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The complete list of all cryptos (cryptocurrencies). Click on each of the crypto link to view more information on the detail page.

List of all cryptos[edit]

Crypto Ticker
BTC-32.png Bitcoin BTC
ETH-32.png Ethereum ETH

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Frequently asked questions[edit]

  • Is the list covers all the cryptos out there?
The list covers most of the popular cryptos out there. There are always new cryptos and ongoing ICO. You can help to add any missing cryptos to the list above.
This Cryptos list is a simple list with faster loading and easier reference but without much details (you can click on each of the cryptos to get more details). Cryptocurrencies list is the list with more details.


  • Click on each of the cryptocurrency link to get more details about the crypto.
  • For new coins and tokens, please add to the bottom of the list.
  • This is a simplified crypto list without much details to speed up the loading of the page.

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