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πŸ“ˆ Market price: FirstBlood (1ST)

✨ About[edit]

FirstBlood (1ST) logo
  • FirstBlood is a decentralized platform where gamers can be rewarded for their gaming skills. Built on Ethereum, the First Blood platform allows users to bet against each other on mainstream games and for the results to be verified and settled automatically via a smart-contract system, eliminating attack vectors, middlemen, and server downtime.

πŸ“– Info list[edit]

  • Name: FirstBlood
  • Ticker symbol: 1ST
  • Types: Cryptocurrency, token
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Issue date: September 26, 2016
  • Issue price: $0.0692 USD
  • Cryptographic algorithm: Ethash
  • Consensus protocol: Proof of Work (POW)
  • Max supply: 93,468,691 1ST / 85.6 Million 1ST
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Extra: Esports platform that allows players to challenge each other and win rewards.

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  • List of cryptocurrency exchanges to trade, buy and sell FirstBlood (1ST) online.

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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Team members[edit]

Name Position
Anik Dang Co-founder & MD International Markets
Dan Temkin Head of Legal Department
Marco Cuesta Co-founder & Head of Business Development
ZACK COBURN Co-founder & Chief Blockchain Architect
JOE ZHOU Co-founder & CEO

πŸ’° Initial coin offering (ICO)[edit]

  • Public sale date: 25 Sep 2016 - 26 Sep 2016
  • ICO total tokens supply: 85,558,363 1ST
  • KYC required: true
  • Platform: Ethereum

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