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Official site (website): https://digix.global Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/digixglobal Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/digix/ YouTube video (channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtkMrniF0MYg6nUIlZkYfzg PDF document file: https://digix.global/whitepaper.pdf Official LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/company/digixglobal/ Official Discord group: https://discord.gg/CCDBJJC Github: https://github.com/digixglobal Medium (blog, article, news): https://medium.com/@digix Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/dgd Discussion forum: https://forum.bitcoin.com/alternative-cryptocurrencies-altcoins/digixdao-token-dgd-pre-launch-via-ccedk-acount-digixdao-t7120.html CoinMarketCap (coin market cap): https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/digixdao/ Alexa website traffic ranking: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/digix.global

Truth and facts[edit]

  • Digix tokenizes gold on Ethereum, leveraging the Distributed Ledger for its immutability, transparency and auditability by applying it to precious physical assets.
  • Digix has created a range of technologies including The Proof of Asset Protocol (POA) and Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) on Ethereum.
  • Digix created DigixDAO (DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization) – a way for all of us to build a digital gold payment system together on the blockchain. It allows all DigixDAO token holders to participate in the direction Digix takes to build this gold payment system into reality. Instead of a company or an individual issuing shares, a software protocol issues DAO tokens as a software product.
  • Digix provides a use case for the tokenisation and documentation of physical assets through its Proof of Asset (PoA) protocol.
  • The PoA protocol utilises Ethereum and the InterPlanetary Files System (IPFS) to track an asset through its chain of custody. This allows for the open and public verification of an asset’s existence without a centralised database.
  • Digix also offers an API allowing other applications to be built on top of our asset tokenisation service.
  • Digix provides a transparent, auditable, and secure protocol that leverages the full potential of Ethereum's peer-to-peer decentralized consensus system and IPFS permanent document storage to facilitate the creation of transferable crypto assets on the blockchain.
  • Digix Global is the Gold Standard in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) where users can purchase Gold quickly and efficiently. 99.99% Gold from LBMA approved Refiners. 0% Fractional Reserves.
  • Secure and transparent marketplace for Gold Bullion: Every asset represents a unique bullion bar sitting in designated custodial vaults. The provenance of the Gold is traceable, immutable and exists indefinitely.
  • Stable store of value: DGX Gold. Every DGX = 1 Gram of gold. You can own, save and transact Gold in tokenised form - keeping secure private ownership of your digital assets.


  • DigixDAO (DGD) is based in Singapore.


  • Slogan: A golden opportunity.
  • The official ticker symbol for DigixDAO token: DGD
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Circulating Supply: 2,000,000 DGD


  • ICO from 29 Mar 2016 to 30 Mar 2016.

Video Playlist[edit]

Digix Gold

00:00 What if I told you there was a new digital coin that married the best aspects of current crypto coins with the safety and stability of gold, the oldest continuous store value known to humanity.
00:08 Crypto coins in their current form have two major drawbacks.
00:13 One, volatility, you simply cannot reliably transact with a coin that has more short-term price volatility than competing traditional options.
00:22 Two, centralization, if you have a single point of failure such as a big Depot where a large amount of coins are stored, then criminals will find a way to exploit that weakness, hack through the security and steal the coins.
00:34 But what if you could eliminate that price volatility by tying a digital coin to an asset that has real, stable and historical value like gold.
00:43 And what if that gold digital coin was traded person to person without any centralised intermediary like a bank or other institution in the way.
00:52 You would have created a revolution in digital coins, and this is exactly what Digix has done.
00:57 Digix has taken all of the innovative realities behind current digital coins, the blockchain, transactional privacy, minimal transaction fees and backed it up with the world's oldest and longest standing store of value, gold.
01:12 With the Digix tokens, you own actual physical gold stored in a vault in Singapore, one of the world's safest and most private locations of the world.
01:22 You can redeem your digits tokens for physical gold any time you wish, or you can trade your digital gold backed Digix tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for goods, services or other digital assets.
01:36 And because Digix tokens are transacted from person to person, there is no centralized Depot for criminals or hackers to exploit.
01:43 So if you have a family member you want to send money to, Digix tokens provides you a way to send value to them that can go across the world without any bank or other intermediary getting in the way.
01:54 Or if you have a business online, or you're an artist selling your artwork, with Digix tokens, you can accept payment from anyone, anywhere in the world without the hassle of dealing with banks or paying their bloated fees.
02:07 Digix tokens are the next evolution of digital coins, marrying the best of the new way of sending value person-to-person anywhere in the world instantly without any intermediary and with the stability and peace defined of the world's oldest currency, gold.

The First Smart Asset Company on the Ethereum Blockchain

00:00 Digix global is a blockchain company that lets you create asset-backed smart contracts over the internet.
00:05 So let's go over how this works, shall we?
00:10 When you purchase and store gold in our vault, Digix global certifies the ownership and existence of your gold on the blockchain through our proof of asset service.
00:20 Our certification allows you to create an endless range of smart contracts online.
00:28 For instance, you are able to create divisible asset redemption vouchers for your gold.
00:35 These vouchers can be sent and received by anyone through the internet with an online wallet, and also be redeemed for physical gold from our vaults.
00:48 As we built our proof of asset service on top of the blockchain, these vouchers will always be protected from duplication and fraud.
01:00 Digix Global's proof of asset creates endless opportunities for asset backed smart contract over the Internet, helping the decentralized ecosystem to flourish.
01:12 For more information, please visit us at www.dgx.io.


  • The First Smart Asset Company Built on Ethereum
  • We make it easy for you to send the ownership of your Assets on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Not a payment processor but an asset issuance service on the blockchain.
  • Year founded: 2014.
  • Company type: Public Company.
  • Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #06-09, Singapore (S)059817.
  • Phone contact: +65-6708 9380

DigixDAO token (DGD)[edit]


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Team members[edit]

  • Since forming in Singapore, 2014, Digix Global have assembled an elite team of business, legal and technology experts to become one of the foremost teams in the blockchain space.
  • List of team members in DigixDAO (DGD).
Name Position Details
Teo Hye, Chng Chairman Former Chairman and CEO of Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd. He provides IT expertise and Business Development Strategies to the firm.
Kai C. Chng Founder & CEO Kai worked on Wall Street as an EMFX trader in a global investment bank for the past 4 years. He was an International Program student at Upenn - Wharton and graduated with honors from NYU - Stern.
Anthony Eufemio Founder & CTO
Shaun Djie Founder & COO
Teo Chen Shien Company Counsel
Ricardo Banate Senior JavaScript Engineer Team Lead
Neil-Jan Mattheuz Palima Mid JavaScript Engineer
Vu Nguyen Developer


  • List of advisors for DigixDAO (DGD).
Name Details
Chris Hitchcott Advisor
Peter Tan Senior Advisor
Tony Wong Senior Advisor


  • List of partners, supporters and investors for DigixDAO (DGD).

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