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Title Info
English name Duck Tours
Chinese name 鸭赏
Foreign name Duck Tours
Place of origin Yilan
Genera Dishes

Duck Tours[edit]

  • Yilan Duck Rewards is the special product of Yilan. It is the first of the “four treasures” in the local area. The ducks that are washed clean are hung in a special furnace, cooked with sugar cane, smoked and cooked, packaged, can be eaten directly, or used as a dish ingredient. For Taiwanese snacks, choose the cheaper old duck, cut the belly and remove the internal organs, apply the coarse salt, pepper and other spices, then use the bamboo to spread the duck into a flat shape, and expose it to sunlight for several hours. After placing a small metal box with charcoal and sugar cane, use the charcoal to grill the sugar cane, drip the sweet juice, pour it on the charcoal, and smoke it with the thick smoke that comes out until the duck skin is golden brown.

Edible method[edit]

  • Cut the duck into thin filaments, add the scallion that is also cut into filaments, and mix well with sesame oil. Soy sauce-colored duck, sweet, salty, chewy; Beijing onion, fragrant and slightly stimulating taste, this Yilan duck reward, can be described as unique flavor.
  • 1. Original duck reward:
  • After being naturally thawed in the refrigerator, the sheet is cut into 0.2cm~0.3cm
    Duck Tours 1 - Duck Tours.jpg
    After garnishing with a scented oil, you can eat it.
  • Flavor characteristics:
  • The biggest feature is convenience. It can be eaten naturally and thawed. It meets the characteristics of modern people's busy life. Buy it and put it in the refrigerator. If you want to eat it, you can eat it right away. It is healthy and hygienic. Our products are mainly frozen and fresh. And vacuum packaging, do not touch the outside pollution, so that everyone is very safe to eat, and the taste changes, everyone can pick the products they like.
  • 2. Cold duck reward:
  • 1. Raw materials:
    Duck reward
  • A bowl of about 300 grams of a delicious duck is placed in a refrigerated room for natural thawing, and then cut into 0.1 cm to 0.2 cm sheets.
  • 2. Ingredients:
  • Half a tablespoon of sugar (not sweetened), 1 tablespoon of rice wine, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 garlic seedling, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 pepper (can be removed without spicy), cold salad, cold salad If you want to put it in the cold, let the duck taste it. The seasoning used above can be adjusted according to your taste.
  • Flavor characteristics:
  • This kind of conditioning method is the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine. White vinegar can be mixed with salty taste, chili can dissolve sweetness, raw garlic can play a role in relieving greasy, rice wine makes ducks with a light wine scent to make it more mellow and thicker. A little bit of sesame oil is added to the effect of the finishing touch, so that the taste is smooth and mellow. The most valuable place is to adjust its sweet, sour and spicy taste according to your taste.
  • 3. Hot fried duck reward:
  • First, cut the red, yellow and green bell peppers into the water and wash them, then cut the garlic seeds into 5 sections, chop the garlic 3 pieces, and sauté the peppers. Add a little rice wine, sesame oil, water, etc. Cut the delicious duck with meat and stir fry.
  • Flavor characteristics:
  • The so-called fragrant, spicy drink analogy to this dish is the most appropriate, and can replace the red, yellow and green bell peppers according to the existing vegetables in the refrigerator. If you can't find the vegetables, the garlic shoots are also a good one. Choice, this is not only convenient, fast on the table, convenient to entertain relatives and friends, but also can become a special dish for the family, it is suitable for dinner and wine.
  • You can't eat anywhere else!
  • Suitable for local people, it is the best wine
  • Four. Sincerely mixed with ducks:
  • Ingredients:
  • 1, 500 ducks, 75 grams of purple onions, 75 grams of white onions,
    Wind mixed duck
    30 grams of red, yellow and green bell peppers, 30 grams of Flammulina velutipes, 1 tsp of citronella, 1 tbsp of coriander, 50 g of garlic (cut silk), 1 lemon, 75 g of garlic peanut
  • Seasoning:
  • 1 tsp salt, 3 tbsp rice wine, 1 tbsp powder, 7 tbsp fish sauce
  • Practice:
  • 1. Cover the tail of the garlic with a little rice wine and add a little rice wine to the pot and steam for 5 minutes. Cut the rest into thin filaments.
  • 2. Purple white onion with a planer to shave the filament, put it in a plastic bag and add 1/2 tsp salt for 5 minutes. After the water is taken out, remove the ice cube to dilute the saltiness and increase the crisp taste.
  • 3. Take out the steamed savory duck, keep the broth, and use a pan to fry the duck skin down.
  • 4. Remove the duck skin, continue to fry the oil in the pot, and keep the duck oil for later use.
  • 5. Cut the duck and duck skin separately for use.
  • 6. Red, yellow, green and sweet peppers are cut into thin filaments. After mixing with Flammulina velutipes, add duck, onion, enoki, peanut and duck juice, duck oil, fish sauce, lemon juice and kiwi powder. Mix well and grind. Into the lemon dander.
  • Flavor characteristics:
  • This is a high-end cold-cold dish specially designed for the banquet guests. It has a unique flavor, a delicate taste and is not greasy. It is a great dish for the guests.
  • Five. Duck oil rice:
  • Ingredients:
  • Authentic duck reward 1 piece, glutinous rice 1 bowl, radish dried 1 bowl, minced garlic 1/2 bowl
    Duck appetite
    1 small bowl of chopped green onion, 1 small bowl of pepper powder, 4 dried mushrooms (soaked water), 1 small bowl of white sesame seeds, 1 small section of carrot, 1 small bowl of soy sauce, lard, 1 coriander, 1 small bowl of soy sauce, Fragrant oil, white pepper, black pepper
  • Practice:
  • 1. Oil rice: Wash the long glutinous rice in the night before soaking overnight. Cook the glutinous rice the next day and mix it into the following practices 2-3 to make oil rice, and add black pepper, pepper powder and a little salt to taste.
  • 2. Take the pot, fry the minced garlic and radish with lard and remove it.
  • 3. Start the pot, add the duck to the end of the soup, stir fry the carrot and the bottom of the carrot, then add 150cc of water and a little sesame oil to taste, stir fry evenly.
  • 4. Duck-boiled rice: Put the minced garlic in the garlic (step 2-3), put in the oil rice, sprinkle with the pepper powder, white pepper and stir-fry with the fire. After the plate, topped with 1 tablespoon of garlic and soy sauce. Paste, soy sauce (soya sauce 1: soy sauce 2), sesame oil, and finally put the coriander and white sesame seeds.
  • Flavor characteristics:
  • Combined with the main food developed by Minnan, it can be steamed into a lotus leaf rice. Or use dried coriander leaves to make a small dumpling and steam it back. Each table is one per person, which will become the most abundant and staple food of the table.

Duck reward story[edit]

  • The duck reward is a representative of the Yilan specialty, and it is a kind of bacon-preserved food. In the abundant rainfall of Lanyang Plain, there are many rivers and ponds, so the duck industry is very prosperous, and the ducks produced are delicious. In order to preserve the new duck meat for a long time
    Duck Tours 5 - Duck Tours.jpg
    The fresh and clever Yilan people came up with a good way to pickle and smoke the duck meat, which created the "Ducks" that is famous all over Taiwan today. The word "reward" in Japanese means: "good things", "excellent products", "winning prizes" have a beautiful meaning for things and things. Later, the smoked duck was officially named " Ducks ".
  • The authentic Yilan duck reward must be smoked with the purple-black cane of the outer skin, in order to make the outer skin sweet and fragrant, and the duck must choose the duck that is matured and about three kilograms. After removing the meat, the salt is evenly brushed. Then hang it in a wooden box and dry it with coal, and smoke it with sugar cane until the body's oil is exuded from the epidermis, and it is dripping without dripping, and the epidermis is golden yellow, and then sent to a hot pot for cooking. At this point, it takes about seven hours, and it is completely sloppy! After the cooking is complete, the bone can be removed and packaged in a vacuum.


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