Bitcoin Interest (BCI)

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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Bitcoin Interest (BCI) is a frictionless global payment system focusing on three key areas: Technology, Community, and Savings.
  • Bitcoin Interest payment system has a new integrated savings technology that allows its users to park their coins and earn interest.
  • Bitcoin Interest can handle many transactions per second while reducing the bottlenecks and lag of the legacy version of Bitcoin.


  • Savings: Bitcoin Interest savings technology system allows Miners and Coin holders to get an additional benefit by parking their coins and earning a monthly interest in the form of Bitcoin Interest (BCI) coins.


  • Bitcoin Interest is a fork from Bitcoin at block 505083 on 20 January 2018.


  • Slogan: Decentralized Saving Community.


  • The official ticker symbol for Bitcoin Interest token: BCI

Video Playlist[edit]

Bitcoin Interest BCI Coin Intro 1

00:00 Bitcoin interest is introducing a familiar financial product to the brave new world of cryptocurrency investments, the interest-bearing bank account.
00:06 Traditional banks offer interest payments to encourage people to save their money.
00:13 This is good for the bank, which can make money loaning out funds on deposit and it's good for the customer who gets a small return on the money they're saving for the future.
00:21 But did you know saving money is good for the entire financial market?
00:26 That's because high rates of spending and trading create volatility in financial markets.
00:33 This makes these markets risky and scares away lots of investors.
00:36 For the first time bitcoin interest is giving virtual currency holders a way to earn interest on coins in their wallets.
00:44 Bitcoin interest gives users weekly or monthly interest payments based on how many coins they've held in their accounts during the applicable time period.
00:56 This is great for the cryptocurrency investor who now has a new stream of revenue for his wallet.
01:01 But it's also great for the crypto market overall because it will decrease price volatility by encouraging saving over trading.
01:12 Bitcoin interest is a hard fork plan for the Bitcoin blockchain in early 2018.
01:18 The fork will create a one to one payout of the new Bitcoin interest points based on how much Bitcoin you have in a supported wallet.
01:26 Bitcoin interest is a fork you don't want to miss, so be sure to park your Bitcoin in a compatible wallet before it's too late.




  • Bitcoin Interest has a well-rounded team; Our Engineers have deep knowledge of Cryptography and Decentralized Systems. We do not Control Bitcoin Interest, nor do we control the mining or distribution of Bitcoin Interest. Our community contributes to the decentralization, helping to protect it from failure. We launched Bitcoin Interest to help the community of miners and coin holders alike, as they are the ones that continue to drive this industry towards success.
  • List of team members in Bitcoin Interest.
List of team members
Name Known as Details
Lars Mapstead Legendary Lars Official LinkedIn account:
Aaron Mathis The Codefather Official LinkedIn account:
Nicholas Dooley Noodles Official LinkedIn account:
Manuel Gonzalez Garcia The MexiCAN Official LinkedIn account:



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