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  • Next free distribution: The 11th round is tentatively scheduled for the full moon of 2 Mar 2018 (at 00:51 UTC).[1]
  • Free distribution to BTC and Byte holders.
  • Airdropped almost every full moon starting 25 December 2016.
  • For every 16 BTC, you receive 0.1 GBYTE and for every 1 GBYTE you receive additional 0.1 GBYTE.

Truth and facts[edit]

  • Byteball is a decentralized system for storage and transfer of value.
  • Byteball enables safe contracts that are 100% trustworthy
  • Byteball makes enforcement orders of magnitude cheaper, faster, and more certain.
  • Byteball is a decentralized database with it's own native cryptocurrency, Bytes, that unlike most does not require PoW or PoS mining and does not have a blockchain nor blocks. Instead, Byteball links transactions by signing the hashes from the previous transactions on the new one. These links between transactions form a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). Since Byteball has no blocks, there is no block size issue.
  • Byteball is a private untraceable currency. Users can use built-in TOR switch straight from the wallet to increase your privacy even further.


  • Risk-free conditional smart payments: Byteball allows you to do something that traditional currencies can't: conditional payments. You set a condition when the payee receives the money. If the condition is not met, you get your money back.
  • P2P insurance: Hedge against negative events. Buy insurance from peers to get paid in case a negative event occurs. Sell insurance for profit.. Insurance is just a simple smart contract that can be unlocked by the insured - if the event in question did occur, or by the insurer — otherwise.
  • Prediction markets: Make money by correctly predicting future events.
  • P2P betting: Bet against other users on sports events.
  • P2P payments in chat: Chat and pay in the same app just by clicking links.
  • Chatbots: Talk to a bot like you would talk to a human.
  • Bot Store: Easily discover and add new chatbots via the built-in Bot Store.
  • Core features: Atomic exchange, regulated assets, multi signature, on-chain oracles, immutable storage, settlement finality


  • Slogan: Smart payments made simple.
  • Byteball enables trust where trust couldn’t exist before.


  • The official ticker symbol for Byteball token: GBYTE / BYTE
  • GBYTE is the giga byte, more commonly used in crypto world than byte, which is a little bit too small.
  • Total token supply: 1,000,000 GBYTE
  • Circulating Supply: 645,222 GBYTE
  • Byteball started on 25 Dec 2016

Video Playlist[edit]

Byteball The most amazing crypto for free

00:00 So today I will show you a really amazing revolutionary cryptocurrency.
00:01 The name of this cryptocurrency is Byteball.
00:05 Not bytecoin there's a bytecoin but it's Byteball.
00:11 The currency name of by ball is byte, so there are kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes.
00:18 Gigabyte cost at the moment $185, and what is amazing but one of the things which are amazing by all is it's free, so you just get bytes or gigabytes for free.
00:30 You don't have to mine it, you don't have to pay something, you get them for free every full moon.
00:36 You get free gigabytes or megabytes at the moment.
00:41 I was installing it in December when it was coming out and I have now six gigabytes, so I get $1,100 for free.
00:50 But it's not only free, it's the most amazing technology I ever have seen in a cryptocurrency now.
00:56 Byteball is not a normal wallet like the other wallets, Byteball is based on a peer-to-peer trading system.
01:03 I don't know if you have seen the last developer conference or Facebook as a 2016, Mark Zuckerberg was showing a completely new technology for the future, it's a messenger platform.
01:19 If a young person wants to order something, they they don't want to read websites, everything what they want to do is making in messengers.
01:31 In China, there is wechat.
01:33 In wechat, you can order a taxi, you can reserve a table in restaurant, order a pizza and it's not an app, it's not a website, it's a chat you just chat with somebody, and everything is working over chat pods.
01:52 Here's a little demo, somebody is you connecting to the pizza delivery service and the bot is asking you what pizza do you like, and you true you just say pepperoni, so you don't click something, you just like talking the person.
02:08 And then the bot asked you if you want to have a cola, and you can say yes or no, and then you pay the bytes in the byte ball application.
02:17 So Byteball has been using this future technology, this chat technology, chatbots technologies.
02:25 But it's as a supporting conditional payments, like Ethereum smart contracts, betting on price movements, prediction markets.
02:35 One of the most amazing thing about Byteball is it's anonymous feature, really anonymous, not like Dash with the climaxing which you can analyze, even better than Monero.
02:51 All payments are to send peer-to-peer so that nobody can see anything, they are not visible in the public database.
03:00 Byteball is supporting multi signature.
03:03 Byteball is running on the iOS, iPhone, Android phones, Windows, Mac, Linux, all platforms are supported.
03:15 In Byteball there is an exchange integrated.
03:18 So if you want to buy bytes, you don't have to buy them you get them free, I will show you.
03:22 But if you want to buy bytes, it's gigabytes, you can do this directly in the Byteball atomic exchange.
03:28 You're doing this by chatting, chatting with the bot.
03:34 Tell the bot you want to buy something and the bot say you how much it cost, and he's tell you where you should transfer the bitcoins to get the bytes.
03:41 So beginning is a little bit new but it's amazing technology, and it's for free, fair initial distribution.
03:49 How it's working, you chat with the transition bot, you're telling him your Bitcoin address, and for every Bitcoin you owning, you don't have to transfer them, you still have the bitcoins, it's just, you just you are just owning the bitcoins.
04:09 So for every Bitcoin you're owning, you're getting every full moon bytes for free, the next full moon is May 10th.
04:16 So on May 10, you get 62 megabyte for each Bitcoin which are linked.
04:22 So this is about $10 now, it worth much more before, it's going down, but it's still a lot.
04:28 So for each Bitcoin you get $10 for free, and you get 10% like point of state, 10% for each byte for free, which you want.
04:37 Again, it's a completely new amazing technology, just try it out, install the Byteball wallet till next full moon, link your bitcoins.
04:52 If you have questions, you can comment it in here.
04:58 I would be happy if you subscribe my channel and give me a like if you like this.






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