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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Cappasity is a decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange.
  • Cappasity is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses quickly and easily create and embed 3D content into their websites and apps.
  • Cappasity brings an in-store browsing experience to online retail through interactive 3D images.


  • Slogan: Your business, made better, in 3D.
  • Cappasity (CAPP) is based in Santa Clara, CA, United States.


  • The official ticker symbol for Cappasity token: CAPP
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 438,686,537 CAPP
  • Cappasity utility token (CAPP) will be issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates AR/VR/3D content exchange among the ecosystem participants from all over the globe.


  • ICO from 25 Oct 2017 for 28 days or when the hard cap is reached..
  • ICO Phase 2 from 22 Mar 2018 for 28 days or when the hard cap is reached..
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC.
  • Total hard cap: $50 million USD.

Video Playlist[edit]

Cappasity brings an in-store browsing experience to online retail through interactive 3D images

00:00 Online shopping is becoming ever more interactive.
00:09 Experience a whole new level of interaction.
00:11 3D models offer multi-angle viewing and zoom features.
00:21 3D model usage results in the right choices.
00:24 Download free 3D digitizing software Easy 3D Scan to create 3D images.
00:28 All you need is a digital camera.
00:46 Embed into your online store.
00:49 VR and AR shopping experience.
01:12 Cappasity brings an in-store browsing experience to online retail through interactive 3D images.
01:17 Create a free account on

Cappasity Token Sale

00:00 The AR and VR technology markets continue to grow every year, bringing unique experiences into our world.
00:04 But while technology is spreading fast, supporting content hasn't caught up.
00:08 If we could create accessible content that can be easily used with both website, AR and VR apps, it would be a real game-changer.
00:17 Introducing Cappacity, the ecosystem that allows users to create, rent and sell 3d content.
00:22 Using Cappacity 3d tools, create and embed an immersive experience right into your apps and web sites, bring your game to a whole new level and speed up the development timeline, go online, full avatar style, make your portfolio shine, get real where it matters the most.
00:41 Purchase all kinds of 360 experiences for all your 360 matters, all rights and transactions are secured using blockchain technology.
00:49 Worldwide content exchange is now simple by using an AR token, a Digital payment vehicle perfectly designed for platform functioning, safe and exciting, allowing products and experiences to truly shine.
01:01 Be the first, sign up for the future.


  • Cappasity was founded in 2013 with the aim of developing a technological standard and an easy and scalable platform for creation, embedding and analysis of 3D and AR/VR content. Cappasity has successfully raised over $4M since 2014 and launched its platform and 3D digitizing software in 2017.
  • Today, each month the platform serves more than 1M views of 3D content. Furthermore, the company provides a comprehensive solution to create content for virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The platform features were designed to be open to other developers using Unity, Unreal Engine and Apple ARKit technology.
  • The company’s founders have been working in 3D technology for over 15 years and are experienced with IT business development. The team includes technology experts in the field of computer vision, SaaS solutions, 3D engine development for apps, 3D mobile and video games.
  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, United States.
  • Year founded: 2013
  • Company type: Privately Held
  • Company size: 11-50 employees
  • Official Cappasity page on about us


  • We believe the AR/VR revolution will be driven by content creators. That’s why we are introducing the first platform that leverages blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyright storage and content exchange within the AR/VR ecosystem.


List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell Cappasity (CAPP).


  • List of supported wallets for Cappasity (CAPP).


  • List of development timeline, roadmap, events and milestones on Cappasity (CAPP).
Date Events and Milestones
2013 Cappasity founded in Santa Clara
Since 2014 Raised $1.85M from angel investors
2017 Platform and 3D digitizing software are launched
Oct 25, 2017 Phase 1 token sale
Mar 22, 2018 Phase 2 token sale is scheduled
What's next? No1 decentralized ecosystem for AR/VR/3D

Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in Cappasity (CAPP).
Name Position Details
Kosta Popov Founder, CEO

Official LinkedIn account:

  • Kosta Popov is the founder and CEO of Cappasity (CAPP) VR/AR cryptocurrency project.
  • Kosta Popov, CEO and Founder, has a 10+ years successful track record as a software company CEO. Under Kosta’s lead the company successfully raised $1.85M from angel investors since 2014 and launched its platform and 3D digitizing software in January 2017. Kosta is an expert in 3D technologies, SaaS solutions and mobile applications. One of the top innovators of 2016 by Intel Software.
  • From Santa Clara, California, United States.
  • Graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) in Applied mechanics. Robots and Robotic systems.
Alex Chegaev CTO
Marianna Alshina CBDO
Natalie Reyes CSO
+12 more


  • List of advisors for Cappasity (CAPP).
Name Details
David Drake Chairman at LDJ Capital
Jonathan Millet CEO NewsBTC
Jayanand Sagar CTO NewsBTC
Frank Holz Director / Member Of The Board Gawooni
Anders Larsson Vice President and Head of Network Products, Ericsson. Co-founder LiveTourLAB
Joakim Holmer Co-founder LiveTourLAB
Yu Cao Startup Explorer and Analyst at LVMH
Jim Theberge Director, Head of Product Management & Sales Strategy, Advanced Advertising at Verizon
Henry Ines Partner at DraperDragon Fund, Executive Director of Global Chamber® San Francisco
Mark Friedler CEO, Gigex
Jeff Smith Entrepreneur in residence, Tech Futures Group
Leo Batalov Partner at DLA Piper, Head of Emerging Growth Companies & Venture Capital Russia & CIS
DLA Piper Legal advisor


  • List of partners, supporters and investors for Cappasity (CAPP).

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