
00:33 Now to get started, you're going to go to, you're just going to enter your email, click get started and fill out the form.
00:41 I already have an account, so I'm just going to go ahead and hop over.
00:44 This is the dashboard that you see once you get signed up.
00:48 You won't see recent activity because everything will be fresh to you, but you will see the price charts in your portfolio over here.
00:54 Now the price charts, you have Bitcoin out there and litecoin.
01:00 You can also change the date range on them, so we can do an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or you can look at the all time which is sometimes pretty interesting to see the fist spikes or how it's gone over time.
01:16 Your portfolio is going to be your actual wallet.
01:21 So once you start getting crypto currencies and sorting on or storing them through coinbase this is where you would see them at, I currently don't hold any of mine through coinbase, I have mine through you know GDAX or my other cold storage wallets.
01:34 So the first thing that I would do after you get signed up to coinbase, you want to make sure you set up your two-factor authentication.
01:45 You're going to be having money going in and out of coinbase so it's important that your funds are secured.
01:50 So if you go to settings and you go to security, you can add your phone number and then I would recommend adding the Google Authenticator app as well.
01:56 The Google Authenticator app basically has a password that changes every minute or so, which just is an incredibly secure way to keep your coinbase account and your funds, it's also some ease of mind at least for me it is.
02:11 After you have the two-factor authentication setup, it's time to start adding your cryptocurrencies, so you can go buy sell.
02:18 I have been working with litecoin and Ethereum, I haven't really done a lot of Bitcoin although I think it's also a great cryptocurrency.
02:26 We'll just play with Ethereum here as an example.
02:31 So you can click Ethereum, now you have a couple different ways you can make your purchases.
02:36 Probably the more convenient way to do it is going to be using a debit card or credit card.
02:40 When you use your debit card or credit card, it is an instant transfer, however you are limited in how much you can transfer.
02:48 So I think it's at first you can only buy a couple hundred dollars at a time, so it's not a ton.
02:54 However again it is going to be instantaneously.
02:57 Now you can also add your bank account, which is going to allow you to make larger purchases save a couple thousand dollars, but that takes time as well.
03:05 So I think when I originally added my bank account it took a few days to verify it with coinbase, and then after I made my initial purchase it took about four or five days business days for the Ethereum to show up in my wallet.
03:18 Now they do lock in the price, so say as an example we wanted to buy $500 worth of Ethereum right now, it's about 5.42 Ethereum.
03:28 So I can make that purchase right now, lock in the price and then after those four or five days, you know they'll tell you when it'll be delivered, it'll just show up in your wallet.
03:37 So again the wallet will be on the dashboard, here you can also click account and you can see your wallet, through this screen as well, but we'll just go back to the dashboard.
03:47 So it would show over here, we'll say you know I might say like five Ethereum, now you're ready basically to start trading.
03:55 All you have to do is you want to get it sent over to GDAX, which is an exchange.
03:59 The exchange works with coinbase it's actually owned by the same company, so they work together, you can just send your money back and forth between coinbase and gdax pretty seamlessly.
04:10 All you have to do is go over to GDAX, click deposit, you would want to deposit from your coinbase account.
04:17 So I don't have any money at coin base right now but you know, we could say I have some litecoin over there, and we can go ahead and move over you know, you would say ten litecoin, deposit funds, and then I would see ten my coin show up under here, or if it was US dollars you know my US Dollars here would change as well.
04:37 So now you're pretty much ready to start trading, it's on the exchange you just have to start making your decisions.
04:45 This might be a little bit intimidating to look at.
04:48 I know I was kind of nervous at first, you know, I spend some time researching it.
04:52 These are candle bar graphs, they're pretty easy to understand, you know right now it's on five minutes, so basically that means each one of these blocks is a five-minute block.
05:01 If it's red, it means that that five-minute window ended lower then it started, and then if it's green, it means that that five block window ended higher than where it started at.
05:16 So it's kind of like the line graph, you know going up and down, at least that's how I look at it.
05:21 And you also have this chart right here, I can't remember what this chart is but I pretty much it's just like the walls you know, you have here your order book, so this is people wanting to purchase and the prices they are putting their purchases in it, and then these are the people that are wanting to sell.
05:38 You can zoom it in or out, you know sometimes you can see like right here there's some pretty good support, so a lot of people are looking to buy back in at 29 which is awesome.
05:48 But litecoin is been doing really good the last few days, so pretty happy about that.
05:54 Over here you're going to have the actual order books, so again the orange is going to be people who are selling their their crypto currencies.
06:01 So like right here is an example we have a little wall, so we have six hundred and sixty five hundred you know, it's moving litecoins that are trying to be sold.
06:09 And then down here, we have the purchases.
06:12 So these are the purchase orders, and we have a spread which is the difference between the two.
06:19 So 29/36 for selling, 29/35, for purchasing, we have a one cent spread there.
06:26 You also notice that the ones that spread, it's pretty easy to see in here too.
06:30 You know the bigger the spread the bigger the gap is going to be between the two charts here.
06:36 In the trade history or the actual trades that have been going through.
06:38 Open orders, any orders you have open currently, you know any Long's or shorts you might have gone on.
06:44 And over here any previous orders you may have done.
06:49 So, pretty simple stuff.
06:49 They have Bitcoin, US dollar, euro and the pounds.
06:54 For Ether, you can use the US dollar, you can trade it with Bitcoin, and then litecoin again you can use US dollar or trade it with Bitcoin.
07:05 So say you want to go in and you want to put in an order for litecoin, we'll do this as an example, so we want to do a limit order, and we want to buy one litecoin.
07:17 And you know right now it's at about 29 18, maybe I can get one at twenty nine ten, so we'll say twenty nine ten.
07:25 You can click the events if you want to, I don't really mess with this stuff.
07:30 So you can do it for a certain time frame, you can do it immediately or kill, or fill or kill, don't really know what the difference between those two is, sorry, I'm still fairly new myself although I've had some success with the trading, it's been a lot of fun.
07:44 Anyway still going to put that order in, click place buy order, you'll see the order goes on over here and that'll just stay in until the order gets filled.
07:53 Now if it never drops back down to twenty nine dollars and ten cents then the order will never be filled.
07:59 If it drops down to twenty nine ten, it'll automatic or below it'll automatically be filled, I don't have to worry about it.
08:05 It's kind of a good way to secure your funds, they used to have stop limits on GDAX, but they got rid of those for some reasons, so.
08:11 I don't know why they did, that I really like to stop them, it's a lot, definitely has some ease of mind, but that's okay, the limit orders do just fine too.
08:19 And so that's it, that's gonna be the gist of everything.
08:24 Like I said, you know, you can try and time the market.
08:28 If it's difficult, you know I read, read news, learn how to read the charts, watch different YouTube videos, watch people analyzing the charts, learn about the resistance sign, the resistant lines and the support lines.
08:42 And you know you can have some, some real success.
08:46 I personally, you know started out with $1600 I invested in Ethereum, and through some trading and luck and everything kind of exploding, you know I've turned that into almost eleven thousand dollars and growing.
09:03 Just today I made a trade and profited three hundred dollars, you know in less than 24 hours, I made you know a decision to sell while it was high and in a buy back in when it was low, and then I sold again when it was high.
09:18 So you know it's really possible, there's a lot of things you can do, and there's different exchanges.
09:24 Again there's Polonius, there's Kraken, there's Gemini.
09:25 And I think I would like to use Gemini.
09:28 However, the state that I'm in, Gemini does not support currently, so I can't really go over you know how those ones work, but coinbase has been great, so you know.
09:40 I hope you find this video useful, if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will do my best to respond to them because I want everybody to have the same success that I have had within this crypto universe.
09:50 You know and it's still new, you know, it's a growing world, the blockchain is a new technology, and it's very exciting and you know it's exciting to see where the feature will be going.
10:03 So, you know, I hope that you guys again enjoyed this video, and if you liked it, subscribe, thanks.

GDAX Exchange & Fees[edit]

GDAX Fees[edit]

> 0 % (~0.00 BTC) BTC: 0.25 % (ETH, LTC: 0.30%) 0 %
> 1 % (~6,379.97 BTC) 0.24 %
> 2.5 % (~15,949.91 BTC) 0.22 %
> 5 % (~31,899.83 BTC) 0.19 %
> 10 % (~63,799.66 BTC) 0.15 %
> 20 % (~127,599.32 BTC) 0.1 %
  • BTC taker fee is 0.25%, ETH and LTC taker fee is 0.30% for 0-1% volume, others are all the same.

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GDAX and Coinbase are owned by the same company. Coinbase is a cryptocurrency platform designed for regular users to trade cryptos while GDAX is for institutions and professionals.

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