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Info List[edit]

  • BitShares official website:
  • BitShares decentralized exchange has its own BitShares token (BTS)
  • BitShares DEX - Your share in the Decentralized Exchange
    • Built using the latest in industry research, BitShares 2.0 offers a stack of financial services including exchange and banking on a blockchain.
  • BitShares Technology:


BitShares Download[edit]

BitShares Mobile App[edit]

Video List[edit]

Official BitShares YouTube channel:

What Are BitShares?

00:00 Imagine a company. This company has a lot of expenses.
00:03 But what if you could remove those expenses, and give the money saved to the shareholders, as profit.
00:08 Imagine you could be one of these shareholders, and you could trade your shares with anyone as easy as sending email, but without any middlemen brokers or commissions.
00:21 Well now you can, with bitshares.
00:23 Bitshares, our shares of digital companies that are traded directly from person to person over the internet.
00:30 Digital companies exist entirely in software that runs on the computers of the customers that use them.
00:35 Bitcoin was the first digital company that calls it shares coins, and promoted their use as a form of money.
00:42 Bitshares goes beyond Bitcoin to offer many new and more profitable companies in industries like banking, stock exchanges, auctions, music, voting, lotteries, insurance, and many more.
00:55 Bitshares does for business, what bitcoin, is doing for money.
01:01 To learn more explore

Introduction to Bitshares

00:00 Hello my name is Daniel Armour and I am the CEO of Invictus innovations.
00:03 Today I would like to introduce bitshares.
00:06 Bitshares is a crypto equity in a blockchain based prediction market.
00:12 In crypto equity is different than a cryptocurrency, in that crypto equities pay dividends from the profits generated by transaction fees.
00:23 One of the features provided by the bitshares prediction market is the creation of a new class of financial assets which we call polymorphic digital assets.
00:36 Examples of these include bit USD or bit BTC.
00:40 Bit USD is like a cryptocurrency, only it is market pegged to the value of a dollar.
00:48 Bitshares also enables collateralized shorts and collateralized options, which makes bitshares more full-featured than traditional exchanges.
01:01 Let's look at the structure of a traditional currency exchange.
01:06 The first thing you have to do is store your value with the exchange.
01:09 In which case you send them your dollars or your bitcoins in exchange for an IOU from the exchange.
01:17 Once you have deposited your money, you may then trade these IOUs on the exchange.
01:24 Notice that you're not trading dollars for bitcoins, but GOx dollars for GOx bitcoins.
01:31 The problem with centralized exchanges is trust.
01:34 While your money is stored at the exchange your wealth is vulnerable to the exchange itself, the bank the exchange does business with, and the government that the exchange is subject to.
01:46 At any time the GOx IOU for US dollars or bitcoins could be no good.
01:55 Some US dollars is more equal than other US dollars.
02:00 There are many factors that go into evaluating the value of a dollar, and not all about dollars are equal.
02:09 Things such as insurance, access confiscation risk, regulations, return on investments, spreads and politics, as well as trading speed.
02:21 All factored into the value of different dollars.
02:24 While all dollars have the same exchange rate risk, they do not have the same value.
02:31 So a Gox USD buys less Bitcoin than a bitstamp USD, because there is additional risk.
02:43 Whereas Bank USD is more valuable than paper USD in some ways, because you can instantly transfer it if you're in the same Bank, you can transfer it in a few days across the world if you're doing a wire transfer.
02:57 But cash is more valuable for other reasons.
03:00 Such as being anonymous, and no risk of confiscation.
03:02 As you can see, just because you call something a u.s.
03:08 Dollar, does not mean they are the same thing, and the market proves this by pricing them all differently.
03:14 So let's look at the process of buying Bitcoin via a centralized exchange.
03:22 The first thing you do is you transfer your dollars for an IOU from the exchange.
03:29 Then you trade IOUs on the exchange and ultimately you redeem an IOU for Bitcoin for actual Bitcoin.
03:35 As you can see, the exchange is not really trading dollars for bitcoins but IOU dollars for IOU bitcoins.
03:46 As a result centralized exchanges are subject to regulations.
03:52 They are dealing with financial instruments.
03:54 They are put in a position of trust because the exchange could walk away with your money, and they can be coerced.
04:02 Let's look at the process of creating bitusd from bitshares.
04:07 Both Sam and Alice start with a hundred bit shares that they can acquire through many means, either through a centralized exchange, and in person trade through local bitshares, or they could mine them.
04:21 Sam and Alice have opposite beliefs about which way the value of bitshares will move relative to the value of a dollar.
04:31 Both Sam and Alice would like to profit from this movement, so they agree to take opposite sides of a trade.
04:40 Sam goes short 100 bitusd, and Alice goes long 100 bit USD.
04:48 As part of going short Sam is required to keep twice the value of his short position held as collateral in the blockchain.
04:58 Let's look at what happens if the price of dollars Falls relative to bitshares.
05:04 In this case, Sam is short and Alice is long.
05:08 Because the price is fallen Sam would like to realize his profits and cover his short position before the price rises again.
05:17 So Sam can take his 200 bit shares held as collateral and enter the market and buy a hundred bit USD with just 50 of those bit shares.
05:28 After he purchases the bit USD, bit USD is destroyed, leaving Sam with a hundred and fifty bit shares in Alice with 50 bitshares.
05:42 The purchasing power of those 50 bitshares is still a hundred dollars.
05:45 But let's look at what happens with the price rises.
05:51 In this case, Sam is starting to run out of collateral, so the market forces him to cover.
05:58 Sam uses a hundred and fifty bit shares to buy back his hundred bitusd, leaving Sam with only 50 bit shares.
06:08 Meanwhile Alice now has a hundred and fifty bit shares.
06:12 As you can see, the value of alice's investment has maintained the purchasing power of a hundred bit USD, meanwhile Sam took the risk and lost money when the price rose, whereas he made money when the price fell.
06:31 Bitusd is divisible, and fungible.
06:33 Any bitusd can be used to free the collateral for any other unit bitusd short position.
06:43 This allows the market to manage the supply of bitusd.
06:47 Anytime the value of that USD is greater than paper USD, there is an opportunity to short at USD.
06:56 This increases the supply.
06:56 The supply shrinks anytime bitusd is less than the value of paper USD relative to bitshares, because this presents an opportunity for the shorts to cover their positions before the price corrects.
07:10 Some things to notice, at no point did real US dollars exchange hands between Sam and Alice.
07:16 Instead they merely traded positions on the direction which the market of u.s.
07:23 Dollars versus bitshares would move.
07:26 As a result Alice was able to maintain the purchasing power of US dollars, without actually holding or exchanging US dollars, or depending upon an IOU from a third party to save four US dollars.
07:40 Regardless of the price change in bit shares versus real US dollars, Alice has maintained purchasing power a real USD while holding bitusd.
07:50 Value is never created nor destroyed.
07:54 Sam and Alice simply trade the risks and the value is reallocated between them according to future events.
08:00 So how is the price of bit USD discovered?
08:05 Well early on no one knows what bit USD represents, or what the market consensus is.
08:12 So people have very wide bids and asks and cannot agree.
08:18 But over time more bids and asks into the market, until it becomes very clear that there is a market consensus, that bit USD represents the value of a US dollar relative to bitshares.
08:31 Once this consensus has been reached, someone would be willing to accept the highest bid or lowest ask and the first bit USD will be created.
08:40 So let's look at how bitusd stacks up against the other forms of US dollar.
08:47 There's no need to insure it, it's on a blockchain there are no fractional reserves and no one can run away with your money.
08:56 You always have access to it just like Bitcoin it can't be confiscated, any more than your private key can be confiscated there.
09:04 There's no need to know your customer no regulation supply it's entirely decentralized.
09:09 While I haven't covered it so far but USD also pays dividends in the same way that bitshares pays dividends.
09:17 There is a low spread when you're buying and selling bit USD for bit shares because there's a global order book.
09:25 Politics are completely removed from the equation because it's also global in nature and no country has the ability to completely control the network.
09:35 The trading speed a bit USD for bitshares is once every five minutes, which is a human speed, that allows humans to make judgments and trade if you are doing this in person, versus using them computers this is about the speed at which you can trade bit USD for a bit shares.
09:54 This is in comparison to high frequency trading such as mount GOx or bitstamp or on Wall Street.
10:00 While you can create bit USD you can also create bit BTC.
10:07 And the result of creating bit BTC and bit USD is that the first time you can get a true ratio of the price of US dollars to Bitcoin that is completely removed from all politics and geography.
10:21 And this is part of the true value of the bitshares system.

BitShares Exchange[edit]

BitShares Fees[edit]

  • BitShares fees (trading, deposit, withdrawal):
  • In the BitShares ecosystem every operation is assigned an individual fee. These fees are subject to change. However, they are defined solely by shareholder approval, thus each and every shareholder of the BitShares core asset (BTS) has a say as to what the fees should be. If shareholders can be convinced to reduce a certain fee and consensus is reached, the fee will be reduced automatically by the blockchain. Changes of blockchain parameters are proposed by members of the committee. These members are voted by shareholders and improve the flexibility and reaction rate.

Market Specific Fees:

PLACE ORDER Regular Transaction Fee 0.00092 BTS 0.00018 BTS
CANCEL ORDER Regular Transaction Fee 0.00009 BTS 0.00002 BTS
UPDATE MARGIN Regular Transaction Fee 0.00092 BTS 0.00018 BTS
ASSET SETTLEMENT Regular Transaction Fee 0.04616 BTS 0.00923 BTS
GLOBAL ASSET SETTLEMENT Regular Transaction Fee 4.61677 BTS 0.92335 BTS

BitShares Account[edit]

  • 2 different account types each with different fees, referral bonus, etc
    • Basic Accounts - free, but do not qualify for the referral program, nor any cash back on transaction fees.
    • Lifetime Members - pay $1001 and earn 80% cash back on every fee they pay. They also qualify for 80% of the fees paid by Basic Accounts they refer to the network. In the event of a subscription expiration, the referral income falls back to the nearest Lifetime Member in the referral history.

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