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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is a Bitcoin (BTC) and ZClassic (ZCL) fork with a focus on private transactions.
  • Bitcoin Private is not your typical bitcoin fork, it's going to be forked off of Zclassic, however it's gonna have the same tech as Bitcoin. This means that there's going to be a public blockchain but private transactions on it.
  • Bitcoin Private is taking the best things about Bitcoin and the best things about Z cash and putting them together.


  • Bitcoin Private hard forked from Bitcoin and ZClassic on 28 Feb 2018 (5PM UTC) at block height 511346 (BTC) and 272991 (ZCL). [1]
  • 1 BTC = 1 BTCP
  • 1 ZCL = 1 BTCP
  • You will get 1 Bitcoin Private (BTCP) for 1 Bitcoin (BTC) you are holding during fork, and you will get 1 BTCP for holding 1 Zclassic (ZCL) during the fork.
  • Block hashes for BTC: 00000000000000000041329f0fcd8b462893eecdc8316a46f64a064a2aa3f308 [2]
  • Block hases for ZCL: 000000000a2795e2ce49cb28687c5596f09757e5256dbf8bb91b9f14c292814f


  • Bitcoin Private is based in Austin, TX, United States.


  • The official ticker symbol for Bitcoin Private token: BTCP
  • Total Supply: 21 million.

Video Playlist[edit]

ZClassic & BTC Fork - Bitcoin Private (ZCL and BTCP)

00:00 Welcome everyone today we will be talking about Z classic and its upcoming hard fork.
00:05 So Z classic is a fork of the well-known crypto Z cash and the tech of Z classic is pretty much identical to that of Z cash except that they were removed the 20% reward to the founders and the slow start mining.
00:17 So Z classic features ZKsnarks just like Z cash, which are zero knowledge proof and Edward Snowden along with butallic butyrin have claimed they were big advocates of the technology.
00:31 If we look at the chart here, this is a yearly chart, we can see we had a decent run up in price here and then we consolidated for quite some time, we were sitting in the doldrums until recently when the founder Rhett Crichton announced the fork named Bitcoin private.
00:48 It has absolutely exploded in price, it's run hundreds of percent in the last couple days.
00:54 Currently we're sitting at fifty four dollars and fifteen cents US, with a market cap of just under 100 million, which I do not think will stay this low for too much longer.
01:05 So after looking through the reddit and the Twitter from my understanding, Bitcoin private will be a hard fork of Bitcoin and Z classic.
01:14 Bitcoin private will have the same privacy technology as ZCL zk-snarks, which are the zero knowledge proof, and payments will be published on a blockchain but the sender recipient and amount of transaction will remain private.
01:30 It's expected to be at the end of January for every Z classic you own, you'll keep one Z classic and get one Bitcoin private in return.
01:39 Similarly for every Bitcoin you own, you will also get one Bitcoin private and keep your Bitcoin.
01:46 They're not sure what will happen to Z classic after the hard fork and there will be no pre mine or Founders Award which is very nice, keeps the integrity and honesty within the project.
02:00 Another important thing here, after the fork there will be eighteen point five million Bitcoin private with 21 million maximum after the rest are mined.
02:10 So this is pretty much taking the characteristics from Z classic and Bitcoin and putting them into one forked coin.
02:21 Looking at the previous Forks, Bitcoin, we can see Bitcoin cash sitting high up here on the coin market cap, along with Bitcoin gold and even Bitcoin diamond, 30 bucks.
02:33 I mean they've all done very well and retained their value if not increased in value like Bitcoin cash.
02:44 And in my opinion privacy coins are definitely hot right now.
02:49 So I do think that this will be a pretty successful community driven fork.
02:54 If we scroll down here and look for Z cash, that is Z cash is sitting at one point four six billion dollars right now and it's almost 500 dollars per coin.
03:03 There's no reason for Z classic to be sitting at less than a hundred million dollars, and although I think we've seen in exuberant run-up the last couple days, we will see it head higher probably towards a hundred dollars with the excitement in the fork.
03:20 Especially since it's circulating supply is so low ,it's such a low flow, 1.8 million, we will see sharp moves with this and we'll see them happen very fast.
03:31 So lastly, Rhett Creighton, the founder is looking for developers, marketers, really anyone who can get the project going and help out with it.
03:41 So if you have some something to offer, I would definitely get in touch with him.
03:46 That's it guys, thank you for watching, be prudent with your money.

WHY ZCL IS GOING UP! Bitcoin Private Fork Information and Price Forecast

00:00 What's up everyone, crypto guy here, today I got a nice video for you on Z classic and why it's been going up so much, why I think may continue going up and really just some good information about it.
00:10 Before we get started, no this is financial advice, I’m not financial advisor, not promoting any securities and I encourage you to do your own research.
00:18 So Z classic, as you all know Z classic has had huge breakout in the last couple days.
00:26 I originally featured it in my last newsletter, it was around two or four dollars USD, it's up to thirty five to fifty thousand satoshis, and the market cap has gone from a couple million to sixty three million.
00:39 You're thinking with this explosive growth will keep going?
00:41 And my answer is yes, I think so.
00:42 So what's going on with Z classic is they're actually going to fork it and do a one to one kind of airdrop I guess, of Bitcoin private.
00:54 Now bitcoin private is not your typical bitcoin fork, it's going to be forked off of Z classic, however it's gonna have the same tech as Bitcoin.
01:04 This means that there's going to be a public blockchain but private transactions on it.
01:11 So it's taking the best things about Bitcoin and the best things about Z cash and putting them together.
01:17 So right now in order to get Bitcoin private you can either hold one Z classic and get one Bitcoin private or hold one Bitcoin and get one Bitcoin private.
01:27 So the circulating supply of Z classic is 1.8 million, extremely low but obviously we know the circulating supply of bitcoins about sixteen seventeen million.
01:37 So in the end this will have about eighteen million total supply.
01:39 But right now if you look at the price of Z classic, is extremely cheap compared to any other Bitcoin fork, we want to look at Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin gold and even Bitcoin diamond.
01:51 So we're looking at Bitcoin cash, you know two thousand five hundred per coin compared to Z classic, right now you're looking at almost 100 times game.
02:02 Obviously Bitcoin cash is the biggest Bitcoin fork but this one's really serving some things up and this could be huge, I think it's going to be huge because of the developers behind it.
02:10 The main developer behind is Rhett Creighton, he is the original creator of Z classic and one behind whalepool, this guy is amazing developer and he is reading the project along with the other original developer from Z classic.
02:24 So getting back to the other Bitcoin forks, Bitcoin gold even Bitcoin gold is a five billion dollar market cap in $290 per token.
02:30 And we're gonna be looking at Bitcoin private which is gonna have a very similar supply to Bitcoin gold, to Bitcoin cash, and to Bitcoin diamond.
02:40 So Bitcoin gold even is still almost 10x or what is the classic straight here right now.
02:46 Now if we look at Bitcoin diamonds, remember that Bitcoin diamond was a ten to one fork, so for every one Bitcoin you were holding, you've got ten Bitcoin diamonds.
02:56 So people don't even know anything about Bitcoin diamond.
02:58 In Bitcoin diamonds valued at thirty per coin which again was given it a ten to one on the fork.
03:04 So Bitcoin diamond and Zee classic shoes is trading at $300 per.
03:07 So just based off the fundamentals of what a Bitcoin fork is worth, we're still looking at Z classic doing another five to ten x from here, I'm extremely bullish on it.
03:20 And if you haven't gotten any, you might want to look into it, and that's all for today.


  • Kucoin - Coming soon
  • Binance - Coming soon
  • TradeSatoshi - Coming soon
  • HitBTC - Coming soon
  • Bittrex - Coming soon



  • List of team members in Bitcoin Private.
Official list of team members
Name Position Details
Rhett Creighton Founder and Creator He is also the creator of Zclassic, Bitcoin Private, and WhaleCoin, Bitcoin Contributor, High School Dropout, MIT Alum.




Frequently asked questions[edit]


  • This Bitcoin Private fork is to be taken seriously as the founder behind it is the creator of Zclassic (Zcash fork) with great amount of experience in the crypto world.