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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Cryptonex enables users to instantly exchange the currencies of different countries for any cryptocurrencies and tokens, spend сryptoсurrency using debit cards and mobile applications with contactless payments.
  • Cryptonex is a global decentralized cryptocurrency of a new generation, developed on its own blockchain platform.
  • The main goal of Cryptonex is to provide the opportunity to exchange any currencies of the world for any crypto currencies and tokens, buy goods and services using mobile phones and payment cards instantly with minimum Commission.


  • Slogan: Global blockchain acquiring.
  • Cryptonex (CNX) is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.


  • The official ticker symbol for Cryptonex token: CNX
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 106,563,186 CNX
  • Circulating supply: 45,125,560 CNX
  • Max supply: 210,000,000 CNX


  • ICO from 1 Sep 2017 to 31 Sep 2017.

Video Playlist[edit]

Cryptonex (CNX) - Global Blockchain Acquiring

00:00 Cryptonex is a global decentralized cryptocurrency of a new generation.
00:10 It is developed on its own blockchain platform.
00:13 The main goal is to provide the opportunity to exchange any currencies of the world for any crypto currencies and tokens, buy goods and services using mobile phones and payment cards instantly with minimum Commission.
00:26 Using Cryptonex backoffice, you get an access to all the popular crypto currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptonex and more.
00:36 You are able to converse cryptocurrency immediately in the back office.
00:40 You can use virtual and real payment cards of Cryptonex partner banks and thus instantly deposit your funds and pay for any purchase.
00:47 Crypto currencies are virtually forthwith converted to any world's currency and vice versa.
00:54 If your balance is at least of one kind of cryptocurrency, you are able to use a card or a mobile application.
01:01 The application will show the price in both fiat money and cryptocurrency, so you can choose the wallet to pay from.
01:07 With Cryptonex you can get rewards from mining pools to your back-office and use all the features.
01:14 For instance, spending the reward to make purchases in any store of the world.
01:18 Blockchain and other Internet services can be used according to their purposes by connecting to a high speed acquiring API, roadmap, ICO procedure takes the period from September 1st to September 30th, autumn 2017, launch of back-office and web wallets providing of high speed API, wallets for Mac OS, listing at exchanges.
01:39 Winter 2017 to 2018, launch of mobile applications for Apple and Android platforms.
01:46 Spring 2018, development and sale of hardware wallets.
01:53 Summer 2018, the final stage of acquiring development, addition to acquiring of crypto currencies and tokens.
02:00 Autumn 2018, beta testing, addition to acquiring via banks.
02:05 Winter 2018 to 2019, lots of acquiring.
02:10 Thus Cryptonex aggregates part of traffic, facilitates deposits, withdrawal and exchange procedures, combines financial flows in blockchain, providing new opportunities for blockchain community growth.
02:23 And now let's look at the price.
02:26 One CNX is equal to just 0.0005 BTC or 0.007 ether.
02:28 For example, Dash is a hundred and twenty times more expensive, Ethereum, a hundred and fifty times.
02:41 We expect that along with the technological developments the price of Cryptonex can grow seventy to a hundred times within a year and a half.
02:49 Join us together we will help to develop the blockchain and make the world comfortable and technological.


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Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in Cryptonex (CNX).
Name Position Details
Pavel Kalinin Founder, managing director
Lina Kai PR director
Andrey Ershow Executive director
Max Tennant Technical director
Igor Litvinenko Team leader
Dmitry Palaguta C++ programmer
Egor Sukov Network admin
Amir Sayfutdinov Front-end developer
Denis Zhurakovsky DBA specialist


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