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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Bytecoin is an open source decentralized, anonymous, private and completely untraceable cryptocurrency with instant and fee-free transaction.
  • Bytecoin is an anonymous egalitarian digital currency based on CryptoNote technology, which provides more privacy protection through ring signatures implementation compared to Bitcoin.
  • Bytecoin is more fair and democratic as it was designed to be mined by CPU only.


  • For individuals: Protection of privacy. Quick start with one of the most easy-to-use wallets to be a part of the Bytecoin ecosystem.
  • For business: Minimized risks. Your path to start the safest business cooperation with an enterprise-ready solution based on blockchain technology.
  • For Investors: Maximum growth. Got an idea to become an investor of a private and sustainable project? We’ve got the special solutions for those who’d like to store their funds in a private and secure way.


  • Slogan: A clear way to your private future.
  • Launched on 4 Jul 2012.


  • The official ticker symbol for Bytecoin token: BCN
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 184,470,000,000 BCN
  • Circulating Supply: 183,718,125,775 BCN

Video Playlist[edit]

Bytecoin intro

00:00 Are you tired of chargebacks on your business, long wait on the bank, worried about your online privacy or the high fees on your online payments?
00:06 Bytecoin is the best solution for businesses and users.
00:11 Not only provides instant transactions, is resistant to hacks, protects your finances, private data and offers a fraud protection which makes automatic chargeback impossible.
00:22 With our web wallet, you can access your funds anywhere in the world.
00:27 Making sure you have complete control of your Bytecoin.
00:29 Join us and learn more at

Because Bytecoin

00:00 Because my money is not your business, because I want to use an untraceable currency, because I can send money to my daughter in a few minutes and free of charge, because it's a beautiful project, because the security of my money is a priority, because the internet needs a real currency.
00:23 Bytecoin, a clear away to your private future.

Bytecoin Music Video (Lyrics)

00:00 Bytecoin, private, untraceable and anonymous.
00:08 They don't know nothing about me, I'm on that Bytecoin everyday.
00:14 Investing, making pay, I'm anonymous always.
00:18 On Bytecoin, it's anonymous and all private. On Bytecoin, you can't trace me.
00:23 Get Bytecoin, you should buy it, there's no fees, I ain't lying.
00:28 We anonymous, come be a part of us. We so sneaky like a buy-bust.
00:33 You can't catch me and this currency untraceable, and it work for me.
00:39 Certainly, it's the future, right here because the government always trying to hear.
00:44 Trying to spy on me, easy with my CC. That's why I switched to cryptocurrency.
00:49 Bytecoin is the right coin, it's the new wave, it's the hype. Boy, better hop on this train.
00:55 I ain't even got a single complaint. User base growing everyday, yeah, growing everyday.
00:59 Come and make pay, so what you waiting for? Put your money in Bytecoin and earn more.
01:05 Worldwide just like we on a world tour. Bytecoin stay legit down to the core.
01:09 They don't know nothing about me, I'm on that Bytecoin everyday.
01:14 Investing, making pay, I'm anonymous always.
01:19 On Bytecoin, it's all private. On Bytecoin, you can't trace me.
01:24 Get Bytecoin, you should buy it. There's not fees, I ain't lying.
01:29 There ain't no fees, Bytecoin staying dope. Gonna go mainstream, it ain't no joke.
01:34 The number 1 choice in the future, and the future is coming, so you better scoop some.
01:40 Transactions are simple, believe me. Easy peasy, like the wind, breezy.
01:45 Always hiding my identity from whoever out there, hackers and enemies.
01:50 You can't see what I bought, no. Bytecoin is the boss, yes.
01:55 Transaction, no cost, no. Bytecoin is the hot sauce, yes.
01:59 They don't know nothing about me, I'm on that Bytecoin everyday.
02:05 Investing, making pay, I'm anonymous always.
02:09 On Bytecoin, it's all private. On Bytecoin, you can't trace me.
02:14 Get Bytecoin, you should buy it. There's not fees, I ain't lying.
02:20 Easy and fast worldwide, that's right. Running game since 2012, been alive.
02:25 And the first enterprise-ready solution. The coin right here know what it doing, for real.
02:30 Your funds are secure, for sure, no doubt. Impossible to hack algorithms.
02:34 This ain't the cookie jar in the kitchen, safer than a bank, and it's Bytecoin you need to thank.
02:40 Only you can access your wallet. The most secure coin is what I call it.
02:45 I know all my private data is safe. You can't touch me, because there ain't no trace.
02:50 Send and receive money fee-free. My dog love it, I call him Fifi.
02:55 You gotta cop coin and be like me. Your next investment, now it's time for my exit.
03:00 They don't know nothing about me, I'm on that Bytecoin everyday.
03:05 Investing, making pay, I'm anonymous always.
03:10 On Bytecoin, it's all private. On Bytecoin, you can't trace me.
03:15 Get Bytecoin, you should buy it. There's no fees, I ain't lying.
03:20 I'm riding BCN until the very end. Get hooked up, join the ecosystem.
03:26 Linux, Windows to OS X, get the source code now ya feeling so blessed.
03:31 They were the first with CryptoNote tech. I just sent some coin to my friend.
03:36 I'm telling ya man, you better hop in. Flexible API, they do it just right.
03:41 Updates coming in on the fly. Join the team, and you can say goodbye.
03:46 To the old way, getting traced and tracked. Third-party nonsense be so whack.
03:51 They don't know nothing about me, I'm on that Bytecoin everyday.
03:56 Investing, making pay, I'm anonymous always.
04:00 On Bytecoin, it's all private. On Bytecoin, you can't trace me.
04:06 Get Bytecoin, you should buy it. There's no fees, I ain't lying.
04:11 They don't know nothing about me, I'm on that Bytecoin everyday.
04:16 Investing, making pay, I'm anonymous always.
04:20 On Bytecoin, it's all private. On Bytecoin, you can't trace me.
04:25 Get Bytecoin, you should buy it. There's no fees, I ain't lying.
04:34 Learn more about anonymous, private and completely untraceable cryptocurrency at

Bytecoin in a Nutshell

00:00 Bytecoin in a nutshell.
00:00 In this video, I'm going to talk about the key features of Bytecoin.
00:04 So first of all, to start off a quick quiz.
00:07 So is Bytecoin based off bitcoins?
00:10 So is it a fork of Bitcoin and does it have a major portion of its code based off bitcoins code? more on that in a second.
00:17 So first of all, let's talk about the key features of Bytecoin, what this coin is all about.
00:21 Bytecoin is all about private transactions, anonymous technology and it was one of the first stars first anonymous coins out there, it started all the way back in 2012, so it has a long history.
00:35 There are a total of 184 billion Bytecoin out there on the market and it's actually based on proof-of-work mining and it's mined every two minutes.
00:48 So first of all let's talk about this privacy focus because you know, a few people might ask, bitcoins already private, you know it's it's already private, there's a lot of features, why do I need more privacy features on it?
01:02 Well, let's just talk about one key feature of Bitcoin, which is that Bitcoin does not match the wallet to the user.
01:09 So it doesn't, so even though I can find out a wallet address, I don't know who owns that wallet, so that's one key feature of Bitcoin, that's where it's private.
01:20 But there's one problem where if you send money from one wallet to another wallet, you're going to reveal your wallet, and you can actually track exactly what goes on in your another person's wallet.
01:34 So for example I have a kind of a donation box down below, and if you do that, you can actually, if you look at it and copy and paste that onto a Bitcoin tracking site, you can actually view all the donations that go into that box, you can view where that comes from, you can view how much is donated, you can also view where and when I take out my bitcoins.
01:59 So that's actually a lot of information and that's actually not very good for private enterprises for example.
02:04 So Bitcoin does have a focus on private enterprises and it does try to protect the privacy of the sender, it protects how much is being sent and that's a very very key important feature in this coin.
02:19 You know with private corporations, there's a lot of reasons for doing this.
02:25 For example if your Apple, so for hypothetically if Apple use Bitcoin.
02:29 Then one problem might be that if Apple starts paying with Bitcoin to a manufacturer, you can actually trace that payment, you can trace exactly how much is being paid.
02:37 You can kind of kind of maybe from that you can guess who's being paid and maybe can guess what parts being paid.
02:43 All these might actually be private and confidential trade secrets that might be revealed by transaction history, so that's no good if your enterprise and using Bitcoin.
02:53 And with that, with Bytecoin, that was no longer a problem because when you send off with transactions on Bytecoin, it does protect your identity, so it protects the wallet ID and also protects the amount being sent.
03:06 So it gives kind of a very strong layer of privacy with regards to sending coins.
03:14 You do see other coins based off this kind of these concepts and there are challenges to this technology from Monero and from Zcash, but Zcash uses a different algorithm, so I'll talk about that later.
03:26 Okay let's move on to mining.
03:28 So Bytecoin can be mined by proof-of-work mining and blocks are generated every two minutes.
03:37 So there's a very fast transaction time and very fast confirmation time, so this is actually faster than Bitcoin.
03:43 It uses an algorithm called crypto note and this algorithm is resistant to Asic technology.
03:49 So the idea behind it is that it can be mined between GPU and CPU which is what normal people have and then you're going to have it in a more better distribution that what you have on with Bitcoin.
04:02 Right now pick when you're seeing, a few major block mining companies using all the sophisticated Bitcoin only mining equipment called asics, and they're going to take a large portion of market.
04:13 And with that bring problem with occlusion and Trust.
04:18 With Bytecoin, it is more decentralized and in that way, it is more fair.
04:24 Moving on, Bytecoin is not actually based on Bitcoin technology, it is actually based on a technology called crypto note.
04:32 So crypto note is actually not based off Bitcoin, it's completely new and there's special terms for example, the term omission is created and used in Bytecoin and Monero.
04:47 Other successful crypto note coins include Monero, digital note and even pebble coin, Dash coin too, so there are other coins using crypto note technology.
04:59 There's one note I do want to say about crypto note, which is that Monero, did discover a critical block related to crypto node, which allows a hacker to create lots of currencies magically out of the thin air.
05:13 That bug was patched for Monero and also for Bytecoin.
05:16 I'll do a little bit more of an article about this and there's a lot of like kind of fear spreading over this issue.
05:23 So I do want you guys to know that such things exist but I do want you guys to know that it's also being fixed for both Monero and for Bytecoin, has been confirmed by both development team.
05:33 Guys if you guys have any questions about Bytecoin, do leave them below, I would love to answer them.
05:39 Thank you guys so much for watching and supporting my channel, I will do more about Monero, I'm going to do more about waves, going to do more about crypto note.
05:48 So if you guys don't want to miss that, remember to subscribe to my channel and like this video.
05:51 Thank you guys so much for watching, see you next time.


List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell Bytecoin (BCN).


List of supported wallets for Bytecoin (BCN).


  • CryptoNote official site
  • Bytecoin uses CryptoNote technology, which is an open-source technology and concepts for the cryptocurrencies of the future.


  • List of development timeline, roadmap, events and milestones on Bytecoin (BCN).

Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in Bytecoin (BCN).
Official list of team members
Name Position Details
Afdi Active User
Alexandre Crypto Enthusiast, Owner
Daniel Developer
David Inostroza Financial Advisor
Diego Valencia Copywriter
Dimitar Correa Voutchkova Spanish Community Manager
Eduardo Cerna García Designer
Ernesto Lira Blog translator
Gabriel Carranza Quesada Technical Assistant, Partnership Manager
Jayson Developer
Keneda French Enthusiast, Partnership Manager
Miguel Alejandro Figuera Translator, Marketing Assistant
Mohamed Cherif Zeghad Developer
System96 Telegram Admin, 24/7 Enthusiast
Olawale African Community Manager
Mark Brahma Russian Community Manager
Pascal Ender German Community Manager
Seven Doorknobs Pool Developer
Aali Qader GCC and Pakistan Community Manager
Palash mehta Enthusiast
Mustafa Onur Küpeli Turkish community manager
Grégory Julien French community manager
Emil Rokossovsky creator
Joey Ji (冀纯强) China Community Manager
Victoria Cheon (천이진) South Korean Community Manager
Vincent Mining Advisor
Ankit Chandra Indian Commuity Manager


  • List of advisors for Bytecoin (BCN).


  • List of partners, supporters and investors for Bytecoin (BCN).

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