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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Bitcoin God is created as a result of hard fork from Bitcoin (BTC) at block height 501225 on 27 Dec 2017. There is no additional issuance or pre-digging. All God coins distribute 1:1 to all BTC users and GOD community users.
  • Bitcoin God is a borderless non- profit peer-to-peer organization.
  • The vision of Bitcoin God is to leverage a decentralized platform to solve the many problems created by existing centralized system.
  • Bitcoin God as a blockchain based network will enable tracking of each ledger transaction in a transparent and clear fashion.
  • Bitcoin God is a completely self monitored decentralized community.


  • Slogan: Make the world a better place.

Features [1]

  • Smart contract: With smart contract technology, we can issue assets and build applications on the blockchain, which makes GOD a token of value and utility.
  • Large block size: Implemented to solve the notorious network congestion problem and to increase practical value, the Bitcoin God network will be the most efficient and smooth digital currency network.
  • POS mining: POS makes professional mining machine unnecessary for users and reduces the power consumption. POS is more of true decentralization than POW mining.
  • Lightning Network: Real-time and mass trading networks can be realized without trust issues of third parties.
  • Zero knowledge proof: Implemented to provide confidentiality of payment, while enabling the public blockchain to maintain a decentralized network.


  • Total supply: 21 million GOD.


  • Bitcoin (BTC) will fork at block height 501225, approximately on 27 Dec 2017 to create Bitcoin God (originally was intended to be happened on 25 Dec 2017 as a gift on Christmas day).

Video Playlist[edit]

BITCOIN GOD?! A New Fork Coming on Christmas!

00:00 What's up what's up crypto nation, this is Peter with decentralized TV.
00:02 Today I wanted to talk about a news article that just came up on the trending tab of crypto yum dot com.
00:09 And it's from the coin Telegraph and it justm it cracked me up so much but it'sm it's something that I'd love to see what your guys opinions are on, the title of it is by William Stu Bergm forgive me Father for I have forked investor to release Bitcoin Godm the Bitcoin God, so Chinese Bitcoin and blockchain angel investor Chandler Guo has announced he will release his own Bitcoin hard fort called Bitcoin God or GOD is going to be the symbol name..
00:43 In a tweet something not unlike a parody of recent fork announcements in Bitcoin, Guo said that his chain would fork off from the core December 25th, which obviously is a major milestone, major holiday, it's the birth of Jesus Christ, and so I guess he's gonna be giving birth to his new Bitcoin God coin and on the same day to be a symbolic of me giving candy to all Bitcoin holders.
01:11 When asked whether the idea was a joke, Guo confirmed it was real the total amount will be 21 million, no pre mine he added, here's the picture of him talking about it.
01:22 Bitcoin God will be forked off the main Bitcoin chain at the block height of 501225 which will happen on December 25th to be a symbolic of me giving candy to all Bitcoin holders.
01:35 December has suddenly become a month of forks for Bitcoin, with at least three dissent to take their network snapshots before at the end of the year.
01:46 Bitcoin diamond, which is currently pre-launch, could also come into effect with the same period of the forks, futures already listed in a mark on market cap and trading around of $45.
01:55 The key aspect of these new versions of Bitcoin is its appeal to investors looking to obtain free money, free money, duplicate balances of their respective BTC holdings at the same time of each snapshot, there is no doubt the mindset behind December, super Bitcoin, bitcoin platinum, and Bitcoin cash plus games with the first of these already confirming it will be awarded equivalent balances to those with BTC.
02:21 Guo is meanwhile just yet to release further details of Bitcoin God having made the initial announcement via WeChat.
02:29 So this is really interesting, I am I am always intrigued to hear about new coins that are gonna be forking off a Bitcoin, actually I like hearing that, it's better than altcoins that are popping up all over the place and a lot of these all coins are generally crappy.
02:43 But the question I have to ask you guys is what do you guys think, are we are we going to fork crazy with Bitcoin and all this forking craziness?
02:54 I mean obviously we're diluting diluting the overall market cap of Bitcoin as these quarks come off because people are gonna be pairing with Bitcoin and spending their Bitcoin to invest in these new Bitcoin forks, have we gone too crazy or is this the future that we're going to be looking at coming up where we're going to be having less altcoins and more Forks off a Bitcoin?
03:18 What do you guys say, is this the right time is this the thing that we should be doing is supporting Bitcoin Forks or should we be wary of these, should we be a little, let's say, yeah a little wary, should we be cautious about these.
03:35 I'm always interested to see what your guys thoughts are, let us know in the comments below and join us in the Bitcoin pub, like, subscribe, share and you guys know what to do, smash that like button.
03:46 We'll see you guys tomorrow.


00:00 What's going on guys, this is crypto corny, welcome back to another video.
00:02 Today I'll be talking about yet another Bitcoin fork that'll be happening before the end of this year.
00:08 But before we get into that, make sure you subscribe to the channel, turn on post notifications and get yourself entered into the Bitcoin giveaway that I'm doing that'll be ending this Friday December 10th.
00:18 So on top of all of the other Bitcoin hard Forks we've seen recently, Bitcoin God is the latest one.
00:23 The story behind this is there's an angel investor named Chandler Guo, who's announced he's gonna be releasing his own Bitcoin hard fork on December 25th, which is Christmas Day.
00:33 And his reasoning is he just purely wants to be symbolic of him giving candy to all Bitcoin holder’s, meaning he just wants to perform an airdrop.
00:43 So if you currently hold Bitcoin, he wants to reward you with this new Bitcoin God.
00:46 Now all that really means is, you'll be receiving this free coin which is going to be worth something down the road, you know we don't know exactly how much it will be worth, probably under $100, but more or less he's gonna be giving everybody free money or creating a way for people to just get more free money from just holding Bitcoin.
01:06 Now if you want to take a look at this article and read over it for yourself, it'll be a link to it down in the description, so make sure to check that out.
01:13 But basically when asked if he was joking about this whole thing, about making his own hard fork, he just said no, this is real, but at block 5001225, it's happening, which is gonna fall sometime on December 25th.
01:27 Now there's gonna be a total of 21 million coins and no pre mine.
01:32 So basically, December is turning out to be the month of these Bitcoin hard Forks, with at least three taking place according this article.
01:40 You know we've recently have Bitcoin diamond, which is currently pre-launch and that's currently trading at future values of around $45 a piece.
01:48 So you know, if you hold one Bitcoin which is now worth nearly $12,000, you're only gonna get another you know Bitcoin gold or I'm sorry a Bitcoin diamond worth around 45.
01:59 So really there's not a whole lot of value to these but nonetheless I mean you are getting free money in a way.
02:06 Now there are other Bitcoin hard Forks happening, including super Bitcoin, Bitcoin platinum and Bitcoin cash plus, and it just seems like they keep they keep hard forking a way to keep giving people more free coins and kind of just perform these air drops.
02:23 Now I want to hear from you guys down in the comments, how many more Bitcoin heart Forks do you think they'll be in the next year?
02:29 So the end of 2018, how many more Bitcoin heart Forks do you think we're gonna see?
02:33 I mean you think you should be five more, ten more, 20 more, a hundred more?
02:37 I mean the rate they're going now it's happening pretty rapidly.
02:39 So leave that down in the comments and let me know what you think about all this.
02:45 But that's all that I have for you guys today, thank you guys for watching, make sure to get involved in that Bitcoin giveaway and we'll see in the next video.

Bitcoin God - $GOD Is Coming This Christmas To A Blockchain Near You

00:00 All right welcome to crypto 314 TV or the podcasts, wherever you're at, I appreciate each and every one of you for being part of my community and in this episode today what we're gonna be talking about is Bitcoin God., God on Christmas, you're gonna be getting free God tokens or God coins into a Bitcoin GOD.
00:28 Already a ton of exchanges that are gonna be apparently supporting this coin and on top of that it seems like an okay okay fork, I mean I've haven't really been too excited about any of them like Bitcoin gold seemed alright at first and then the hype kind of died down, but this one's really really trying to switch things up and do things a little bit differently so here, we have this article I wrote earlier this week before any real details came out about this coin, it was from, which is my news website and basically y'all motherfuckers need Jesus, new Bitcoin god hard for coming soon.
01:05 So this was announced earlier this week by Chandler Guo, I'm not sure how you pronounce his name but anyways the Chinese Bitcoin and blockchain angel investor, recently he announced he'd be forking Bitcoin God, announced via WeChat and Twitter, he said he'll fork the network on December 25th as a symbolic way to give candy to Bitcoin holders.
01:28 And yeah Bitcoin Forks are truly the gift that keep on giving, and it is funny because it did kind of almost read like a satire thing at first, but hey you know if we're gonna decentralize God, I guess 2017 is the year to do it, so why not, why not.
01:47 Alright so basically he posted it to WeChat and what he said is Bitcoin God, GOD like the symbol will be God for the token itself or the coin, and will be forked off the main Bitcoin chain at a block height of 501225 which will happen on December 25th to be symbolic of me giving candy to all Bitcoin holders.
02:13 The total amount will be 21 million, no pre mine, everyone can claim their God for major exchanges all over the world.
02:20 The profit from POS mining will be distributed to all Bitcoin God users.
02:25 So definitely an interesting thing where they're actually gonna be switching this to proof of stake mining and I've taken a look at the website and they have quite an interesting road map here going forward for Bitcoin God for what they want to achieve, so when you go to Bitcoin God org, you're greeted with just like a nice clean landing page and basically it says make Bitcoin great again, Bitcoin God.
02:50 So Bitcoin God is the ultimate Bitcoin fork solution, abbreviated as god.
02:55 Bitcoin god will end the current chaos of the Bitcoin world, it will give complete control back to the users as it does not allow for any pre digging or issuing of additional tokens to anyone.
03:06 Bitcoin God developer donation program incentives, incentivizes the growth of the community as well as contributors from developers all over the world.
03:14 God tokens will be distributed to all BTC owners on and god coin community users, Bitcoin God will empower the next generation blockchain ecosystem, while delivering users through a completely fair distribution system.
03:31 On the technology side, Bitcoin God supports smart contracts, large block sizes, POS mining mechanisms, lightning networks and zero knowledge proof.
03:43 So what they're trying to do here is go all out and solve the scaling issue, solve the electricity issue, which we've heard from the amount of media outlets I've heard like bagging on Bitcoin this week for it using too much electricity, like other things in this world like gold mining, gold mining I bet when you compare it, I was reading a stat look when you compare gold mining and Bitcoin mining like the electricity or the energy used is just it's incomparable, but the media you know faking news so we do got to make Bitcoin great again though and fight that fake news.
04:18 So yeah basically you know, Bitcoin God is gonna be proof of stake so there's not really gonna be a whole lot of electricity used and yes, they're trying to implement smart contracts similar to the Ethereum chain, so they want to issue assets and build applications on the blockchain which makes God a token of value and utility.
04:40 Large block size, so they want to implement to solve the notorious network congestion problem and increase practical value.
04:50 The bitcoin god network will be the most smooth efficient and smooth digital currency network is what they say, so POS makes professional, mining machinery unnecessary for users and reduces the power consumption.
05:03 POS is more of true decentralization than proof-of-work mining, and then real-time and mass trading networks can be realized without trust of third parties and that's the Lightning network.
05:16 And then zero knowledge proof of course just increases confidentiality of payment while enabling the public to maintain a decentralized network, and some of the features here it's gonna be 21 million obviously just like Bitcoin.
05:31 The remaining tokens will be distributed to God token holders and networks through proof of stake mechanisms and then daily output will be distributed to community users.
05:45 All Bitcoin, all holders of Bitcoin will receive an equal proportion airdrop of god tokens and then the bitcoin god foundation does not allow pre mining or issuance of additional tokens.
05:57 So definitely an interesting project and something that I think is pretty cool cuz it's definitely playing a different role, it's not trying to switch to just like GPU mining or just to one other aspect, it's going for like the whole everything, like it's God, it wants to do smart contracts, you know going after Ethereum, wants to do the zero knowledge proof stuff, going after the privacy coins like Z cash or Manero, and then obviously trying to solve the scaling issues, going after B cash and I guess Bitcoin itself, and all of that.
06:32 So here the technical support page because Chandler Guo is definitely connected with in the Chinese world of blockchain, he's got bytom, which is a pretty decent project in my opinion, I'm actually invested in bytom, invested in neo as well, I was invested in Metaverse until the wallet screwed up on me, but that's another story.
06:55 And the Qtum, Qtum is a good coin, i think Qtum is right too in many ways, so definitely a big like team of support here.
07:03 And they're also claiming that there's gonna be many exchanges supporting Bitcoin God.
07:09 So gate io, it's actually already trading there as futures, I think it was about 500 last time I looked, and some other ones like bithumb, bittrex, binance, coin check, hit BTC, Poloniex, GDax, I am not sure if GDax will do it actually, that's kind of, I don't think G Dax will list Bitcoin God.
07:33 We'll see maybe in the long term but the fact that they're putting this on the site makes me a little sketched out because you never know if these guys are just lying and putting all these exchanges on here saying oh yeah, it's gonna go to all these but GDax is definitely one that I don't think they list a lot of coins, but you know, who knows what happens in the future ,I mean I did hear that and not too long coin base will start getting Bitcoin cash for sale and trade.
08:00 But yeah it looks like they're trying to get on a bunch of exchanges and then there's gonna be all the wallets to support it.
08:05 So you got like stash, strong coin, web money, coinomi,,, mobi, Exodus,, bitpay, Jax, ledger, trezor, keep key, electron and all of that.
08:19 So interesting stuff here and yeah, they just basically give you a little Q&A at the bottom and why need God, because God remains them, retains the merits of Bitcoin decentralization while improving bitcoins controversial expansion, making it even more useful and valuable.
08:41 So I think it's not gonna take over for Bitcoin, but at the end of the day, it is, it's an interesting alt coin that's for sure.
08:51 And if they could get on all these exchange, even half of these exchanges, and if these partnerships here are legit, which I do assume they are because Chandler obviously is like well-connected within this space, so these are probably very legit.
09:07 I did actually see even on Bytom, they were blogging about it so like there is a definite 100 % connection with Bytom, and then the other ones I didn't really do too much research on the yet but I do feel like this project if they can go forth and actually implement all of this, it's gonna be a very very very very valuable altcoin.
09:25 And while we're on the topic of god, Jeff Berwick of the dollar vigilante, he believes God actually had something, maybe just a little something to do with Bitcoin actually being created.
09:40 So here's a clip.
09:43 And as soon as I heard about Bitcoin, I said the market found the solution already, and so as soon as I looked into it in 2011 to 3 dollars, I said this is gonna change the world, this is gonna be what takes down the governments in the central bank’s, which is a good thing, we need that, that's the cause of all war in the world, cause of most poverty, it's central banks and governments, so Bitcoin is almost like sent from God in my opinion, especially coming out at the very peak of the financial crisis in 2008, 2009, all of a sudden, as everything looked like it was about to collapse, Bitcoin came out it’s.
10:12 Well the white paper that describes Bitcoin discusses the financial crisis and its really a protest vote in many ways, and it is almost sent from God, I think of it as the kind of the virginal birth you know, of a currency, that is sprung into the world that is now changing global economics and global finance.
10:30 You're also a gold guy or gold, I kind of go on with that interview there, that's just like you can search Bitcoin and gift from God on YouTube to check out that whole interview with Max Keiser and Jeff Berwick.
10:41 But definitely an interesting thought when you compare that like Bitcoin really is one of these last tools to truly uplift and free humanity, like Bitcoin and blockchain and just like the freedom of transactions and like information and just like things not being tampered with and not being able to like you know, change history cuz I was talking about this early like, with someone where you know blockchain is almost, um it's like stamping in history like you can't rewrite the code like Coda's law and once it's there and once it's implemented into the chain, you know like you can't go and like you know for instance like, conspiracy theories will say you know maybe what if someone's like the elites are rewriting our history books or rewriting this and you never know and blockchain definitely has a lot of good that it can do, and there's a lot of potential power from there.
11:36 So whether it's sent from God himself or just like a message of like the divine and whatever happens you know, you kind of get that whole godly essence within Bitcoin where it's like you know, maybe Satoshi Nakamoto or whoever that person was that created it, just the thought came to him like just naturally from just the world, it's like it was just meant to be, you know like I don't believe in coincidence because I've seen too many things happen in my life that just at all like it's just there's no way it would all happen without there being something more so, who knows, interesting theory.
12:15 And at this point I've decided I'm gonna go all out and bow down to God and now if you'd like to support it, support this channel and leave a donation, the address is one God and then Bitcoin cash is also one God, just an ode to God coin and God.
12:34 And also why I bring that up is because I want to show you, how you can create your own Bitcoin vanity address, so they like you could put your name, so say your name is like Mike, you can do Mike, probably won't be able to put like a last name Jones, you know Mike Jones, like you'd have to pay point zero to BTC for that, but if you want to have a vanity address or do something silly like you know, I can't even do crypto 314 without paying no and it's not even possible because it's letters, but you can get short names here and basically like so for me, Tom works, you know just do Tom and then you get it for free.
13:17 So short names, nicknames, you know, you can kind of make whatever you want to do with this and just something I thought I'd bring up to you because it's kind of cool, I found this the other day when I was just looking up the Andreas Antonopoulos story because he has his address like this as well where his address is one Andreas and then whatever the rest of it is.
13:38 So I'll leave you on that note just taking a quick look at God, Bitcoin God, y'all motherfuckers need Jesus, he's coming on December 25th and that's thanks to a Chinese angel investor and blockchain enthusiast Chandler Guo, I'm sorry I don't know how to say but you know, yeah anyway take care, I'll see you in the next video or episode bye.

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