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Title Info
English name Clement Viii
Chinese name 克雷芒八世
Alias Ipolito Aldo Bradini
Date of birth 1536.2.24
Date of death 1605.3.5

Clement VIII[edit]

  • Clemens VIII, Italian priest Ippolito Aldo Bradini (1536.2.24-1605.3.5) was elected as the new pope by Innocent IX, called Clemens VIII (reigned in 1592-1605) ). In 1593, the French Protestant Narva's Henry was converted to Roman Catholicism. Clemens VIII immediately recognized him as the legitimate King of France, called Henry IV, and two years later he revoked the previous generation of Pope Sykes V. The decision to remove Henry’s teachings.
Clement VIII
  • Clement VIII reduced the proportion of Spanish cardinals in the Cardinal, weakening Spain's power in the secret meeting of the Pope's cardinal. Italian scientist, humanist thinker Giordano Bruno promoted Nikola Copernicus's heliocentric theory and was deceived by the high-profile referee Mochinigo. On September 12, 1592, the Holy See herestical trial was held from February 1593 until 1596, and was determined to execute him on unwarranted charges. Not only to destroy his body, but also to destroy him mentally. However, the life of the iron window did not shake Bruno's belief. He wrote in an article that when a person's career made him great, he would not die . On February 17, 1600, the executioners took Bruno to the execution ground, stuffed the wooden blocks, stripped his clothes, and burned them at the Flower Square in Rome.
  • In 1602, Clemens VIII appointed Francis of Salers as the bishop of Geneva, encouraging him to carry out anti-French Calvin religious reforms. In 1592, Clemens VIII issued a new version of the popular Latin text Bible, called the popular Latin text of Claymount, which is the official version of the Catholic Church. The popular Latin text Bible was originally appointed by Jerome Damascus I, edited in 383, and was designated as the only authoritative Latin text by the Trento Conference in 1546. He also printed other important etiquette books. He is the last pope of the anti-religious reform movement.
  • In 1598, King Henry IV of France announced the Nantes Decree, the first national legislative document recognizing religious freedom in Western Europe. He showed that Protestantism has passed through difficult times and has stood up in France as an undeniable force.
  • The Malabar Church of the Catholic Church of Kerala in southern India, claiming to be the St. Thomas, the Portuguese are considered to be the Nestorian, and connected to Rome, but not close. At the Dean meeting in 1599, the Malabar Church officially recognized the Pope, but because of the anti-Latinization, it was constantly accused by the Pope.
  • After the 1583 Vienna's encirclement, Turkish coffee was introduced to Vienna, and later spread to Italy. Some pastors believe that coffee is a sinful product and should be strictly prohibited as a gift of the devil. After the taste of Clement VIII, it was greatly appreciated and called the gift of God.
  • On March 5, 1605, Clement VIII died of illness. Leo XI was elected. He was 70 years old and died 70 days after his death. Paul V took the throne.


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